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  1. It's (I'm) so miserable.

    Well it's been raining for two days now, so I have resorted to lighting my wood burner. This in turn has made me think of my wood stock, which to be fair is rather grim. So instead of spending my time in the garden I'm on my computer, and in trying to be productive I thought I would put out a request to anyone that needs a drop site for their wood. I'm in Andover ( just off the 303) and have loads of space. Thanks in anticipation, Annie PS Drinks hot or cold (beer) will be offered
  2. Lost spaniel

    Have sent you pm
  3. Whats the weather like near you?

    Hello Will I'm just up the road from you in Andover, so if you need to get rid of any wood I have a hungry wood burner, and would be more than happy to take it in exchange for some liquid refreshment😂😂
  4. Free logs!!

    Kind offer but too far for me (again)
  5. New trews anyone ???

    Oops sorry someone beat me to it
  6. New trews anyone ???

    Not sure if these are genuine OREGON Type A Yukon Protective (Chainsaw) Trousers £31.99 was £68+ @ Amazon - Hot UK Deals Annie
  7. any miracle cures for tennis elbow?

    I had this, and rather than have the injection I got a Tens machine. And it did the trick, I used it three times a day to start with, and at the end of the the second week it had improved. After a month I was cured. If you google Tens machine the nhs choices site will explaine how it works. Good luck! Annie
  8. Look after your pennies

    And at the moment have a small grapevine full of grapes just feeding the birds because I don't make anything with them, so if anyone wants them your welcome. Be quick, the birds are ravenous:001_smile:
  9. Look after your pennies

    Im not sure if you visited the site, however it isn't purely for buying "stuff" there are some bargains to be had, and pointers to the best places, thus saving money. (including supermarkets where you can buy your food for your family.
  10. Look after your pennies

    With that time soon upon us, this may help. (Mods please remove if I've broken any rules) HotUKDeals - Deals, Discounts & Voucher Codes
  11. Garden vac/blower

    I agree, if the leaves are wet they don't budge, if you have a big garden the noise is a pain. Annie
  12. Oh dear yet again too far from me. Anyone near Andover Hampshire please get in touch. Annie
  13. Free logs/cord/timber Oxfordshire

    So near yet so far away I'm just off the 303 near Andover, so if you do pass this way I have a hungry woodburner Annie
  14. Quotes you like!

    What's for you wont go by you.
  15. Free Firewood, West London - 30 tons

    What a great offer. Too far for me I'm afraid, but I'm sure you will have loads of replies. Annie


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