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  1. 32 years old, experienced groundsman with some climbing experience (small/medium dismantles and reduction work). Based in Norwich, prepared to travel within reason. Cs30, 31, 38 and 39. Trailer licence. Message for any further information. Thanks Henry
  2. Hi, I'm 29 and live in North Norfolk. I have recently become self employed but work is fairly inconsistent at the moment. I subcontract for several people mostly as a groundsman but it doesn't provide quite enough work for me. I would be happy with odd days during the week and Saturdays and would also consider full time work with the right company. I'm looking for work where I can develop skills and progress as a climber. I have experience mostly as a groundsman, and have worked a couple of months in a forestry/tree and scrub clearance job. I have some experience of climbing but haven't tackled large tree dismantles, but have worked on some deadwood and pruning jobs and small tree dismantles. I currently hold CS31/31 and 38 and first aid certificates. I intend to take the CS39 test soon. I have all of my own PPE, and a mid size groundsaw. Although I am currently self employed I would definitely consider a PAYE position. Please message me for any further info or details. Thanks Henry
  3. I would be up for learning to work as a hand cutter! I have CS30, 31 and 38. Currently live in North Norfolk but would consider relocating for the right place/position. Perhaps starting in the new year would be best. If anyone is hiring/wants any more information then please message me. Thanks Henry
  4. Hi, my name is Henry I'm 29 and live in North Norfolk, near Holt. I currently work on a farm but will be finishing in the next couple of weeks. I have a subsidiary diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture with CS30, 31 and 38 tickets as well as First Aid. I'm used to hard work, working outdoors and in all conditions. I have experience working as a groundsman and have done a bit of climbing. I'm happy to work as a groundsman but ideally work towards becoming a climber. However, I would also be keen to work in forestry. I am a competent tractor driver and have experience with mini diggers. I have PPE, a couple of saws and climbing kit. I'm happy to work as a subcontractor but a full time PAYE position would be ideal. Any further information please message me. Thanks
  5. Hi, my name is Henry I am 28 and looking for work in Brighton, or anywhere in the east sussex area. I am hoping to move to Brighton towards the end of May but would like to secure a job before doing so. I currently have CS30, 31 and 38. I qualified with a subsidiary diploma in forestry and arboriculture in December 2013 and have since had work as a groundsman/trainee climber but mostly been working on a farm and fitting in tree work around it. So I would ideally be looking for a trainee climber position. I climb when I can for work or leisure so I'm fairly competent and confident. However I would be more than happy to start on the ground or work in forestry. I have saws and climbing kit. Any potential vacancies or links would be greatly appreciated! Please message for any further details. Thanks Henry
  6. Hi My name is Henry, I'm 28 and currently live in North Norfolk. Last year I completed a ten week course at Otley College, Suffolk, achieving a subsidiary diploma in Arboriculture with CS30, 31 and 38 and first aid certificates. I worked as an arborist/trainee climber for three months after completing my course, where I carried out a range of tree work from ground work, clearing and some felling as well as climbing; pruning, thinning, dead-wood removal and a couple of small dismantle jobs. I am currently working on a farm, throughout the harvest period but wish to pursue a career in arboriculture. I will be available to work in September. I am looking for a position ideally with plenty of climbing, and hope to complete my CS39 assessment ASAP! However, I would be happy to do any form of tree work as long as there would be potential to progress. I am fit, and hard working and used to working in all weather conditions. I have experience using tractors and other agricultural machinery. I hold a full UK drivers licence and hope to obtain a B+E trailer licence as soon as I can. I currently live in Norfolk, but I will consider any location for the right job! Please contact me on here or by phone or email for any further information or interest: [email protected] 07901 106102 Henry B
  7. Hi Last year I completed a ten week Subsidiary Diploma in arboriculture. I have the following tickets; CS30,31, and 38 and hope to complete CS39 as soon as possible. I also have a first aid certificate. Since completing the course I have worked for three months for a large grounds maintenance company in the Arboricultural department. I gained a variety of experience, including: Felling small to medium sized trees, groundy work, climbing (deadwood removal, pruning, thinning and a small little bit of dismantling small trees). In addition to arboricultural work I have over two years farming experience including the use of tractors and mini diggers. I am happy to work as a groundy but aspire to become a competent climber, so ideally looking for a position that would lead to climbing work. I will consider any location, as long as I am able to source accommodation. I would be really happy to work abroad if the opportunity arouse. Please message me for any further information. Look forward to hearing from you!

    <p>Hi Mark</p>

    <p>I have tried to contact you on several occasions but not got through. I'm really interested in this position, if it is still available. If you would like to contact me, my number is 07901 106102.</p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> </p>




    <p>hi Henry</p>

    <p>Have you been sorted out for work yet? If not you could give me a call tomorrow evening or Friday in the day. I run a small arb and grounds maintenance business just outside Brighton and my joint first climber (I am still the other) is leaving for the USofA so will have work if you want to learn.</p>

    <p>Mark - 07734995368 <a href="http://www.organicmatters.co.uk" rel="external nofollow">Tree Surgery | Tree-Surgeons Garden Landscaping | Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Eastbourne, Sussex</a></p>


  10. I live in North Norfolk and currently looking for arb work. I took a ten week course at Otley College last year and gained Cs30/31 and 38 and first aid certificates as well as a subsidiary diploma. Since completing the course, I have worked as a tree surgeon for three months undertaking most aspects of tree surgery; felling, hedge cutting, climbing (reductions, thinning and dismantles). I will be looking to take a Cs39 test soon as well as b + e trailer test. In addition to tree work I have over two years tractor driving experience from farm work. I posses all my own PPE but currently do not have any climbing equipment or tools, however I intend to get these soon. Although I am currently living in Norfolk I would consider working in London, Manchester or Brighton as I have relatives that I could stay with initially. I would consider working anywhere else in the country or abroad as long as I can find accommodation. For any more information please send me a message. Thanks Henry.
  11. I am currently on a Level 3, 10 week tree surgery course at Otley college, Suffolk due to finish in 2 weeks time. I have already gained my CS30 and 31 certificates and have CS38 and 39 assessments in the final week of the course. Prior to the course I have worked with an experienced arborist as a groundsman, using a chipper and doing some cross-cutting and a small amount of felling. I am looking for work ideally starting straight after the course (Dec 8th onwards). I'm happy to do groundwork as I will not have the experience for professional climbing but would like a position which would gradually progress to more advanced levels of tree surgery. I am also interested in and willing to do landscaping work. I am fairly proficient with use of a mini diggers, having used them on a farm for ditching, drain laying and so on. I also have tractor driving experience. I live in North Norfolk so a job in this area would be desirable but I will consider working outside of Norfolk if feasible. Please email me for any further information. Henry Bursnell [email protected]


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