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  1. EdwardC

    Cleaning prunus serrula bark

    Very small tooth brush, so you can get into all the nooks and crannies, and mild, warm, soapy water. Scrub gentley. Or just let it do its own thing and allow the bark to peel off.
  2. EdwardC

    ArbDogs? Pics!

  3. EdwardC


    Only your council officer who deals with applications to work on protected trees can answer your question. Give them a call.
  4. EdwardC

    Calling all climbers past and present – Biomechanics Survey

    The link takes you to Facebook, which then asks if you want to leave the Facebook page and follow another link; really! If it is real then why do the AA presume everyone uses Facebook. I've news for them, they don't. And if it is real why the link to follow a link, to where, some dodgy personal data harvesting site?
  5. EdwardC

    Overhanging branches

    Yes. But check that the tree isn't protected before you start, and don't forget to offer back to the Council what you cut off.
  6. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    No, and it was taken on my HTC phone, as my friends camera battery had run out. It was even better at the time, and I wasn't suffering altitude sickness, but did have a stinking hangover the next morning. Four or five too many in the White Lion, and locked out of the Youth Hostel made for a very memorable weekend. It had been a cracking day with the cloud in the valleys and the sun on the tops. I even saw my Brocken spectre, in fact it's the only time I've seen it.
  7. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Last one. Sunrise over the Serengeti from the Summit of Kilimanjaro
  8. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Sunset on Aconcagua, Argentina. At least on this occasion I avoided frostbite.
  9. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Sunset over Patterdale. I like the Aurora. I went to Iceland to see them, and they were just a little green smudge in the sky. Very underwhelming.
  10. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Sunrise from the summit of Mount Kenya. The little orange glow in the middle of the photo is one of several huge fires.
  11. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Rickerby Park, Carlisle
  12. EdwardC

    Sun rise photos

    Rascarrel, Dumfries and Galloway
  13. EdwardC

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    Yes TPO, and that would apply to any works including root severance outside the RPA.
  14. EdwardC

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    Ok, I'm starting to see whats happening, maybe. Land bought and planning app submited for something. Tree TPO'd. App possibly refused or withdrawn after being told it had no chance. Delapidated garage near tree rebuilt under PD. Tree now allegedly needs to be removed or else Council face compensation claim. Tree goes opening site to development. Or am I being cynical. If the above scenario is correct then the land value would rise significantly. If the Council are on the ball they'll persue a proceeds of crime order.


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