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  1. Oak cord wood

    Now if it was Walnut....
  2. Logs on offer in Nottingham

    If you're going back up the A1 by any chance I'd take the logs... I'm near Newark. Just realised you probably meant to collect in Nottingham, sorry
  3. Firewood for sale

    I'm going to stick my neck out and say if it's not sold already it'll be rotten....
  4. Converting an oil fired AGA to a wood burner

    When I bought my pioneer 400 I looked at the ovens just out of interest and thought the flue could be either. Just checked their site and the blurb and diagrams would suggest rear or top is possible.
  5. They're Back.......Barn Swallows

    We have both and have not seen either so far..... Need to get my wood pile covered a bit otherwise it just gets dumped on The other thing that's funny is if I go in the barns while they're nesting they usually just fly out but if the dog goes in they really swoop down at him and give him a right going over
  6. Chesney's stoves - any good?

    Never had one but any review/report I've seen have been lukewarm at best. Way, way overpriced comes up a lot from what I've seen too.
  7. Panasonic Toughbook any good for surveying?

    That keyboard would kill it for me....
  8. Small home log splitter

    If the axe went through first time every time then you may well be right but it doesn't, at least not at this house.... I admit the x27 is a good axe and I've said as much on other posts but it's not easier.
  9. Small home log splitter

    I just bought a Handy THLS-6 and although I have nothing to compare it with it makes short work of the stuff I've put through it - up to approx 12" diameter and 10" long. Much easier than using the x27
  10. Log store

    That's some fence between you and the neighbours.....
  11. Advice on a accident

    I'll be more wary next time
  12. Advice on a accident

    :lol: Just when I thought I'd fought and won your battle....
  13. Advice on a accident

    I'm pretty sure his rationale was just around trying to discourage the fraud that is quite clearly rife. I'm also sure we all know it wouldn't work and that he's probably not given it that much legal thought
  14. Advice on a accident

    You're talking about a legitimate claim, he's talking about all the fraudsters... I had the same I ran into the back of a car once (sub 5mph slow moving traffic), no damage at all although I accept it was my fault. She claimed £5000 for whiplash injuries. I contacted the insurance to discuss it and all they said was that she had a doctor's note and there was nothing they could do.


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