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  1. Stump grinder hand brake

    Hi Al, think the machines will be pretty similar and its were the wire joins the small caliper. cheer Luke
  2. Stump grinder hand brake

    Im giving my dosko stump grinder a bit of tlc at the moment, ive had it all stripped down for some engine work to be done and i thought i would try to get the handbake working as its never worked, but i think there is somthing missing and cannot quite get my head around what it is. I have looked on the dosko parts list but it is not very clear. Is there anyone with a similar machine(18hp self propelled) that could take some pics that i can compair. Thanks in advance Luke
  3. <p>Hi there, do you need any clean wood chip?</p>

  4. Tip site wanted - Napton on the Hill

    Have a yard in princetorpe if not to far away for woodchip and logs.
  5. Tip site leamington

    I have a yard 5 mins out of leamington if any help
  6. <p>we could tip off the logs to your yard, where in cov are you ? cheers</p>

  7. <p>Hi mate I could do with them being collected, as they can be collected anytime, where in coventry are you, Pinder 07864 825319</p>

  8. Is it to collect, or do you need a drop off place as im pretty local if you need somwhere to dump it.
  9. Unwanted Arb Waste

    Its at my yard so could have as little or as much as you like. pm me for more details.
  10. Unwanted Arb Waste

    Got a load of conifer going near Leam if that any good?
  11. rayco stumpgrinder help

    The thing your pointing at stops the clutch spinning. there must be a wire plugged in wrong somewhere shorting the clutch out.
  12. Watchdog

    Another tree guy local to me with the same name has been hounded by a load of key board warriors over the last couple of days.
  13. Dosko stumpgrinder parts dealers

    Thats what i feared, proberly even more now. Just wondering if they can be reconitioned as the live feed wire on mine has coroded at the point it attaches to the unit which means i cannot solder it back on properly. Would be a shame to have to buy a whole new one at that sort of price.
  14. Dosko stumpgrinder parts dealers

    Cheers, will try them too!
  15. Dosko stumpgrinder parts dealers

    Will check them out, cheers bud


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