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  1. Gildas

    Axat, France. Help needed.

    Hello Mike, I'm based about 2 hours from Axat and I would be interested in the job, got a chipper too. (pming you)
  2. Gildas

    Other european comps

    Swiss comp will be in june 18/19th link : https://www.facebook.com/SwissTCC/?fref=nf
  3. Gildas

    Other european comps

    Hello climbers, I'm looking for info about the dates of other comps, and especially Sweden. What I already know: May 2-4 UK May 13-17 Germany June 5-7 Spain and Belgium June 12-14 France ... Cheers
  4. Gildas

    Other european comps

    Nop, can't do them this year I'm working in New Zealand
  5. Gildas

    Other european comps

    Hopefully because it is pretty horrible right now...
  6. Gildas

    Other european comps

    Oh... Cancelled for good this year?
  7. Gildas

    Other european comps

    It's in Capdenac-Gare, in Aveyron (12).
  8. Gildas

    Basel ISA comp 28/29th June

    I'm back in France, next comp is Poland though!
  9. Gildas

    Basel ISA comp 28/29th June

    hi, I'm going as a competitor but would be keen for a chat
  10. Gildas

    Best rope for zig zag ?

    The ZZ runs best on blue argiope 11.7mm if you have it in the uk. And I'm pretty sure the recommended diameter is no less then 11.5.
  11. Gildas

    Welcome new members

    Hello Everyone, as shown my name is Gildas, 27, from the south of France. I am currently undergoing the French arborist diploma called "Taille et soins aux arbres" ("Tree care and pruning") which last 6 months. I came across this forum while looking for an international community of climbers as I plan to work abroad. Cheers.


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