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  1. Sorry to hear about the dog Eggs, I've been through it myself but I hope the following may make you smile... I used to have a border collie (Muttley) and when we came back from France he had to spend 6 months in quarantine which sent him a bit mad (this was before they relaxed quarantine). I think we had two kids at the time and my ex said that he was snapping at them, though I never saw it myself (working away most of the week), so she decided (and I acquiesced) that he needed to be put down so I ended up taking him to the vets...after they gave him the injection I asked if there was a rear exit but was told no, so had to come out through the waiting room with a dead dog in my arms and tears in my eyes. he had the last laugh though as he had a full bladder and managed to piss all over me before I buried him next to an oak tree that I'd planted for my father who'd died 6 months before. But this story concerns an earlier episode when we were living in France... My ex and I were having a barny one day, a real stand up shouting match and the dog was jumping between us barking loudly and telling us to be quiet. At one point his bark and my body met and his lower incisors cut through my jeans, my underpants and left two puncture wounds in my scrotum. my ex collapsed onto the floor laughing (before offering sympathy and help) and the dog hearing my scream, then silence fled to the forest for the rest of the day. When finally able to move and examine myself in a mirror I decided I probably needed medical attention in case of infection (we only had the one child at the time and if I'd realised the cost of the next two I might have changed my mind...), so I ended up with my first trip to my local GP being because of bite wounds to my privates (why do they never teach you useful phrases in French O level such as " I've just been bitten in the balls by my dog - do i need a tetanus?" ). I hate to think what the local gossip was that week I still remember Muttley with fondness, the mountains we climbed (picture of dog, rucksack and summit cairn in mist to prove a Monroe) and sharing a two man tent with a wet collie
  2. Back when I was a kid I couldn't afford alloy krabs so my entire rack consisted of steel krabs which didn't make life any easier. Most of them are still around in some role or another (though not on my climbing rack!) - they date back to the mid 70s
  3. It's because Stihl and Husky do their own emissions testing but the other manufacturers outsource theirs to some german firm called Volkswagen
  4. Logrod

    Silly idea?

    Would the opportunity to be able to say you used your own local lumber (sustainability etc etc) be a benefit to you in getting work?
  5. If it does come down I'd be very interested in seeing pictures of the timber. Are the rings a weakness or just additional growth from the canker? And why does it manifest in regular rings?
  6. Can I come and pick through your firewood pile? Trouble is I'm normally on my motorbike when I come past your way - might have to bring the car if I'm serious!
  7. What sort of prices are you looking for to rescue it form the firewood pile?
  8. You'd have to ban the use , banning the sale wouldn't matter if individuals could still buy abroad or buy secondhand
  9. Rob, Just ordered a bar and chain from you which arrived as predicted but no throw-ins ? (Arbtalk is showing on your invoice)
  10. I must remember not to think out of my box in future
  11. I think your Grufalo head is great, the only trouble I have with painting sculptures is that it's no longer obvious that it's been carved from wood - could be anything fibreglass, papier machee.... etc - and think that's a shame
  12. I can't be any help on how to prune a Eucalyptus but it doesn't look as if it's a standard street situation. It's not easy to be sure from your pictures but it looks as if a) the lighting is in someone's garden rather than on the "street" and b) that if the brick paved area is "the street" I'd be surprised if that came under local authority control as it doesn't look like an adopted road - perhaps closer to a shared driveway. I'd have thought that there was as much reason to ask the LA to move the light.
  13. Logrod

    Value of yew.

    If you're making bowl blanks and are prepared to tout them around the craft fairs then you'd probably get a lot more
  14. To give you an idea of the size and degree of spalting: The rest of the bits got turned into bowls and odds and sods. The photo is the right way up on my computer so if anyone can tell me how to do the same here ....


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