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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of pushing the charcoal a bit harder now, got a couple of shops on board and think there's a market. this means I'm gonna have to upgrade my Heath robinson(but effective) kiln to something with more capacity. Now I'm not going to say money is no object but I am willing to throw a few grand at this to get the desired result, but can't make my mind up what's best to do. firstly I've access to a shit hot fabricator so building something like a fourseasons style retort is one option. My other option is a better version of what I've got which I think is pretty similar to woodworks early design, I'm considering maybe building out of brick like a proper kiln with the 45 gallon barrels on a frame lifted out with the forklift. i really can't make my mind up which way is better, if I go for a large chamber I was thinking my timber could be strapped in a billet bundler with wire and lifted stright in the kiln with a bale spike, or is it easier/better to put through a branch logger straight into barrels? i'd welcome peoples options and experiences, ste
  2. Mite be a winner Mike, I'm in billinge so St. Helens ain't far. I'll ring spud tomorrow and try an organise. ste
  3. Spud if you've time to come down to Wigan I'll gladly take 10. I keep getting let down by someone local, to the point where I've rung before I've set off, been told yeah come there's someone here, and when I get there (20 mins) the place is locked up with not a soul in sight, feckin winker. so yeah spud if you've time I'd be well pleased. ste
  4. Thanks for the replies. Squaredy I'm not discounting a poly tunnel at some stage but it's not possible at this stage. A good mate of mine built a kiln with an insulated container, hole in the side, poked a space heater in and that was it. He leaves the door slightly ajar and you can see water running out of it, it's also a shit load faster than his glen farrow kiln. But obviously cost a lot in leccy/paraffin. What I'm asking is what's the difference in the space heater and log burner? If the container gets hot enough surely the water comes out of the logs? As I say I'm not an expert on the science of it all but don't want to waste time/money if it won't work. ste
  5. Just looking for folks opinions on what may or may not be a daft idea. lets say I have a insulated container about 10 feet long and a supply of waste wood. if I where to install a large log burner at one end, mount a heat store above it, probably a 6'x2' piece of 2" thick steel then bag several thermoelectric fans on top to create some airflow will it dry logs? been thinking about this past couple of days and in my head it may work but fact is there's lads on here with far more experience and knowledge on these things so I love your thoughts. thanks, Ste
  6. Try m j lavin on the Wirral, I'm sure Martin will fix you up. ste
  7. Just finishing off a rotary one I'm making for a customer, I'll post some pics/vid when it's finished. Doesn't take up a massive area and is very effective. Ste
  8. I've sorted my burn issues, got some bags printed and even got a farm shop to agree to sell some for me. I'm just wondering what size range folk aim for when making charcoal, I'm wanting to knock a screen up for removing the fine so pondering what size mesh to use. Thanks, ste
  9. How did you split them mate? Looks smart Thanks, ste
  10. What exactly are you after? Nets? Bulk bags? Seasoned/not seasoned? Just trying to narrow it down for people Ste
  11. Hi, last week I knocked up a retort pretty similar to the one woodworks originally made. Fired it on Sunday afternoon, left it alone, result perfect charcoal. Lit it again last night, get up all excited this mornin, look in my barrels, a **** load brown ends. Any advice on what went wrong? My only variables are, Sunday I used some kiln dried beach logs, which where standard sized and yesterday I used semi seasoned (down 12 months) ash but cut and split very small. Also Sunday I panicked a bit thinking the gas hadn't come of so stoked the fire after and hour or so to get it roaring again. Any advice greatfuly received Thanks, ste
  12. Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. Your bags look spot on mate and I mite give that firm a try. I think maybe I didn't explain myself well enough, there seems to be a lot of charcoal sold where there would be say four smaller bags of charcoal inside a 6kg bag and the consumer simply takes one of these small bags, puts it on the bbq and lights the bag, leave for a bit to get going then spread out a cook. Now to me and I'm sure most folk on here it seems a bit daft but with the way society is with not wanting to get their hands dirty and wanting minimal effort I can see how it would appeal to some. What I'm basically wanting to know is does anyone know if these small bags are just shrunken versions of the standard charcoal bags or something different? I've read about some bags having some sort of paraffin coating to get them going? Tho this doesn't seem very environmentally friendly. Thanks, ste
  13. Hi, gonna start doin some charcoal to sell. Just wondering about folks opinions/experiences of these instant light bags everyone seems to sell now. Is there anything special about them? Or are they just paper? Does anyone have a supplier for smaller bags like this? Thanks, ste
  14. Looks a tidy set up John. What's the trailer? Quite fancy one that style myself, is there room to carry a couple of buckets as well? Thanks, ste
  15. How would you like them supplied Mitchell? Loose, nets..... Hard or softwood? Ste


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