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  1. https://vfs-parts.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Ford-Transit-350M-350L-Double-Cab-Instruction-Manual-March-2007-on-UK84RP026-UK84RP027.pdf here is a pdf file on the VFS system hope it helps.
  2. https://ie.rs-online.com/web/p/replacement-solenoid-coils/1875716/ this is what the coil on the solenoid for lowering the deck should look like and is a common failure on 12v tipper systems, and good hydraulic supplier should have a replacement, all info needed is usually on one of the sides of the coil. As mentioned above it is where the blue bit is showing in the picture.
  3. We use the Shindaiwa AH262S-HD which is the professional machine, great bits of kit. we find they come is a little cheaper per unit than the echo. https://www.shindaiwa.com/en_us/products/hedge-trimmers/shafted-hedge-trimmer/ah262s-hd_37
  4. A Lawnmower is what we use to mulch up arisings, and a good blow gun and there is usually not too much to take away.
  5. Steitz Secura GORE-TEX Stavanger Safety Boots: Footwear WWW.SEVSAFE.CO.UK Steitz Secura GORE-TEX Stavanger Safety Boots in comfortable Footwear. Severnside Safety Supplies is a UK... I broke my ankle rather badly a few years ago and my "tracking" is out 🙂 I find these boots really comfortable and they are available in a few different widths as well. They have a shock absorber in the heel which can be changed depending on your weight, waterproof, safety and comfy for 10/12 hours a day.
  6. I agree with benedmonds, we used to have a company with 15 staff on the ground, the crash sorted most of that company out. We now have a smaller 3 man team which is always busy we only work a 5 day week and we pick and choose our work, we make better money, more profit with a lot less hassle now. We also invest in any machine which takes the drudge out of the work.
  7. Hi John FBD should be able to do it as they are primarily a farming insurance, however call into one of the offices as if you telephone them you get put through to a call center. We are in the southwest and deal with FBD and find them good, but its their local rep who makes them good IMO.
  8. http://www.petrogen.com/ here you go, also loads of video on u tube as well
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasciation I think
  10. We have a Billy Goat walk behind vac with a bag on it great machine for dry leaves, small twigs etc, it shreads stuff a bit so it takes a decent amount to fill the bag, We also have a billy goat truck loader which hangs onto the back of in our case a trailer, handy for collecting leaves blown into a heap. https://www.billygoat.com/eu/en_gb/products/debris-loaders.html We also have one of these which really moves debris along https://www.billygoat.com/eu/en_gb/product-catalog/blowers/f1302h-wheeled-leaf-blower.html
  11. Great bit of kit that, we have had one for years and its great at shredding all green waste. When we bought it the seller said you could throw a sheet of galvanize iron into it and it would handle it......well we did and it did and its still going. no maintenance, no edging blades nothing. In the pic above we are running it on a JD855 shredding light stuff after the recent storm.
  12. https://www.agrieuro.co.uk/silky-hayauchi-6300-ksi-017939n-professional-pruning-saw-on-aluminium-telescopic-pole-p-12388.html Professional hand saw extends to 6.3m https://www.agrieuro.co.uk/ama-pp-26430-engine-driven-telescopic-pole-chainsaw-p-8541.html semi pro saw extends to 4.5 m
  13. Fair point are we agreed on it being a Sorbus?


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