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  1. I thought that might be the case! I'd love to switch to Husqvarna but we have a lot of Stihl saws, spares and experience. We have volunteers who use the chainsaws and learn on them and I'm lead to believe that Stihl saw are traditionally more forgiving. However, clearly the 261s have not been up to it. Thanks! Tim.
  2. We bought six 261s and after a season of running well the crank has worn on four of them and we are seeing the same issue. Really unimpressed as we'd been looking after them. First signs were needle bearings going and before long it would stall and not start with the chain brake on. Now considering buying new saws and not sure what to replace them with. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone, I'll be looking into a grapple as an alternative... I'll pop up some pictures of the kit once we have it!
  4. Hi Richy, Contracting the work out was our original plan but I've got external funding to get equipment which could be used in a number of small woods around the area. As these sites are SSSIs we have the limited access times and the feeling was that if we have our own kit we are more flexible and able to get out to site when the conditions are good. The tractor will also be doing some flail mowing at other times in the year so will get more use than just the extraction.
  5. Morning all, I'm looking to get an alpine tractor and timber trailer to allow us to start extracting from a few small woodland sites in Buckinghamshire. It's all very small scale work (<50t a year) on SSSI sites which means we're limited to low impact kit and access only during dry periods. I'm looking at the AGT850TR and COT30-470 3t timber trailer combination at the moment, from Riko. But I am new to forestry work and was hoping to get some advice! I was thinking of putting 300/65-12 tyres on the trailer along with a crane winch and band tracks as we're on heavy clay and anything to spread the weight will be useful! Anyone's thoughts on this setup would be really appreciated along with anything else to consider. Thanks all!
  6. twsread

    Winching Kit

    Thanks Ty, really helpful! Thanks Old Mill too, I'll be looking into Jet winches!
  7. Morning all, I was hoping to get some advice regarding winching and the kit I need. I work for a wildlife charity and whilst I've done a fair bit of felling work I've not done too much winching. We tend to only take down trees of 15" or less and use winches to assist with directional felling. I am planning on getting a Tirfor 516 (for the larger jobs) and a Lug-all (for the day to day). I thought I knew what I needed until I looked at a supplier and saw the range of ropes, strops, slings, pulleys etc. available! I am working to a budget but obviously want to be sure that the kit I get is suitable and safe for the work we are doing. Any advice anyone can give would be really appreciated! Thanks!


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