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  1. Maple staying. Leylandi too close to services.
  2. Jut bought property with medium fir tree to front. Retired Arborist with enough kit to drop to ground level but no access to chipper, tipper or local contacts. Anyone in Llandeilo area able to chip and remove waste? Can send pics. Costs, dates available? Andy
  3. Just a quick heads up. If you are the crew/firm working along Chavenage Lane Nr Tetbury then maybe think twice before you try to run a cyclist off the road with your van and chipper on a trailer. Shouting profanities out the window does not help either. I did not get your number but if you are on the job tomorrow I will get your reg number. If its you and you have the balls to own up and apologise then fair enough. if not, then take ownership of your reckless behaviour. As an Arborist riding a bike legally and with due care I would expect better. What a disgrace to the profession.
  4. Friends have bought a house on outskirts of Hereford and previous owners had some tree work done that has been a complete farce. They have 8 or so conifers that have been tppped and cut, leaving behind standing trunks approx 15/20 foot high and up to 25 inch diameter. They need them removing and stump ground. Three of the larger ones they want converted to lumber that can be seasoned on site and used for some garden seating at a later date. Anyone in the area that might be able to help? Outside of my patch. Andy
  5. Groundies needed urgently for work around Evesham. Roadside clearance to 3 M No large trees, night shifts available, start immediately, job finishes next Tuesday. Call Richard on 07860 613268 and say Andy put you in touch.
  6. Groundies needed for new work teams in the New Year, January onwards. Long lasting work projects mean good terms and lengths of employment for the right applicants. Newly qualified and experienced chainsaw operators considered. Good daily rates of pay. Contracts around M5, M50 and Strensham areas. Good employer and regular prompt payer. If interested, Contact the following and mention Andy from skylinetreecare as means of introduction. Office 01803865098 - Mobile: 07860613268 OR drop an e mail to [email protected] Andy
  7. Chip and conifer branches. Any ideas? Andy
  8. Holford Arms is at Knockdown and Not Tetbury. Bit out on its own at a crossroads and reckon the camping is there for the show. Tetbury a taxi or drive option but lots of pubs and Royal Oak and Priory worth a look. QUOTE=mendiplogs;1308393]Hi Wayne shire wham song too ❤️❤️❤️❤️Have been for 90mins missed out on any think wYne Richie eggs Paul 👍❤️❤️Stubby Andrew ❤️❤️❤️Thanks Jon
  9. Both cans holding up well. Stihl one for pre mix and new Husky can for Aspen. Husky can a good deal with all spouts etc AND you can see the levels in it. Stihl one slightly thicker moulding and I would say s longer lasting can out in the field.......twice the price though.😤😲 fuel easy to see in both cans.
  10. Ah it's brand new or was last week. Looks s bit different now:biggrin: Also got given the new Husky one but have not used it. Looks good and comes with all spouts etc which is much better value than the Stihl one. Bad timing but happy with the Stihl. Old husky combi can just crap quality on the threads and the petrol cap would often mid align if over tightened and the leak if it fell over.
  11. All sorted now and moved to another job for the same client as we had turned up for this one. Leave original until birdies have left. It's a job in the bag for the future.
  12. Fitted my quick fill on there today BUT you have to have the screw in blanking plate to cover the open end of the spout in place. Have to pics to prove...., first stihl can I have owned😄😃 Better than a Rubicks Cube😄😃
  13. Thank you for all the help here folks. Managed to borrow a set of binocolours so will have a much better idea within an hour or so and with no disturbance to our feathered friends if they are in there. Lengths we go to for red tape in this country .🛂🚫😇
  14. Will have closer look tomorrow. Garden owner says he has seen magpies in tree but not sure if they are actually nesting. Ladder job to check. Seems unlikely they are as a demolish and rebuild within metres of the hawthorn. Mrs Landowner thought a nest as the birds had been in the tree this week😳🔮📢🍋
  15. Just turned up to a job for tomorrow and there is a magpie nest in the middle of hawthorns I have been asked to remove in a garden. Any issues? No eggs and owner reckons they have been building for a week. Any help, need to start job tomorrow, no other nest in vicinity .


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