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  1. What type of wood is best for firewood?

    Beechwood fires are bright and clear If the logs are kept a year, Chestnut's only good they say, If for logs 'tis laid away. Make a fire of Elder tree, Death within your house will be; But ash new or ash old, Is fit for a queen with crown of gold Birch and fir logs burn too fast Blaze up bright and do not last, it is by the Irish said Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread. Elm wood burns like churchyard mould, E'en the very flames are cold But ash green or ash brown Is fit for a queen with golden crown Poplar gives a bitter smoke, Fills your eyes and makes you choke, Apple wood will scent your room Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom Oaken logs, if dry and old keep away the winter's cold But ash wet or ash dry a king shall warm his slippers by.
  2. Level 2 Cert in Arb from the HCC

    I did the Certificate in Arboricuture at the HTC. It was ok, no problems. But it was a few years ago now, when correspondence meant putting stuff in a letterbox.
  3. Really? Just greenwash. Conservative David Cameron, remember him, promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Conservative Theresa May, do you know who she is, when she came to power downgraded the government’s focus on climate change and green issues generally by announcing that the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) would close. Brexit will see all farming and forestry grants/subsidies, designed to improve the environment, diverted to the NHS. At least if you believe the lies of those, who have no budgetary control over their promises, you voted Brexit for. Mr Gove MP has little by way of green credentials. Quite the opposite. Rather than put a tax on polluting single use coffe cups he'd rather take the donations of the polluters. Whoever you vote for you get a politician. Their first job on being elected is to make sure they stay on the gravy train, whatever it takes, whatever lies they have to tell, whatever it is they think you want t hear. That's their priority. The Conservatives have had eight years in power, more than enough time to truly demonstrate their green credentials, and haven't done anything positive for forestry, arboricuture, or the environment in general. All they do is blame others for their decisions and there outcomes. If your MP isn't truly commited to green, forestry/arboricuture, environment issues, make them work for a living; don't vote for them.
  4. Bluebells and Poultry

    Destruction of Ancient Woodland, non-compliance with The Forestry Act, and various Regulations, planning legislation. Woodlands that once had a management plan, after fragmentation, no longer do. Every owner has a different idea of 'management', each owner can remove their 20 m cube of timber a year, if one woodland becomes 10, that's 20m cube to 200m cube. The woodland character changes as trailers and caravans are parked in the woods, benders, fire pits, camping areas etc built turning ancient woodland and other woodlands into what many see as an extension of their back garden. They have a business plan, which from what I've seen, is buy a wood, fragment it, sell it for about 10 times what they paid. The margin is sufficient to allow payment over the odds for a commercially viable woodland, sell to amateurs, which stops woodlands being managed effectively. No, not being harsh. I've dealt with them and I didn't like what I saw, neither do a lot of other professional foresters
  5. Bluebells and Poultry

    Definitely sounds more to it than meets the eye. As for Woodlands.co.uk they're not interested in good woodland management. They just have a business plan to make money out of woodland plot creation, which fragments woodlands, takes it out of good management, puts it into the ownership of people who by and large have no idea of woodland management but lots of money, and makes woodlands commercially unviable.
  6. Bluebells and Poultry

    Why would your client need a rearing shed. Do you mean the chucks coup. Does your client need planning permission to put a few pet chucks, and their coup, in their woodland garden. If they don't need permission what objections can the tree officer have. Apply for what you need to apply for, don't bother with the rest.
  7. Imported firewood

    32,564 tonnes of firewood was imported into England and Scotland in the first nine months of 2017. 46 inspections were carried out on consignments of firewood and it's packaging. 13 were found not to meet import regulations. That's 28%. If you very loosely extrapolate that to the total firewood imported you arrive at 9,117 tonnes of imported firewood and its packaging that did not meet the required bio-security standards. Discuss.
  8. Slime on elm chips

    Slime mould
  9. Interpretation of law on compensation.

    Are you saying that if your tree falls on your house you will pursue yourself in a claim for negligence. The Occupiers Liability Acts place a duty on you not to do anything that could result in harm to others, not yourself. If you are claiming the tree might fail you will have to provide written evidence from an appropriate expert to support your application. If you don't the Council should refuse to validate it. Which if you're going to appeal would be a good idea. Your opinion that it might blow over in high winds isn't evidence.
  10. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    The question was, which are lawful methods of serving an S211. A section 211 notice does not have to be in any particular form. So the answer to the question is... All are lawful. So how can an LPA demand that notice is served on the form via the Planning Portal. But I would advise you do it in writing rather than down the pub.
  11. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    Where does it say that in the legislation/regulations in respect of an S211. Ignore the guidance, it's just that, guidance. It doesn't have to be slavishly followed, hence I said lawful.
  12. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    Which of the following constitutes the LAWFUL serving of a notice under S211. (Clue, there may be more than one correct answer). LAWFUL is stressed for a reason, because I mean LAWFUL. You may wish to have a peruse of the primary and secondary legislation. Assume each notice contains sufficient information to identify the tree, it's the only beech in the front garden of 1 Acacia Avenue, and a detailed description of the works, remove/fell. 1.Via the Planning Portal 2. By completing and posting to the LPA the application for tree works: works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area. Town and Country Planning Act 1990 form 3. By completing and emailing to the LPA the application for tree works: works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area. Town and Country Planning Act 1990 form 4. By completing the application for tree works: works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area. Town and Country Planning Act 1990 form and handing it in at the LPA offices 5. It's Friday night and your down the local. It's closing time and you bump into the tree officer. You've both had twelvety pints. You tell them of your intention to remove/fell the beech in the front garden of 1 Acacia Ave. 6. By writing a letter and posting it to the LPA 7. By writing a letter and handing it in at the LPA offices 8. You go to the LPA offices and tell the person at the customer contact center of your intention to remove/fell the beech in the front garden of 1 Acacia Ave. 9. You telephone the LPA offices and tell the customer contact telephonist of your intention to remove/fell the beech in the front garden of 1 Acacia Ave. 10. By emailing the LPA
  13. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    You cannot withhold information that would be available by way of an FOI. But charging is a means to do that. As a TO I didn't charge for TPO's. And I got all ours available via our intranet mapping. So the challenge remains, justify charging for TPO's. Is it not the case that by now the Government required this information to be on line. So the challenge remains, justify charging for TPO's. There are examples of good practice. But there's far more bad practice. Anyway it's Friday night, I'm one bottle of red to the good and counting. So instead of playing I'm listening. Delhi Fratelli is playing at the moment, more of Mr Carroll is the order of the night.
  14. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    That would be very interesting, especially if you're serving an S211. How could they not deal with one posted, hand delivered, or emailed. By refusing to validate it? I suspect a refusal to validate a TPO application because it wasn't sent via the Planning Portal would be maladministration. But as I've said, getting away with it breeds more bad practice.
  15. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    Actually the charge is set by the Regulations not local authorities. However, all the Regulations say is that the charge must be 'reasonable'. What is reasonable was determined in David Markinson v The Information Commissioner. Below is a link to the decision. So why do many charge more. Because they know the only choice people have is to challenge them in the Courts or Tribunals, which the vast majority of the council tax payers won't, or can't, do, so they figure can get away with it, which they do. This leads to a corporate belief that; bad practice/maladministration/abuse of power is justified so it becomes the norm and, that they, the LPA, are above the law and or they write the law. I challenge any LPA Officer to justify why they charge more than the amount considered reasonable by the Tribunal. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.informationtribunal.gov.uk/DBFiles/Decision/i161/Markinson.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjgg5iUpPHZAhUFUlAKHZNeCiUQFjAAegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw0pIJRCV-w6sekLZ69x5QuX


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