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    Stihl 4mix

    I'd agree with others, use a strimmer like fs70 with hedgecutter head on. Alternatively go for km56 kombi engine with the hedge attachment, both cheaper options than hl95 Sent from my HTC One using Arbtalk mobile app
  2. They have/were meant to be taking payments from my debit card once a month, but when I saw a payment hadn't gone out I rang them up and looked on the website but both are like a ghost town? Ideally I'd like to continue and fi ish the course, especially because I found out today that I was getting a grant to pay my outstanding balance, but I'm in the lurch really because they are not contactable.
  3. Hi there, anyone having trouble with the hcc? I'm doing the level 2 arb cert, and they haven't taken my payment outx, the website says it's closed and the phone message says they are off for half term and will be back next week, but it's been saying that for a few weeks, I've paid around 150 pounds towards it so far and am worried I might not get it back if they've gone bust? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. 11 plate Triumph Speedmaster. My baby.
  5. Nottinghamshire, near clumber park
  6. Hi guys, a friend of mine has a juniper tree in her garden, it's quite a focal centrepiece but recently it's had some problems. This tree has been healthy for many years in her garden since she moved but this problem has started in the last month and has happened very quickly! The needles turn lime green, then yellow then brown. There are no signs of fungus or disease on the stems/trunk. Andy ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  7. The course is assessed by portfolio, like coursework and there are no exams. In the mail I got the first two lesson texts (of 6 lessons/modules) and work booklets, along with the course guidelines that you've linked to. It is in depth and looks really great. You work through each lesson booklet and do the exercises, then post them back to the HCC. They can mark and advise ans you can resubmit as many times as you like (within the two years you are enrolled with them) and the price is the total you pay!
  8. Aye I'm in same boat mate, paying this monthly and then going to try to fund the tickets. Got the course through Saturday, have you? What you reckon so far?
  9. I'm pretty sure its not pc based, and you make a portfolio of evidence as you go through each unit and that portfolio is what you're marked on. They are closed on Wednesdays so I reckon we should have our stuff by Friday.
  10. Hi all, I'm Andy, I work in horticulture at a large garden centre and am wanting to branch out into arb, woodland management and forestry. I've just started the level 2 distance learning course through the hcc and do a spot of amateur chainsaw carving. The missus and I have a craft business which makes ornaments for home and garden from reclaimed wood, branches and logs http://www.facebook.com/becandylogcrafts I've been snooping around the forum for a while and thought it was about time I joined in!
  11. I've also just bought this course through the hcc, looking forward to it.


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