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  1. Ditch Witch SK1050 Skidsteer and operator hire. Awesome bit of kit for moving brash to chipper and loading stems on to truck. Based on the Cornwall Devon border, will consider longer jobs further afield. Experienced operator arborist who has worked as a lead climber and happy to act as a rescue climber. Ditch Witch attatchements: Log grab Pallet Forks Scooping bucket Cone splitter in the pipeline. Look at jobs differently speed up brash handing by saving dragging and move timber in lumps rather than cut up making mess and taking time. Contact Anthony on 07981347747 or E-mail: [email protected] http://treetwoone.co.uk/cherry-picker/
  2. Due to a possible opportunity of business growth, I am looking to gauge interest and collect some CVs of climbing arborists in Cornwall. With the hope to take full time PAYE or Sub-contract freelance guys. Please contact me at [email protected] or text me on 07981347747 Minimum tickets 30,31,38,39 Desirable UA1,2,3 , Streetworks (SLAG), MEWP.
  3. Just testing the waters. I have a land rover cherry picker with a Gardner Denver 13.5 meter MEWP attached. I am looking at the possibility of working in London for a Month subcontracting. I have the opportunity of accommodation near Camden and looking to sub in on a daily rate of £250. Fully insured with Public liability and LOLER certificates.
  4. As usual ive read comments here full of ignorance. We all age differently and all suffer differing injuries and strains. The industry has a really annoying culture of shut up and get up the tree or my balls are biggest and those who spew this guff are usually unaware of how dumb they sound. Back to topic. Ive been climbing for 10 years for 3 commercial firms and 3 years for my own. I love climbing and I love the industry and lifestyle ive never been happier in any employ. But the time is approaching where my back aches morning and night, I suffer from elbow pain and I get pain in the lower joints of my left hand. Sadly we all get old and the body doesn't repair so well to repetitive strain or injury. Im 35 im not sure how long I have left before I become un effective but I do have the desire to carry on so until then ill keep going. True that experience trumps age every time.
  5. Require a chapter 8 qualified person for a few easy days in December. Job is in Lifton, Devon. Nothing stress full, quiet road just has to be legit as its through the council. Please contact Anthony Maunder [email protected] or 07981347747 please leave a clear voice mail or preferably E-mail. Thanks
  6. Hello, I've a 2006 150DH its second hand but its been great for the 2 years I've had it. Recently When putting over 3-4 inch wood through the machine's power dies back. Now as far as I know my model has no stress control (or its never worked) So I've always been aware to reverse and refeed if the machine struggles but it's been ok previously with the same size/volume of wood. I'm looking for some advice, for some reason I was thinking the belts need tightening? but I'm no mechanic. Kind regards Ant.
  7. Is it possible to utilize wood chip to make briquettes? Apart from an actual machine to make them do standard wood chippings made by say a 6 inch arborist chipper need further refinement? Cheers!
  8. True, I have noticed allot of people new to the industry going for the tree survey/inspection route and as Thesnarlingbadger says to be fair to yourself you need to learn the ropes. Get some hands on with trees you'll soon be able to spot oddities without formal education. If your thinking about your age and ability dont be to quick to sit at a desk you can still look toward the survey route but more field training. Good Luck with whatever you do!!!
  9. After my first experience with a friends Alaskan saw mill i had this immense desire to buy one and mill for myself. Question is what is the best use for the timber? I've had a few jobs where there have been some sweet straight stems but im worried about stock pileing timber with no outright ideas on what to do with it. What are people doing with their timber?
  10. Hello, Groundie with CS 38 for a days work Wednesday 21st. Job is in Werrington North Cornwall. Start in Launceston at 0830 should be finished by 1400. Pay for Job will be £60. Also could be an opportunity for further work. Certificates and an invoice will need to be provided. Contact: [email protected]
  11. Awaiting felling licence grant so sometime next 3 months
  12. Hi Cornish, yes same job. My guesstimates are a bit like off? I think i meant circumference.
  13. My T540XP has just had the same problem. Bit gutted that this is not more economically repairable. Ill be getting a new top handle by the looks of things unless someone sells a breaker saw on e-bay. Doh! the Arb game is one fun old money pit!


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