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  1. How much did they give you, per ton, for the load Ben?
  2. The .058 to .063 must make a difference as well but the .058 bar is going to be lighter for a given width. [emoji848]
  3. The .058 to .063 must make a difference as well but the .058 bar is going to be lighter for a given width. [emoji848]
  4. Wouldn’t this increase chain speed at the expense of “torque”? I have never tried a larger rim so can’t comment, but I sure leant on both saws. I am not taking away from the 462 power to weight it’s the best stock saw I have had a go with and with some “work” could be an experience to cut with. Just highlighting there are other options. The cost of the machines is another consideration as well.
  5. .325 semi chisel on the 560, the saw was bedded in but in new condition. 24” is the max recommended bar length on the 560, certainly in the states, I have had no issues with it oiling. Its an aggressive saw even at full bar length.
  6. As an aside. Put my ported 560 with 24” bar up against a new but bedded in 462 with 20” bar last week in 20” wood .... The 560 walked away from the 462.
  7. Especially one that has been “spuded” [emoji6]
  8. What I don’t understand is that shooting an animal from long range without it knowing you are there, while going about it’s day is considered barbaric but forcing a whole herd of them into an slaughter house under high stress and killing them one by one and sometimes even doing it halal style is ok! We have been hunting forever, I can almost guarantee that the meat shot would have less stress hormones in it and so taste better. I think we should be eating less meat but that it should be killed this way where possible. As long as it was a clean kill and everything was used what is the problem? Edit: I do note that posting it is in bad taste and maybe the intention was the trophy but my point stands.
  9. I get what you are saying but have you tried, say a ported 50cc saw with an 18-20 inch lightweight bar instead of a 60cc stock saw? I find it balances them out power to bar length but means you end up with a significantly lighter saw.
  10. Has anyone tried HTP on a RW and ZZ. I have a RR on it at the moment and it slips a bit occasionally but I have found that I can lock it off no worries if I push up on the RR. It’s worth it for the feel of complete static rigidity, micro sit back and ease of tending for me. However I need something CE marked for some of my work. In answer to the OP’s question. I think HTP is the best rope that I, personally, have found. It is like climbing on a tifor cable!
  11. Yeah if it had ai and saw the person with the stick as the problem to solve! 🤣
  12. It can flipping well backflip!


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