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  1. Just made a wee call and the guy said that information regarding current wood stocks had not been made available to them (or anyone as yet) so know one knows what's happening but he said there are 3 option 1. Current wood supplied by someone who then goes on to be on the list would be ok. (He thought this the most likely) 2. All wood that meets current standards would be ok as long as purchased before the date. But he did say that they may not let you use any wood purchased from someone who is not accredited.
  2. Fear and propaganda at the moment, for example selling wood that meets new RHI guidelines when the new guidelines don't take effect for months. I don't think we will know the full picture regarding prices for a couple of years. Selling direct to the RHI claimant and lack of good hardwood are also a factor.
  3. I have recently purchased some Birch (fresh cut) from someone that has applied for the new scheme and the wood came from a source that will be also applying, it was no where near £85 per ton. I spoke with a couple of people about this scheme and the belief was if you can get the wood to the person using it before the scheme comes in then it is ok( as long as it meets with original RHI wood source requirements) . If i had space i would be getting as much wood onsite, just in case. Just as another point I still have my original oil system as do many of the other installs round about me, if wood gets to expensive compared to oil i will just switch back to the old heating. This may or may not put a cap on what local wood guys can charge.
  4. That's not good news, I looked at a couple of Glen Farrow machines and they were really well put together but had nothing in place (emissions wise) for the change of RHI on the 23rd of September 2013. Any way you can get a Farm 2000 machine instead? They appear to be on top of the emissions.
  5. I'm with you on this if you can't afford it or don't want to this is an option (although I don't agree with some of Logpros numbers). But I also see the benefit for people that want to put £20000+ in their own pocket and use extra heat for houses offices etc. If you think it is a crap idea then it is probably because it doesn't work with your current business setup.
  6. Does payback of 5(?) years make it cheap?
  7. Couple of guys near me are building their own system using containers. Not sure how viable it would be without rhi but with this really makes sense for them.
  8. Fuel Price Comparison - Forest Fuels - Wood fuel, wood chip, biomass supply in South West England, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire I would say prices on here are on the cheap side. Edit: I have no connection with the above site, it was just one of the first that popped up in google.
  9. Was speaking to a biomass installer last week and good chip is at £160 dried ready to burn. He also said pellet stocks are available but because of the lack of delivery lorries new customers are struggling to get supplies.
  10. @eggsarascal, to be fair the real firewood company have the ability to take credit cards which most importers say they do not have the ability to do, I'm sure some one will correct me if I am wrong but that will give you a decent level of protection. @forestry if you have the perfect wood from your friends in plentiful enough amounts that you can advertise on here why were you buying from Green Delta?
  11. Forestry are you dealing direct with a sawmill in the Baltics or buying off of a company importing to the UK?
  12. I was in touch with Duncan after reading that post but after receiving a call from Bosnia about a sample crate took it no further for various reasons. I notice he say he supplies The real firewood company but they advertise kiln dried crates which Duncan doesn't sell.
  13. That is a lot of wood if it is 40 tonne a year dried, what size is your house and boiler? Your tonne dry to m3 wet is way way off if I am reading it right. You might find dumped loads in a barn have disappointing dry results.


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