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  1. Can anyone recommend a 15/20L sprayer with wide straps that don't dig in when carrying a full tank?
  2. Given your stance, do you realise that statement is positive towards Thatcher and negative to those making personal attacks against her?
  3. Always. The police should be in the faces of 'people of interest' constantly and shouldn't be rebuked for it. That's where lack of resources is a factor. We also need to know a lot more about what's going on in mosques, including the secret ones.
  4. Submarine borne deterrent is: a) mobile; and b) undetectable [until the time of launch].
  5. If Labour win they will have the slenderest of majorities. We forget how little support Corbyn has from within his own party. Even as Prime Minister, I seriously question whether or not his party would remain unified around his leadership. And the unions will demand their pound of flesh too. OK we have to consider fixed term parliaments but as we have seen that is easily circumvented.
  6. ^this. Costing manifesto promises is just a spreadsheet exercise. Means nothing. The devil is in the detail. It's easy to say we'll raise a few billion from taxation here and spend that few billion on some crowd pleasing Good Things. Corbyn is a patsy. He's done well to hang on but win or lose, after the election, the knives will be out and his leadership will be challenged. If he were to win the election, there will be another general election inside two years. And his ex- as Home Secretary? Heaven help us.
  7. For sure someone, somewhere needs to wake up to what is happening in our country. How did we get to the position where people can't attend an event or walk down a city street without a twinge of fear. Invariably these people are known to the authorities. Surely when a person of interest travels to Libya "to visit his parents" a light should go on. We should chip the b@stards. As is often said, we know more about the whereabouts of a cow than a criminal. On R4 this lunchtime there was a clip of a phone answering machine at a Manchester mosque. The loop included, "for Sharia enquiries key ...". No. Stop right there. There is one legal system in England and it applies to everyone. Follow your own religion if you must but if you want to live here, swim in the same stream.
  8. That's my preference. Ticks all the boxes and minimal visual impact too
  9. Here's a stand of opportunistic ash. Shade removed and off they go. Just leafing up here in SW Scotland:
  10. gooseflight


  11. Badgers do a lot more digging than foxes. If there's a heap of spoil then it's badger. Or set up a trail camera.
  12. Very difficult situation. The problem with offering to build a den is that as far as the autistic child is concerned it won't be THE den.
  13. The Google approved way of doing this is to set up a 301 [permanent] redirect. Most hosting providers provide an interface for doing this and, as above, most likely found under domain forwarding. If you Google "multiple domains 301 redirect" you'll find plenty of info.
  14. Whitebeam (Sorbus aria [lutes census! ] and lime (Tilia x europaea?)
  15. gooseflight

    What cc?

    Google stihl ms230 cc The old MS230 (yours?) is 40.2 cc.


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