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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 1 hour

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    For Sale Peruzzo TB100C, bought October 2018 ,25 hours use only ,18 hp Briggs and Stratton electric start Engine,independent Engine for tracking. This machine will chip 3-4 inch diameter and comes with a spare set of unused blades. The machine is still under warranty until October and is in as new condition. £4200+vat.


    - GB

  2. To be honest Norfolk is a pretty much saturated market with plenty of subbies and new apprentice entrants looking for work .
  3. It’s one that slipped through the net so to speak as the previous owners were not a threat to it . most of the area around it is a mixture of conservation area and TPO its the prime area in Norwich because of the Trees so I think they are well within their rights to have an opinion and try to save it
  4. Not the Walnuts complex behind Steve which has an area TPO on it they asked me for a report on the tree along with several other residents. That site has been managed sustainably for the past 20 years and we’ve planted 15 -20 new trees to create an uneven aged tree stock. i agree with you Steve about the owners rights but why buy a house with a big tree if you obviously don’t want it.Buy a house in a field or on an industrial estate. Were loosing too many big ones in my opinion.
  5. I’m not taking away from the fact that you did a professional job in getting the tree down but It is a shame the owner felt he had to or was advised to ring bark it to prevent Norwich City Council putting a TPO on it . It was a bit of a feature that tree on Branksome Close and carefully looked after by the previous owner of the house for many years with several different contractors pruning it in that time . New Owner =no tree and pissed off neighbours!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For Sale Perruzzo TB100C ,18hp Briggs and Stratton Electric start Engine, independent engine for tracks . New September 2018 ,one owner less than 20 hrs use,spare set of blades included . Bought as back up machine for our Bandit 915 and for small domestic jobs but not getting enough use and need space to other equipment. As new condition. £4200+vat


    , Norfolk

  7. Chapman fm120 heavy duty quad/utv flail mower £3,250+VAT 19hrs light-very little use
  8. I’ve got a 9month old peruzzo TB100 for sale it’s done 30 hours in as new condition with a spare set of blades . i bought this as a back up machine for smaller jobs instead of our bandit 915 but it’s not getting enough use . great little chipper and will track anywhere is very stable and will chip 3-4 inch diameter. Im looking £4400+vat.
  9. Yep ! Bit more guts and instant reaction 500i everyday 462 is a great saw though.
  10. 550xp Mark 2 been running one for 2 weeks now seems a good saw time will tell.
  11. I’ve had a ZT for 18 months now had a Carlton 2010 previously,I’m very happy with the ZT and grinding depth is fine for me. the engine has plenty of power it tracks fast enough for me and maintenance etc is easy. Back up support from Global is great ,I have a bandit 915 chipper also and have had bandits for years .
  12. There are different levels of DBS checks Eggs, basic,enhanced and a check on the barring list . Im having to DBS check around 35 adults as part of a youth band tour to Malaysia. The Barring one is mainly to do with child protection. its up to the company organisation how they use the information employing you wise .
  13. Yep I own one excellent little machine ,chips well tracks well we use it in back gardens or areas where we can’t get our Bandit 915 in as it’s a bit big and heavy . we mainly find our customers are happy to keep the chip as it is good quality
  14. Exactly! With many new companies and housing authorities setting up looking for external work it’s a race to the bottom business wise as well at the moment. same day service even.


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