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  1. I do not think unless you have fort knox type security will you keep a determined thief out, all a beam will do is give you a bit of advance warning, ours has a few 360 perimeter beams and if broken alerts us and turns on some lights, usually enough to discourage at opportunist robber, but if someone really wants to get in its very hard to keep them out.
  2. +1 for infra red beams we have these as part of our system, well worth the money for early warning
  3. kkk2

    Brenig smock

    Looks similar to the arbortec smock which I like as a bit of kit, however ours have to be hi viz https://arbortec.com/products/breathedry-waterproof-smock-black
  4. Here is the documentation from Monsanto on JK control Round Up - Japanese Knotweed 14-05-10.pdf
  5. Hello and welcome, we use Honda HRX 537 HYE mowers commerciallly, we find them really good mulching mowers, but average collector machines, the mulcher works so well we never use the collection system now. The hydro is good and variable, and we usually get 3 years trouble free use out of a unit being used approx 30 hours a week. This is our local dealer http://www.hanlysgardenmachinery.ie/product-information/hrx-537-hye-honda
  6. +1 for the youngmans tower. we have one (3.7m) and its easy to move on hard surface, easy to assemble and its light, it also fits in the van when disassembled
  7. I looked at one belonging to a customer of ours, what concerned me was there are 5 belts running the unit, 1 to drive it and four transferring drive to the blades, a lot of rubber to go wrong. in anything other than a well maintained grass area this thing would eat belts.
  8. Pipped at the post 🙂 https://www.wildfooduk.com/edible-wild-plants/alexanders/
  9. Never tried it if it all lines up happy days, I know the X5/X7 54 inch deck will fit but needs a few readjustments and there is very little clearance between the front wheels and the small front wheels on the deck. 455 will drive a 60 inch deck no bother, its a yanmar 3 cylinder 22hp diesel.
  10. When we were stopped at a checkpoint lately, it was suggested we to get cargo nets for openbacked vehicles, pickups, landrovers etc as anything in the bed not tied down is considered unsecured, at the time we had a few empty fuel containers in the rear. Luckily we were left off with some advice.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvV9a3lEe2g simple video on the basics, guns can be got on Ebay, you can use slips of the stokboard as rods or you can buy rods
  12. kkk2


    Do you now since May 2018 need to test fast tractors? our version of VOSA which wouldn't be far behind the aforementioned https://www.cvrt.ie/en/About-CVRT/Pages/Fast-Tractor-Testing.aspx all 50K + machines now must be tested?
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12v-7-Pin-Car-Trailer-Towing-Lights-Plug-Socket-Cable-Wiring-Circuit-Tester-/292713660649 Get one of these great bit of kit tests plugs or sockets wouldnt be without one, should be able to get the locally too
  14. Great stuff this made from recycled farmers plastic HDPE, can be cut with a saw, welded, or screwed together, comes in thicknesses from 3mm to 18mm. we use it a lot where we used to use marine ply.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxzLzMrbiio hope this helps


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