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  1. Philip Anderson

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Yep ! Bit more guts and instant reaction 500i everyday 462 is a great saw though.
  2. Philip Anderson

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Possibly appropriate?
  3. Philip Anderson

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    550xp Mark 2 been running one for 2 weeks now seems a good saw time will tell.
  4. Philip Anderson

    Predator p38 vs bandit zt

    I’ve had a ZT for 18 months now had a Carlton 2010 previously,I’m very happy with the ZT and grinding depth is fine for me. the engine has plenty of power it tracks fast enough for me and maintenance etc is easy. Back up support from Global is great ,I have a bandit 915 chipper also and have had bandits for years .
  5. Philip Anderson

    DBS Check

    There are different levels of DBS checks Eggs, basic,enhanced and a check on the barring list . Im having to DBS check around 35 adults as part of a youth band tour to Malaysia. The Barring one is mainly to do with child protection. its up to the company organisation how they use the information employing you wise .
  6. Philip Anderson

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Yep I own one excellent little machine ,chips well tracks well we use it in back gardens or areas where we can’t get our Bandit 915 in as it’s a bit big and heavy . we mainly find our customers are happy to keep the chip as it is good quality
  7. Philip Anderson

    Grounds Technician (Arborist) required

    Exactly! With many new companies and housing authorities setting up looking for external work it’s a race to the bottom business wise as well at the moment. same day service even.
  8. Philip Anderson

    Worthy of a TPO?

    I would call the Tree Officers Bluff ,leave the notification in ,he o r she has to justify putting a TPO on the cherry imo you have plenty of justification for removal which is the most sensible option as the Tree is compromised structurally and with its full crown something is going to give,probably the wall. A sensible pragmatic approach by the TO would have been sensible in this case.
  9. Philip Anderson

    Best anemometer for MEWP use.

    I have one for our 27m mewp I bought it from a chandlers I’ll post a photo for you Works well with a digital read out around £70 .make is explorer.
  10. Philip Anderson

    Tree Topping

    Great Place ,we surfed in Ucluelet in the summer ,visited port Renfrew and the big trees and saw those big trees in Cathedral Grove that your knocking the tops off . that was a very busy road car park in the summer . Beautiful part of the world.
  11. Philip Anderson

    Tree Topping

    My lad is working for a tree firm in Squamish near Vancouver Whistler as far as I know he is actively hunting cougars !
  12. Philip Anderson

    Loading ramps?

    A ZT weighs in at 6-700 kg I wouldn’t risk putting ours up those we use a set of straight Zara Ramps rated at 1750kg per ramp I’d rather be safe than sorry with a £15k machine.
  13. Philip Anderson

    Best way to store chainsaw in mewp basket?

    Just out of interest what type of machine is that ? The cage is exactly like my Ruthmann TB 270 .
  14. Philip Anderson

    Best way to store chainsaw in mewp basket?

    If I’m cutting that diameter stuff I’ll have a 201 and a 462 in the cage safer faster and less work. most cages have ample room for both saws .
  15. Philip Anderson

    Log splitter on a manitou

    We’ve been running a 20ton vertical Binderberger off ours for 3 years we just run it off the hydraulic locking pin circuit on the machine with a flow and return. we bungee the lever so it gives us constant flow on tick over more than enough flow / power to do the job . we split roughly 300-350 tons a year.The machine we have is a MT 732.


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