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  1. It is a small old world I've working with some one from who lived in the same area as me in the U.K. and new the same people but we had never meet! Yeah it's crazy there total different crown spread and the growth rates mad!
  2. Cheers for the help but we're acutely here now some how. But still having to sort out the next lot of visa so that could be a help cheers
  3. Alright bit late to thread as we've been moving to NZ with the wife and kids myself. The damand is out there that for sure for arborist I now when we were looking at where to settle it was a bit overwhelming, but in the end where the work was sort of help us narrow are scope. The guys who are already helping you give me good advice and we're really helpful! If I can help in any way let me now I'm going try and get on here a bit more now life settling a bit now! Good luck
  4. I've just moved here only been here about three weeks. Visa your need to sort but you may need a job offer first depending which one you go for. There is so much demand for arborist it crazy but like any thing some part of the country there is more. But get on trade me web site for jobs or just look at the area you want to live/stay and maybe contact some of the company's in that area directly.
  5. Hi all who have helped me on this thread just wanted to say thanks again for the help. My wife and kids and me got here about three weeks ago and got a nice little house in Te Awamutu. So no just trying to get to grips with every thing but again cheers
  6. Cool ha I which I had time for tech but my 3 girls keep me busy! Im like a kid in a candy store at mo looking and ropes and stuff I should really be getting on with stuff like selling our worldly belongings but shinny things look so good.
  7. Cool though that was the case but just wasn't sure about the water thanks again!
  8. Again the info is great as always, yeah me and the wife are a bit worried about the hole some where to live thing! Thought that would be the case with kit was going to bring a bag full of new climbing kit and and goodies over with me! One more silly question we're doing what will hopefully be are weekly budget got rate and price for most thing but cat seem To get a clear answer about what rates, am I right that the council run the water and sawage and if so is it part of council rates? Cheers again as always you guys are a massive help and will owe you a drink when We finally make it over there!
  9. Cool all good to now thanks! Where are you buying your kit out there as I'm wanting to get a few bit and want to now if it's worth buying over here first and bring it with me or buying over there?
  10. Sorry been manic not check on here for a bit. Diffantly will fredward work for Dennis clement of total tree care. I use to have loads of camel backs when I was in the forces years ago will have to invest in a new one! T.A seem really nice we're just starting to talk to retail about renting hopefully get some where sorted before we get out there! But will defiantly have some question soon cheers. Ha makes me laff how small the world really now with the internet as it so easy to talk to people all over the world!
  11. Ha Not a lot going on sounds lovely! Should be a good base to start exploring just want to get over there now even though I have got loads to sort.
  12. Flying into Auckland then haven't got much further then that got a job in Te Awamutu so head there first and sort out our lives.
  13. We just booked are flights for June New Zealand here we come!
  14. Yeah we're going over on essential skilled visa as I have to get my qualifation verified and the time frame were on but diffantly going to get it once where over there plus you get more point on the E.O.I if your living there. Didn't find it hard to find a job thought it's crazy how fast stuff happen once you start the process!
  15. It's is a bit of a big choice I keep thinking the same thing really. But no I've acutely started to apply to jobs I've found it's narrow our view a bit so I can focus on area in more detail which has help a lot! What sort of visa youyou looking at getting? Cheers Dave
  16. Thanks again yeah I've been on trade me and had some really positive repose from smaller and larger firms so it seem to be going very well! I have looked up franklin trees though so might give that a go if thing don't pan out. Auckland is diffantly not on are radar as for the skilled margeint visa you get extra points for not wanting to live there, which we don't want to any way! Nope we're diffantly looking for the more country life style so it always good to hear what your saying about the smaller towns and areas. Cheers for your help again
  17. Hi all I'm putting a post on here as well as actively looking on the recruiting web sites for a job. My Family and myself are looking to move to New Zealand, specifically we looking at the Bay of plenty, Hawkes Bay and Nelson but will consider other locations. I'm have over 5 years experience with most of that as a team leader. All the relevant qualifications up to level 4 NZ level. Have a full c.v, cover letter and portfolio ready. I don't have a visa yet as need a job offer to be able to start my application but I am ready as soon as I have a job offer. If you are in need of an experienced, team oriented, safety aware arborist please PM me, or if you know of anyone looking, please feel free to tell them about me. Cheers all Dave Pendleton
  18. Yeah web site looks good love oak tree dismantle vid diffantly got some sweet kit. Cheers
  19. Ha funny enough I seen this jobs already looks just what I'm looking for Was tempted to contact them before the wife and girls passport came back but don't want to mess anyone around before we can start the visa application. I've looked a fair bit at Napier seem lovely but then to be fair every where does! Thank for all your help again it's really does help a lot
  20. Social life is pretty limited as it stands as have three young daughters in less you count kids party's then quite busy. Just looking for some sort of balance between good schools, local amenity and affordability really were from a more rural area in the u.k but from my understand in less your in Auckland or the bigger citys all the towns are quite a nice size. One of the bigger draws in the outdoor space for my family but in New Zealand don't really think that's going to be a problem. I herd that Rotorua smelly of eggs!?
  21. That's good to now we're not wanting to move to Auckland so that cool we're not total sure yet but thinking some where around the Bay or Plenty, Gisbrone, Rotorua and Hawkes bay sort area. That's good to now because as soon as my wife and kids passport are back I going to start actively applying for jobs and contacting company's. Thanks for the help again
  22. Thanks for the response. Yeah been on there a fair bit there where I picked up on the digger, I forgot to say already go my EPV ticket. But just want to try and get a more rounded view thank for the help it's always better talking to a person Cheers


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