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    <p>Hi mate,premier tree surgeons are lookin for a self employed climber in glasgow area if your still chasin work.Maybe worth a phone call.</p>

    <p>Good luck</p>


  2. Hi folks - also got LISS / CSCS card - Arborist advanced off ground & I'm inducted into the Egip system. Hope eveybodies having a profitable & safe winter season. Cheers.
  3. Also have outdoor (far from help) emergency first aid, defibrillator & ballistic trauma training & certificates. I also have my PTS tickets for railway work. Happy New Year everybody.
  4. Hi folks, I'm a climber / saw hand looking to do some sub contracting. I've been climbing for myself & other contractors for 5 years & working in the industry for longer. Got my chipper ticket, cs30/31 (groundsaw tickets), cs38 (climbing), cs39 (saw while climbing) & cs41 (rigging). Got forklift license, trailer license, argocat (skid steer) & quadbike license, I've got plenty of experience of climbing (dismantling, pruning etc), rigging, felling, extraction, site clearance & good knowledge of mechanics (used a lot for fixing broken down chippers, saws etc). I have my own business but I like to sub-contract to keep the work fresh & meet / work with new people. I'm based in West Lothian but can travel throughout central Scotland & further if worth it. I provide all my own gear & fuel (saws, climbing & rigging gear) & I can also provide 100mm gravity chipper, winches, tipper van, trailer at additional cost. I'm used to doing any work in any conditions & enjoy a challenge. Texting is the most reliable way to get a hold of me but feel free to call me - number is - 07877647588. Climb safe guys. Martin.
  5. Hi fellow cutters, I am looking to replace the heavy steel sides on my transit with some cleaner, lighter aluminium sides. I am reasonably good at working metal so I was going to make the replacement sides myself. I have seen a lot of chipper boxes made from these tongue & groove aluminium planks that slide together to create a panel. These seem to be just the thing to start with but who actually supplies them? Does anyone know a website or business in Scotland or close to it that will supply the stuff? Any help will be much appreciated guys. Thanks in advance.
  6. I did notice the little ring pull choke was a few mm proud a couple of times & pushed it back in but the symptoms happened so soon again after that I had dismissed it. I'll definitely try the bungee solution but I fear I may have to take the take off the tank & clean the fuel system anyway as I had a torch in the tank yesterday & there does seem to be some crud in the bottom. I phoned greenmech but they said I should call Briggs & Stratton. I think I'll have to get my hands on an engine manual rather that the cs100 one. Thanks for the suggestions guys - much appreciated - I'll update the thread when there's progress.
  7. Hi guys, Got me a cs100 a few months ago - used it maybe 6 times - I'm very impressed with its capabilities but now I'm having a few issues with it cutting out. It's an older 14hp model with pull start it starts, runs & chips great (its barely been used by previous owners) but after a while it starts to die as if it's running out of fuel. So I fill it up but it still does it. So I think it's dirty or dead fuel so I drained & flushed the tank. It ran o.k for a while but now it's doing it again - I noticed that it when it's sputtering before dying & I tip it backwards with the handles it revs back up again but that only works for a few mins. So I thought it was maybe a low oil level switch so I filled the oil up but the problem persists - it may still be an oil issue as I can't seem to get a clear reading on the dip stick - the oil gets coated on inside of dipstick tube & fouls the true mark of the oil making it difficult to measure. Long story over - is there anything anybody can suggest that might be causing this? Am I missing something obvious? Are these machines particularly proned to any issue like this? My next step will be to take the tank off & blow out all the pipes but the revving back up when tipped is telling me that it's an oil level switch but I'm not even sure whether these engines have them. It's a briggs & Stratton vangard that's on it. Any help would be much appreciated guys - I am competant at most simple mechanics but I'm not experienced at diagnosing problems on any petrol engine of this size.


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