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  1. Quarry Wood Timber

    Avant 313

    Have you checked out the Tobroco Giant machines? It answers your bulletproofness ok! https://www.tobroco-giant.uk/products/skid-steer-loaders/giant-sk-252-d/ Main dealer in Kent 01622 845149 with dealers throughout the country.
  2. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Nice Antonio Carraro reverse drive tractor there HertsWoods If you need any servicing or parts etc then Kirkland UK are the guys - not too far from you either. http://www.kirklanduk.com
  3. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    I used to own the 110 in the profile pic, then that got sold so i got another 110 which i loved (photos below), v sorry to see it go but now running round in a Disco 4 commercial. I've got a plug in chip that i did have on the latest one if anyone is considering then i'm open for offers, it was £395 new. It's the one on this link https://www.chipexpress.com/products/land-rover/defender/diesel-chip-tuning-boxes/3487/
  4. Quarry Wood Timber

    the 'todays job' thread

    Swinny, it's an extendable boom - 4.8m reach from ground.
  5. Quarry Wood Timber

    the 'todays job' thread

    Yes correct, it is a Kirkland machine.
  6. Quarry Wood Timber

    the 'todays job' thread

    It's around the 2.9T mark, with an attachment like this and the right sort of trailer we still tow behind Discovery's on a plant trailer.
  7. Quarry Wood Timber

    the 'todays job' thread

    Not quite today but I thought it may spark some interest... This was clearing an area for a friend last week, with the help of the very useful Giant Tendo machine...also finishing the day with a fire!
  8. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Mower Bench

    Thanks Garden Kit I will give the cables a good lube and go from there. Daniel
  9. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Mower Bench

    Hi Gardenkit, I have a Honda HR1950 (DOM1992), i purchased it 2nd hand and it all looked good, starts on the first pull every time. One problem that has emerged is that when i let go of the self propel bar it carries on powering forward dragging me off in to the flower beds To make sure it stops when requested i have to let go of self propel bar and lift the rear of the mower up taking the weight off the roller - to which it stops on the button. - it has resulted in me breaking the handle which i now have to weld up Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks Daniel
  10. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Mower Bench

    Thanks Garden Kit The belts are genuine parts and they are fitted correctly. The wear pattern is equal wearing of the v section. It is driven by a few people and always has been so not sure we can point to that one. It is causing me some what of a brain ache I must say.
  11. Quarry Wood Timber

    The Mower Bench

    Help! I have been attempting looking after a Husqvarna Pro Rider 18 AWD ride on mower and have run in to a few problems and could do with some help. The machine is an 2008 model and has about 180 hrs on the clock, the garden it operates in is about 3/4 of an acre but is fairly steep at points as it is on the side of a old quarry. The machine performed fine for the first few years, not missing a beat but in the last couple of years it has consumed 8 drive belts (from engine to hydraulic pump)with the length of time they are lasting getting shorter and shorter. Husqvarna advised that it could be caused by the syn between the front and rear axle being out, this has been checked and adjusted but there has been no improvement in belt wear. I have checked all wheel bearings and they are fine but when i try and turn the font diff by hand it is very stiff and offers a lot of resistance compared to the rear diff. Has anyone out there had any experience with this machine or got an idea what might be wrong. The machine is based in Kent. I would be grateful for some help.
  12. Quarry Wood Timber

    Compact Tractor Hire

    Does any one in Kent hire out Blec Power Box Rake with 2 wheel tractors?? The lack of hire companies in Kent area offering ground preparation equipment make me want to start my own hire company.
  13. Quarry Wood Timber

    Compact Tractor Hire

    Thanks I will give them a call in the morning, not that far from where I am.
  14. Quarry Wood Timber

    Compact Tractor Hire

    I am looking to hire a compact tractor with a stone rake/power harrow to prepare a garden for seeding. I cannot find anyone in the Maidstone area or Kent for that matter. Will consider buying a small 2nd hand machine at the right money and moving it on after the job is done. If anyone knows of a company in Kent that hires or somebody that has got one to sell it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Daniel
  15. Quarry Wood Timber

    Tracked chipper hire east kilbride

    Hi I used Akro when I came and did a job in Glasgow area for a friend. Good service and clean straight machines. Defiantly worth a call Hire rates are on their site. They have both Timberwolf and Forst tracked machines. Akro Multihire Unit 6 Naysmyth Place Houston Industrial Estate Livingston


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