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  1. Safety issues aside, which have pretty much been answered, is it just me or does it look a bit too pendulous for Norway.
  2. Well I'm trying to learn Bach's second lute suite and improve on my Barrios pieces, amongst others. Staying in except for shopping and exercise, which is the same thing as I cycle to the shop along differing routes. 'Working' from home which as I don't have broadband burns an awful lot of 4g data, but can't see work going on much longer. Gardening, sorting out raised beds, greenhouse, and I've put up two more house martin nest boxes. And I mowed the lawn. Luckily B&Q is closed so I have an excuse not to decorate.
  3. Everyone should be very mindful of their tech. Phones, those alexa type things, interactive toys you give the kids, baby monitors etc are all well known to record sound and video to the cloud for the benefit of the manufacturer without the owner knowing it. - The Washington Post WWW.GOOGLE.COM Turn off permissions for the camera and microphone on all the apps that you can. Or get rid of the app, toy etc.
  4. I too had what seemed like a bad cold at the end of Jan. beginning of Feb. Cough, very tired, bit of a temperature headache due to dehydration and asthma kicking in. I had begun to wonder if it was Covid. There was one of the professor types on the radio the other day talking about this very thing. He said that whilst there had been a lot of people infected with something at that time, it wasn't causing the deaths that covid does. Therefore, he didn't think it was covid. I was dissapointed as I was hoping to have got covid done.
  5. More leadership Boris style. UK virus deaths rise by more than 100 in a day WWW.BBC.CO.UK Number of people in UK who died with coronavirus jumps by more... MP backlash over EU ventilator scheme WWW.BBC.CO.UK Opposition parties accuse No 10 of putting "Brexit over breathing" by... Get breathing done.
  6. Yes What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours...
  7. No problem and no apology needed. I'll have another G&T whilst I can, and work on my lack of sense of humour.
  8. No, but you explained what had happened in your original post; development amongst trees, no account taken of trees, 10 to 12 years later trees now a problem and included a few pictures showing the proximity of the trees to the buildings. Your request for information on PD was answered and the thread moved on to the consequences of development next to trees, and the timescales for the consequences to manifest themselves in light of Mick's comment, that after 10 years the danger should have passed.
  9. Nah. It was a rat with pretensions of being middle class. Middle class rats eat granola with goji berries and quinoa with semi-skimmed. Upper class rats eat the same but add almond milk.
  10. Don't panic. There's already an infestation because there is very little control, you just don't see it. The fast food outlets which are a major source of food, don't you just feel sorry for the little furry criters, are shutting which will result in the poor things starving. I expect rubbish collections, including the collection of dead bodies, will continue. Should their populations increase, it's not a bad thing, black rats are rare.
  11. Ouagadougou brings back long buried memories of painful humiliation suffered in a geography lesson at school. It was long, long ago, in the days of Upper Volta. The teacher, Mr Grimes, (renowned for his accurate aim with the blackboard eraser), asked the question of the class, 'what's the capital of Upper Volta'. Up went my hand and out came the answer wagthedoggie. Ohh the laughter of my classmates and teacher, such embarrassment for one so young to bear. I buried it deep in my mind, but now it all comes flooding back. Definitely a case for compo.
  12. Trees grow in relation to their environment. Should their environment change they adapt their growth accordingly, given time. Trees live and die like trees. It is changes to their environment that does for them. I have in other threads touched on biological immortality which is worth thinking about. How quickly any individual dies depends on a number of factors, prime amongst those is energy levels. Matheny and Clark, amongst others, have done a lot of work on this, and it's well worth a read. Trees aren't simple, we are for thinking they are.
  13. That's a problem particularly of forest plantations. This isn't a forest plantation. Eveything depends on a multitude of factors. In this instance there's a specific issue with construction damage. It remains a fact that construction damage often doesn't manifest itself until several years after the event. Decay is progressive, as is the process of spiral decline.
  14. No. It's common for the effects of construction damage to start showing after 5 to 10 years. When you then point this out to developers they say, nothing to do with us mate, they were alright 5/10/12 years ago when we left.
  15. Destabilised trees at risk of falling on the garage, not being able to go out in the garden because of the dangerous trees, not feeling safe to let the grandchildren into the garden because of the dangerous trees, having to pay money to cut down the dangerous trees, dangerous trees in falling distance of little Johny and Joanne's bedroom so I can't let them sleep there at nights, the cherubs playroom above the garage could be destroyed by a dangerous tree falling on it whilst the cherubs are in there. What if a dangerous tree fell, imagine what could happen, and it'll be all your fault if you don't let me cut them down or I can't afford to pay you that much to do it. It all boils down to, but what if. By the way, nothing to do with me having severed all their roots 10 years ago. Therefore, definitely all your fault. Oh yes. I like trees but...


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