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  1. EdwardC

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Well if we didn't have 'introduced weeds' we'd have a very limited pallette of tree species. And if you took out the shrubs from the lists of native trees we'd be even worse off. And if we also took out the oddities, e.g. weird sorbus species, hybrids etc, there'd be even fewer.
  2. EdwardC

    Poole Borough Council case

    From what has been said... ...it would appear the TPO box was ticked. I'm sure Poole, with their history of prosecution, would have pursued it otherwise.
  3. EdwardC

    Topping TPO'd pops...

  4. EdwardC

    Crown Lifting

    But why stop there. It can't have taken much time to get that far. Getting the rest down wouldn't take long either. The pruning wounds were old-ish and there wasn't any sign anyone was coming back soon.
  5. EdwardC

    Crown Lifting

    Spotted this today
  6. EdwardC

    TPO Application time......

    Why would not putting up notices there's no duty to put up cause delays.
  7. EdwardC

    "TCA" definition, anyone?

    Why can listed buildings be a problem
  8. City & Guilds did a three week Tree Surgery for Foremen course, sadly no more. But fret not; the Arb Association is running a Team Leader Skills course. Contact the Association for more details, and to see if it is what you are after.
  9. EdwardC

    Confirmed TPO

    That's a bit selective Jon. What the Regs. say is 'details of every application under an order' and 'a statement of the subject-matter of every appeal under an order'. Not that every order has to have its own register of works or appeals. If the relevant information is on the planning system doesn't that meet the requirements of the Regs, the register. I guess such lexical semantics are for the courts to decide. Historic applications/decisions are always interesting. I'd like to think that as a council officer I was consistent and treated everyone the same. Trouble is when it was taken out of my hands and placed in the hands of councillors or senior managers a less professional view, a more see your mates right/political view was taken. It was, of course, left to me to explain why someone who was in with the in crowd should be treated better than your average resident. Julian I agree regards the TPO not being available to view.
  10. EdwardC

    Confirmed TPO

    The register...There is no prescribed format as far as I am aware. Nor a requirement to have a separate register for each individual TPO, or one searchable in any particular way although being able to search by way of TPO ref. would seem sensible. Interestingly there seems no requirement to have a register listing all the Council's TPO's, date made, date confirmed, modified, varied, revoked etc. On that basis a TPO not being on the register wouldn't seem to be a particularly strong defence to a prosecution. As to the contents/headings in the register https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/605/regulation/12/made Which are the kind of things that should be on the planning system database.
  11. EdwardC

    RPA compromised - solution

    Are you suggesting the two smaller trees have been destroyed. Are you suggesting your mate is increasing the value of his property by putting in a drive. Stop digging a hole for yourself. Some tree officers read whats posted on here. A three dimensional cellular confinement system is maybe what you're after. You may also need planning permission, and the consent of the Highways Authority. Speak to your Local Authority officers about remediating the harm done, and the 'proposed' drive. They are there to help.
  12. EdwardC

    Is this some kind of hybrid crab apple?

    Broad leaf cockspur thorn?
  13. EdwardC


    Tim Moya Associates does a good app for id. The Arb Associations fungi on trees, an arborists field guide is a good basic book. http://www.davidmoore.org.uk/21st_Century_Guidebook_to_Fungi_PLATINUM/index.htm makes for a lot of reading. Mushrooms by Roger Phillips. Have a look at the Summerfield Books website, better still visit them. https://www.summerfieldbooks.com/search.asp?types=Fungi
  14. EdwardC

    Confirmed TPO

    If it's reasonably accessible then there's no need for an FOI request. I doubt land charge information is. And how many Councils still charge for TPO's, and other stuff, when they shouldn't be. How many have heard of David Markinson v The Information Commissioner, if they have do they care about the decision.
  15. EdwardC

    Confirmed TPO

    No Could you not serve them with an FOI request, which in light of the Markinson decision shouldn't cost anything. I emphasise shouldn't, because you will almost inevitably be charged.


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