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    The five-day notice is only for dead trees. The tree doesn't seem to need urgent works to remove an immediate risk of serious harm either. If it did that wouldn't mean fell in this instance. If this was the case notification would be as soon as the work becomes necessary. So no exception applies. Therefore a S211 is required. The tree officer could turn it around quickly if they wanted and shouldn't be advising tree surgeons to effectively break the law.
  2. Why not ask the Highways Authority where their powers to charge you for clearing up the branch arise. Ask them to prove that the branch came from your tree. Ask them why didn't they give you a reasonable opportunity to clear the branch away. I was driving into Kendal this morning and had to drive around a small branch in the middle of the road. I stopped and removed it. If I were to invoice the Highways Authority for clearing up the branch what do you think their response would be.
  3. EdwardC

    Seeking advise from LA tree officers

    I think the take home message from Jules' Court case is, each case is considered on its merits. You are only liable if you knew, or ought to have known about the damage. You are not liable for the damage which occurred prior to you becoming aware of it. So now you know damage is occurring you are liable for any further damage, but not the damage which occurred before you were made aware, or ought to have been aware, of it. Your trees can't be a nuisance to you, so it follows that as there is no nuisance to you, you can't abate the nuisance. However, it would make sense to do something to prevent the damage getting worse. This is particularly important to note if the trees are protected. Another case worth a read, and one mentioned in the Railtrack case above, is Delaware Mansions. This was about a council tree damaging property, and liability for the damage. I'm another former tree officer currently working as a consultant.
  4. EdwardC

    TPO trees in a new landscape scheme

    As others have said, yes. Jon's woodland TPO is interesting. Did the LPA make the order to protect trees that were to be planted in the future as part of a landscaping scheme? Seems a bit lazy if that was the case. Can of worms springs to mind. Gary, TPO's can be made to protect future amenity, check out the guidance. Khriss, you maybe able to plan a landscaping scheme, which includes trees, for a development, but you can't control what any future occupiers will do to it. TPOing the trees would protect them, and the future amenity, ensuring the benefits of the scheme are realised.
  5. EdwardC

    Domestic hedge removal

    No. Your only issue would have been if it was in a conservation area, but it's not. The Hedgerow Regs 1997 don't apply to domestic hedges, as per the exemption you quote.
  6. EdwardC

    Where to climb?

    Yes there is. An employed cop.
  7. EdwardC

    Look out!

    Me too. The errant, (read drunk), driver offered to pay for the bits to repair the bike. It was a Suzuki RE5 where did he think I was going to get the bits?
  8. EdwardC

    Look out!

    I was sat outside The Crown in Glossop one day enjoying a tasty and nutritious beer. Coming from the town centre was a tractor and trailer. As always there were parked cars on the side of the road. It stopped to allow traffic coming the other way to pass. The woman in the car behind the tractor was more concerned with watching the police car behind her in her mirrors than looking where she was going and ran straight into the back of the trailer.
  9. EdwardC

    Hedge cutting pricing.

    You make sure you're prepeared with a plan B and plan C to get you out of the hole.
  10. EdwardC

    Hedge cutting pricing.

    Without seeing the hedge, knowing exactly what is to be done, how fast you work and how much you charge no one can estimate a cost. Only you can cost the job. Make your best estimate of the time and go from there. If you don't get the job, so be it. If this is the line of work you want to go down you have learnt you are to expensive. Next time quote cheaper. If you get the job you will either make or loose money. However, you will learn how long these jobs take and how much to charge to be profitable. You will also be better able and more confident to quote next time.
  11. EdwardC

    Hydraulic tipper not working

    If it works from an electric motor check to make sure the battery is charged. Try a different battery you know to be charged. Charge up the existing battery.
  12. EdwardC

    Hedge cutting pricing.

    And end with; whilst you're here can you just do...
  13. EdwardC

    High-end rain jacket

    There's no such thing as a waterproof jacket. They all let in water through the holes where your head, waist and hands poke out. They also have seams and fastening which are prone to leaking. And you can't help but sweat, which adds to the dampness. I was an avid Mountain Equipment fan for many years, not least because I could get their gear cheap. I still have a fair bit, base layers, sleeping bags etc, but no shells anymore. I lost my last ME jacket on Skye some years ago when it blew away whilst I was drying it. I was going to get another, but got chatting to an acquaintance who is in Patterdale Mountain Rescue. He recommended I tried Paramo. I've never looked back. Paramo for me all day long. Whatever you get will have to be a compromise, its just finding what suits you best.
  14. EdwardC

    lowerable base ties

    Oxymoron. Donald Trump tweets


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