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  1. Philip Anderson

    Loading ramps?

    A ZT weighs in at 6-700 kg I wouldn’t risk putting ours up those we use a set of straight Zara Ramps rated at 1750kg per ramp I’d rather be safe than sorry with a £15k machine.
  2. Philip Anderson

    Best way to store chainsaw in mewp basket?

    Just out of interest what type of machine is that ? The cage is exactly like my Ruthmann TB 270 .
  3. Philip Anderson

    Best way to store chainsaw in mewp basket?

    If I’m cutting that diameter stuff I’ll have a 201 and a 462 in the cage safer faster and less work. most cages have ample room for both saws .
  4. Philip Anderson

    Log splitter on a manitou

    We’ve been running a 20ton vertical Binderberger off ours for 3 years we just run it off the hydraulic locking pin circuit on the machine with a flow and return. we bungee the lever so it gives us constant flow on tick over more than enough flow / power to do the job . we split roughly 300-350 tons a year.The machine we have is a MT 732.
  5. Philip Anderson

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    Clueless,they should never been attempting that fell on a street with hard surfaces to damage bits could have shattered and skittled off into passing cars etc. unfortunately this makes our industry look bad poor training ,laziness and judgement to even attempt that fell and a total disregard for life and other people’s safety. i hope they throw the book at them if it was a council contract as it looks likely then they have questions to ask in their vetting procedures.Just as bad as Bartlett scenario if not worse. The cyclist was doing nothing wrong and I would have had the police there straight away who took the footage was it for the company’s website ??
  6. Philip Anderson

    What stupid stuff have you seen on the road today?

    It sure did
  7. Philip Anderson

    What stupid stuff have you seen on the road today?

    Attleborough stag roundabout,I thought it was fake until the EDP interviewed the bloke on the motorbike that filmed it and the police confirmed the launch 🚀
  8. Philip Anderson

    Bandit gallery

    Thanks Dean might be simpler for me to bring my black one and swap it for an orange one at the APF ????
  9. Philip Anderson

    Bandit gallery

    I haven’t Dean !!!got the heat shield and pipe covers and orange paint you thought I’d forgotten
  10. I’m not sure on your thinking here when I price a job I quote the price I need on it or want for doing it plus vat which never comes into the equation as it’s not mine technically (the vat).wether a client or firm I quoting for us vat registered or not is irrelevant.
  11. You don’t have a choice if you are at the threshold turnover wise you must register,I hear of many companies with 3 men chipper etc not registered which is ridiculous and if they analyse it they are working for nothing. we registered 32 years ago on start up of business doing 70% domestic work yes you loose out sometimes,yes you are a tax collector but cash flow wise you should be on it to get paid whether registered or not. I think the lowering of the threshold is coming the recent vote was just a testing of the water government wise. Eventually the 20% becomes not important to you existing customers as they wish to employ you and only you if your doing it right.
  12. Philip Anderson

    Bandit ZT1844 bad points anyone?

    Just about sums it up perfectly. The ZT for us was a great buy after having a Carlton 2010 , The ZT takes the work out of stump grinding was excellent value and still is around £15k is easy to load narrow enough to get to most places . Fuel wise it does use more than our old Carlton which was 30hp but it grinds so much faster and saves my back so I don’t mind a little extra fuel as a trade off! Grinding depth is not the deepest but is fine . For us it offered a great little machine to allow us to offer a grinding service . maintenance is easy I had to replace a drive belt which bandit supplied and we had a service update video on the belt tensioning method.
  13. Philip Anderson

    An insight into us.

    Size isn’t everything!!!! ours is a 915 so 142 hp and 15-18 inch capacity our old machine is working for Ed Benton still . In Oz and the States the dealers have chip offs, I’m sure Dean at global would love that. seriously a big chipper will earn its keep ,open doors and save you money so that’s the way to go .
  14. Philip Anderson

    An insight into us.

    Good article Ian but not quite right factually we and a few others in your area have had 12 inch plus chippers for many years 17 years in our case and do know about and benefit from the competitive edge they can give. welcome to the big chipper club.
  15. Philip Anderson

    The state of trees in South Wales

    Not good in Norfolk many very sick looking Ash about


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