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  1. I find them hot in summer and ice cold in the winter. I only wear them because of comfort it feels like I'm wearing my old trainers have done for the past 4 years I do fancy a change from Mendel. Those yellow haix protector pro forest(?) look pretty decent and a few lads love them so I think I'll try those
  2. CJM

    spider jack 3

    I'll let someone else take the plunge and then I'll give it try to see if it's worth swapping for my lock Jack. £270 is expensive
  3. Looks like my random choice of jacket has rave reviews! I suppose the proof is in the pudding I need to see how it performs in the rain. Surprisingly it hasn't rained in the last two days but this kind of weather can't last haha
  4. Im not buying 😂😂 so I'm not to bothered in that sense, money is no object apparently but I don't want to get it in the neck from management if we get these or the pfanners and they tear easily or let water in. I wore mine today it kept the wind off me and seemed comfortable. I hope it rains tomorrow 😳
  5. I've been tasked to find better waterproofs for the lads, we currently have harkey smocks which aren't great. So a trip to gustharts and a quick view of the stock I decided to try out the Clarke jacket. It seems pretty well made and it's rather comfortable no rain yet but it'll come soon enough. Anyway my question is will this jacket please 30+ lads that like a good moan,will I get some stick for recommending this jacket, and is their anything better out there?
  6. I was looking at those Paul but I want overly convinced that those foam souls would be able to last didn't seem solid enough, plus........... Andrew!!! 😂
  7. I've never had wet feet with the airstreams. I've also never had a bad pair, 2 sets in 3 years. A few lads I work with have had quality issues with them though mainly with the soles coming away. It's coming to that time where I need to change and those arbotecs look decent so these might be worth a punt
  8. I'm afraid the computer is in charge
  9. Probably not, a lot of lads rely on that kind of work to pay bills
  10. Already switched on, doesn't seem to stop them
  11. Both we've sacked off those terrible greenmechs
  12. Amey have just got a load of forsts so you'll seen them more often in your area from now on
  13. Once you get kit in and two people you'll only be able to chip one branch
  14. The thing with kind of visor once it starts getting scratched it'll be useless
  15. I got mine from Amazon for just under £40. It's an amazing bit of kit I would recommend anyone with a stove to get one. I aim the fan towards the living room door so it ends up heating the upstairs and kitchen


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