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  1. Looks like there's a lot of fraud... HSE - What does HSE stand for? The Free Dictionary ACRONYMS.THEFREEDICTIONARY.COM What does HSE stand for? 'How Strangely Erotic' is my favourite.
  2. The trouble with acronyms is they can have more than one meaning. Unless you know the context, or what they are meant to represent is written in full where it first appears, followed by the acronym in brackets e.g. Health Safety and Environment (HSE), meaning is just a guessing game. Health Safety and Environment is a common phrase. Sometimes Welfare is added. I've seen the words swapped around, Safety Health and Environment (SHE), maybe to avoid confusion. I believe the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) treat everybody, idiots and the cleverest, the same. The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) is not based on Darwinian evolution. Rather than proving that two ropes aren't needed, they will point out that a second rope would have prevented the fall from height justifying/strengthening their views.
  3. Go to Summerfield Books Welcome to Summerfield Books - Summerfield Books WWW.SUMMERFIELDBOOKS.COM and search woodland management.
  4. Woodland management is a balancing act between the competing priorities. Before you start tidying up, or any other management, you need to understand whats there, think about what you want to achieve, and work up a management plan. Retention of fallen, and standing, dead wood of varying sizes may be part of the management of a woodland. It is an essential part of the woodland ecosystem. Did you buy from one of the wood lotting companies by any chance.
  5. Well that provides some clarity. Now all we have to do is await the independent report from the HSE.
  6. We are agreeing; Zigzag failed, climber fell from height, investigation isn't adequate, or probably in accordance with RIDDOR, and answers are wanted. As I said earlier
  7. Are you disputing the facts; zigzag failed, climber fell from height, they're the facts. As to what should follow, but doesn't appear to have, is an investigation by the HSE, with, I would hope, the full cooperation of all the parties involved, which would reveal why it happened, and what can be done to avoid similar incidents in the future. We await that, assuming the HSE have been informed. Declaring the cause of someones very close brush with death or severe injury as mere 'bullshit' or 'none sense' (sic), demonstrates just how woeful the health and safety culture within the arb industry is. Falls from height are one of the main causes of deaths and injuries. Is it any wonder the HSE are tightening up.
  8. A load bearing piece of lifting equipment fails and a climber falls from height. And what is the response by many climbers who post here. Suggestions of conspiracies, dismissal of the facts, treating it as nonsense and bullshit and numerous likes for these posts. Is it any wonder that the arb industry is one of the most dangerous and the HSE are getting tougher. Briefings like this are common place in some organisations and raise awareness of risks and advise on how to mitigate them, albeit some briefings are better drafted than others. As I understand it, this dangerous occurrence is reportable to the HSE. If it wasn't reported then someone should encourage the organisation to report it. Also, someone should encourage Petzl to provide the findings of their investigation into the failure, and provide guidance on how to avoid similar incidents.
  9. Boris the puppet's promise for an extra 20,000 police officers. Being stopped can get a bit onerous, especially when you haven't done anything wrong. I was once stopped on my way home from work at one of plods regular sites. Where have you been, work, where are you going, home, well here's a seven day producer. Went home, that took 30 seconds, got my documents and set off to the police station. Got stopped again at the same place, where have you been, home, where are you going, police station, why, to show them my documents because you've just given me a producer, ok. Went to police station where the desk officer was more interested in the 250 Ducati I had. Anyway, after a good 20 minutes chat I set off home. Was pulled again at the same place again, where have you been, police station, why, to show my documents because you gave me a producer. Don't you remember, this is the third time in 40 minutes youve pulled me. Are there so many 250 Ducatis painted the colour of the Italian flag driving around that you don't recognise me?
  10. Explain to the client the difficulties. Give them options for the removal of the trees and explain the likely consequences of each option. Include amongst the options, waiting till the trees are in leaf and spraying with glyphosate to kill them, and waiting for it to break up as it decays. Whatever they choose, should they choose to proceed, get a written letter from them stating unequivocally that they accept liability for any damage caused to the garages from the works agreed.
  11. Most polluting household fire fuels to be banned WWW.BBC.CO.UK Owners of wood burners and open fires will be discouraged from...
  12. I never said anything about the visit being free.
  13. The tree appears to have an unnatural taper where it enters the ground. The base, if what we are looking at is the base, of the tree appears decayed, and some of the branches appear to be dying. Has the ground level been raised around the tree to create that level garden. This could have resulted in the death of the buried part of the stem and roots, which would lead to the decline and death of the crown of the tree. Maybe there's been a lot of soil compaction which could have a similar impact on the tree as burying it. It can take 5 to 10 years for the effects of burying a tree or compacting the soil to become evident. Are you aware of any changes to the ground levels before you bought the house. If you're not sure, dig a few trial pits close to the tree to see if you can find any roots. If there are no roots in the top 600mm, (two feet), then its probably been buried. Your neighbours may also know about the history of the site in respect of level changes. It is unlikely that if the tree has been buried that you could do anything to save it. Although I am prepeared to make a site visit and give advice based on what I can see during the visit, you might be better off getting a local arboricultral consultant to advise.
  14. Maybe not. There are differences, at least at the present time, between the third-world countries where the Chinese are doing big infrastructure projects and the UK. Cheap local labour and the government allowing cheap Chinese labour. In Kyrgyzstan I was told that the Chinese workers were essentially slaves. Most were 'illegal' childeren of the one child policy era. If they worked on the road they would be given documents, birth certificate, passport etc. and could return to China. They were 'paid' with a bit of rice, the rest they had to catch for themselves. Also, planning rules are different, no problems with land apropriation, no lobbyists, no grumpy voters, no grumpier residents you are throwing out of their family homes, no environmentalists, no high court challenges, no supreme court appeals, no slave labour, no health and safety, no culture of extreme corruption, no one prepeared to take direct action. And if any of these do exist they are not dealt with in a third world despotic/autocratic leadership way. Yet.
  15. Parents thank 999 staff after M5 roadworks birth WWW.GOOGLE.COM Jayne Rowland was on her way to hospital when she went into the...
  16. Not sure what happened there. Maybe so good it posted twice
  17. Lancashire Sports Repairs. LSR - Repairers of Outdoor Gear Footwear and Clothing LANCASHIRESPORTSREPAIRS.CO.UK The UK's leading repair specialist of outdoor gear. Walking, camping... They've resoled some of my walking boots. I've always been satisfied with their service.
  18. It's not that simple. There are several species of honey fungus, some more aggressive than others. Inonotus hispidus decays ash differently to plane, then there's the individual trees health and vitality, soil type, climate and lots of other things that can have an effect on how a fungus decays a tree.
  19. Very wild and windy in north Cumbria. Morning started ok, but by the time I'd got onto Grizedale Pike doing the circuit from Braithwaite it had become positively dodgy. Along with my fellow walkers, including some very experienced great range mountaineers and big wall climbers, we headed down and to the pub. It's not going to get better any time soon. As for the weather, who knows, who cares.
  20. The willow is in part food for the sheep. Also used as fencing posts which has the added benefit of producing the next tree. The beech was mostly for firewood. But they didn't pollard them all in one go. Both photos are Transylvania, but not the areas in the report. I've seen pollarding all over the world, and the one thing pollarding in Nepal has in common with pollarding in Transylvania or the Basque country or anywhere else pollarding is carried out is, that it is carried out for a purpose which is ongoing, rather than the client thinking the tree needs a good haircut. That's topping, not pollarding.
  21. No, he forgot to add, at the current market rate. In part this goes back to the thread which touched on woodlots. The lots are sold at about 10x the market rate making them unviable as an enterprise. As well as fragmenting management. This results in woods that aren't managed commercially and leads to derelict woodlands, and a fall in timber volume for firewood. And when they are managed on a commercial scale the timber goes to biomass. There's plenty of timber there. It's just that you have to pay the market rate. There are also huge biosecurity concerns with importing firewood. Emerald ash borer has now spread west of Russia. Of course all the firewood is correctly kiln dried etc, etc. isn't it. Has anyone on here who imports it actually got an auditable quality control/biosecurity system which they monitor and enforce. Or do you just take the word of the supplier. 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health. 2020 is International Year of Plant Health WWW.UNENVIRONMENT.ORG Did you know that some tree species can only be germinated... Don't import firewood.


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