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  1. Great Dane have been owned by John Deere and are now part of the Ariens/Gravely group, parts might be an issue for older machines, http://www.greatdanemowers.co.uk/standon.htm looks like an old site though
  2. We used these before and considered them reasonable machines for the money and they mulched well also, \if you are starting out try to pick one model of mower that does everything for you then if you upgrade to a new one you will have a lot of bits from the older one as spares https://www.esaleslocal.com/worldmower.htm
  3. I have had both scenarios where we went cheap and replaced the worst mowers every year and it worked out fine. But every time you empty the grass box you have to restart the machine, also when traveling on hard areas the blade is still spinning if the engine is running causing risk to the operator and anyone close to you from flying debris and grit. We moved to commercial mowers with a blade brake, and anti vibe handlebars. Mowers are heavy and expensive but in our case John Deere carry the spare parts and have a good delivery system. as the blade is off when traveling on hard areas all the risk of flying debris is removed. On our industrial sites they specify commercial push mowers with blade brakes for any operations on their sites so as this is a large portion of our works it was a no brainer to invest in the proper machines and we have the benefits of these machines for all the other sites we service.
  4. Some Jx90 machines had Subaru engines but the Kawasaki engines are better, also the JX80 its predecessor was a good machine and parts are available for these as well, if you are looking at JD's its the "C" or "CB" which designates it as a commercial machine, better air filters and spin off oil filters make servicing easy. if you intend to do large areas why not consider a hydro walk behind 48 inch plus machine? picture for reference only, we have a 36 inch hydro Toro which is bulletproof, and covers ground a lot faster than a 21inch.
  5. We use these machines I like the 6 liter tank as it will run all day on a fill, heavy machines but up to any commercial work, they have anti vibe handles for someone using it all day you might consider this, expensive but the oldest one we have is 2007 still going and all parts available for them. https://www.deere.co.uk/en/commercial-mowing/commercial-walk-behind-mowers/jx90cb/
  6. Around here about €4K would buy you a used john deere 1445 and a trimax 1.5m head well used by motorway maintenance companies but maintained as well, if you were doing a couple of hundred hours a year it would last a lifetime and are bulletproof machines imo first pic is of a machine we picked up from a local council as a back up for €2250 plus vat a bit of cosmetic TLC and it looks presentable. Here is one of our machines with a trimax head on it mowing longish grass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPrqxBXOyeE
  7. To be honest at the price of that machine you wouldn't be far away from a second hand 30 hp machine and out front flail which would be better for the job and would be cheaper to run.
  8. I never used an engine powered flail like that but use out front flails fitted to 30+ John Deere mowers, I find flails are power hungry when cutting heavy grass small trees etc so would wonder if a small petrol engine would have enough grunt for the job.
  9. kkk2


    Here is a link to a nose weight demo which shows the effects very well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2fkOVHAC8Q
  10. I do not think unless you have fort knox type security will you keep a determined thief out, all a beam will do is give you a bit of advance warning, ours has a few 360 perimeter beams and if broken alerts us and turns on some lights, usually enough to discourage at opportunist robber, but if someone really wants to get in its very hard to keep them out.
  11. +1 for infra red beams we have these as part of our system, well worth the money for early warning
  12. kkk2

    Brenig smock

    Looks similar to the arbortec smock which I like as a bit of kit, however ours have to be hi viz https://arbortec.com/products/breathedry-waterproof-smock-black
  13. Here is the documentation from Monsanto on JK control Round Up - Japanese Knotweed 14-05-10.pdf
  14. Hello and welcome, we use Honda HRX 537 HYE mowers commerciallly, we find them really good mulching mowers, but average collector machines, the mulcher works so well we never use the collection system now. The hydro is good and variable, and we usually get 3 years trouble free use out of a unit being used approx 30 hours a week. This is our local dealer http://www.hanlysgardenmachinery.ie/product-information/hrx-537-hye-honda
  15. +1 for the youngmans tower. we have one (3.7m) and its easy to move on hard surface, easy to assemble and its light, it also fits in the van when disassembled


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