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  1. Jesus!! That's cheap! Softwoods £50+ a ton in South Wales 😂 Yeah it's 60+ Cumbria
  2. Local timber merchant is quoting £100 @ ton + VAT, for imported silver birch round wood, delivered has been since Christmas in Cumbria
  3. So roughly how much has your sales increased, since joining the scheme
  4. FJMatt


    Tom Can't help you with your querie But try asking in the employment section or firewood, under a different title, eg any "experience of working in Australia" Probably get more response, Good luck 👍 👍
  5. https://www.newsawchains.co.uk/pages/product-result?q=md_husqvarna~io_385~ky_28-70cm~an_1-5mm-0-058~ac_3-8
  6. I've one of these on skidsteer loader Once your use to them you can stack the billets as you split them by screwing in to them and un screwing I've found best results on soft wood is if it's big stuff, to cut into 1.5 meter lengths then it splits cleaner Also follow the split when splitting as it makes a cleaner job
  7. 42x60 orange leno 45x60 green leno
  8. FJMatt

    Frank J Mattocks

    Row Moor Farm
  9. Give Rennick Thompson a shout Very high quality kindling as well Springfieldlogs, Springfield Farm, Bigrigg, CA22 2UT Egremont, Dumfries And Galloway, United Kingdom Get Directions 35 mins away 07830 236727 rennickthompson@hotmail.co.uk Typically replies within a day Send message Springfield Logs are BSL registered suppliers of quality kindling and firewood hard and soft biomass or domestic in Cumbria. Please ca See more
  10. Depends on size of hydraulic tank and oil cooler on machine I powered a fuelwood 360 splitter off a 655c digger for 3yr just ticking over without any problem
  11. 42x60 net orange 45x60 green
  12. Does the manitou, not have two oil fittings on the front?? Thought they all did to be honest If so when you wedge lever or button find out which one of the two fittings is pumping then put that on the feed side of the splitter and the other pipe will flow back to return using the other fitting on the manitou
  13. 2nd hand 360 fuelwood splitta Would be perfect I traded one in to willsons back in July as it didn't fit in with my system But it was a brilliant machine and the logs are perfect size
  14. Yes I agree 100% But we all said the same with Bsl But that didn't stop them doing it, This clean air act ,carry on has been in talks with some of major firewood retailers for at least 18month that I know, There going to do it (government) , This last consultation survey is probably just a "smoke" screen, it's probably all agreed now
  15. So you would be quite willing to join the "ready to burn" scheme and pay the annual subscription
  16. The points would Be 1, £300 a year better off due to not having to join a certification scheme as well as not having all the paperwork created by any scheme 2, all those suppliers supplying substandard firewood to sell would be delt with directly by trading standards and delt with according. 3, all those doing job correctly would have increased sales and with luck higher margins
  17. That's quite true Stubby, But that would be the same even if it was carrying a certification number, It does mentioned on the defra consultation paper if it should be the retailers responsibility to ensure that they are kept in the proper conditions
  18. Instead of paper chase certification scheme which I personally hate. Why not make it compulsory that all netted firewood has to show a address of manufacture, Then any substandard firewood could be traced by trading standards directly back to the producer, Another benefit would for the producer would be marketing there own brand . Just a thought 💭
  19. In reply to your question "is this the end" I would definitely say it's the beginning of it. Timber prices have gone from £20 per ton delivered, to £60 this week (softwood) when you can get it, while The cost of firewood is basically unchanged, I reckon if the current trend, be it stoves ,biomass etc, continues at its current pace, the whole thing will implode within the next five years
  20. Yes cv16 Pto so it doesn't matter what tractor oil flow There's another video on the manufacturer Web site, with a built-on winch
  21. I've a ryetec 16t pto splitter Twin speed, with table it's fast, YouTube it There's one identical on EBay at the moment on Ryetec's own page
  22. FJMatt

    Sharpening jigs

    👍 👍 👍 👍


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