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  1. Hanson job there's no better trade if you like ur horse's and outside work that horse logging
  2. Thankyou, all stumps left high on this job at land owners request he needed multiple anchor points after timber was cleared I believe he later removed them roots and all with a 360 machine, yep blinkers on all ours fulltime, I know of a few chaps who work with open bridels I think it's one of those issues, my self I prefer blinkers as In some cases they have saved damage to horses eyes ( but I do see the the open bridel boys augument just don't agree with it) The shoes are a interesting one, because of the very varied work our horses undertake we copied a old design used by the old working horse contractors of old, the shoe consists of a trad flat,single clip, wide web shoe with 4x tungsten dome top studs set into them for road work, each shoe is also drilled and threaded in 6 places, 2 on each heal and two up front, this allows us to fit a variety of different working studs dependent opon conditions at the time but also allows the fitment of wedges and toe plates (of which I have several sets of varrying shapes and sizes again to suit conditions), we even have add on ware plates for long days on tarmac roads We find these shoes to be just fantastic ! And we no longer have to worry about horses hurting themselves when not at work the flexibility this allows us is worth the £500 it costs for the full set of four + all the bits, we replace them every 8 weeks generally. They are made for us by a very skilled tool maker and fitted by a good blacksmith. I can pass on his details if you are interested yourself ?. Jon
  3. it's good to see, ulvins gears good stuff, we make up our own arches and trailers then send them off fore hot dipping before putting the "hoss into the shafts" as such. How's your mare do feed wise ? Good doer or food magnet like ?
  4. Cheers mate, good looking pair you have there :-), how's good old atherstone nowadays ? Used to pass throw there regular on the cannal wen I was a nipper, usaly at 5 in the morning lol. Horse logging is making a steady come back more and more chaps like us are switching back to old dobbin, it's bloody hard graft as I am sure u will agree, but sometimes on the right ground our little crew can cover our costs and make a little for the mises like lol. And the sight of a group of heavy horses crossing the fields in the early morning mist with men, saws and chains is something never forgotten nor the smell of horse sweat and chainsaws. at the end of the day. What made you start with the horses ? If you don't mind me asking.jon
  5. She looks great on that pic up the top with the hay cart she looks to be a great pulling sort, we have been doin a little bit of agriculture work of recent, quit like a day in the fields so long as the flies ain't bitin:sneaky2: lol
  6. They Realy do love to work, they are very versatile working animals they never stop impressing me, and in certain cases quit profitable. They are being used for farm work more and more now esp on smaller hill farms/tenant farms it's all down to this changing world we live in and the total disconnect between the value of money and reality me thinks. And yep no engine noise, no big fuel bills or costly finance deals with the bank ! But very had work :-) Do you work commercialy with ur mare ?
  7. Thankyou and yep I'd be very happy to show you "the boys" at work sometime just pick up a pasty on the way lol, txt the lorry phone ur number and I'll give you a shout wen in that area (maybe late spring if all goes to plan) thanks again Jon.
  8. Sorry about the delay people good with horse's craps with technology if you know what I mean ! Lol, :-( woops don't want to course no divorces. Cheers again mate :-). Didn't have any good pics on this phone as having a rare weekend at home lol, but did have these pics of a family weekend job for a friend in cornwall. This is Trelow jack our 9 year old gelding and our most trusted horse, he's no shower thow in fact he's a bit of a redneck realy lol most happy wen up to his neck in mud, chains and logs ! And won't do Much if you don't get him a pasty at lunch ~,- but has put in sum 15 hour days wen needed and he's always the one we use wen things get a bit risky. Yep he is tall, 19 hands in fact but for hauling hardwoods perfect, first thinings are done by a smaller shire cross generally or long multi leg hauling chain then wen the tracks open the bigboys come in :-) then the cutters are flatout just to keep feeding them generally, lunch is well deserved and you sleepwell at night lol.
  9. https://fbcdn-photos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/998061_10151601969347851_2060589435_n.jpg


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