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  1. What CS39 and CS41 allow you to do?

    Are you actually insane? In what you just "blatantly" put to me.. "what a person is allowed to do on cs39 use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness & cs41 dismantling and rigging". I made a seemingly relevant point about rigging. You chose to be an argumentitive and pointless poster, trying to tear down something that has no use to anybody. Question to you.. did you know that unless 41 and 45 were achieved you couldnt rig from the ground? Alot of people dont. Thats fine, my post was aimed to let the many people who run rigging (competently and safely) without the correct quals. This isn't a problem until something goes south and under investigation people through simply not knowing, could be culpable. How in the hell I've ended up in this is simply beyond me..
  2. What CS39 and CS41 allow you to do?

    Then to that I would state two climbers both holding 41 can rig, two with 39 can not. One of each cant either. Pretty certain I'm still relevant.
  3. What CS39 and CS41 allow you to do?

    Read the op post.. what does 39 and 41 allow you to do, unless you have been in a 41 assessment situation you cannot run rigging. Hence not having 41 you aren't allowed to run rigging. Surely relevant to post asking for info regarding quals
  4. What CS39 and CS41 allow you to do?

    Apologies, having looked its cs 45 arborcultural ground worker which is gained during 41 assessment. Sorry for wonky pic, first upload..
  5. What CS39 and CS41 allow you to do?

    I am undoubtedly going to get hammered, but having had this convo recently, by rights, in that I mean under something going badly wrong and under investigation, unless you have rescue climb ticket as well as 41, you can not run rigging on the ground. To be a fully qualified groundsman on a dismantle rigging job, both clumber and groundie must have cs 41. Proof is printed on the cs 41 nptc certificate.
  6. Lombardy Fell Incident

    Long enough to know when something is wrong. My comment states that the "working method" is 99.9% safe you donut. Can you name 5 things in the video that you wouldnt change about that incident? Ill start you off with they appeared to have ppe on. As far as your RAMS issue, i think writing it for that job done that way would of gotten me sacked. Job desription :- pull a tree with an untensioned line into a field with live roads and pavements with heavy foot traffic. Followed by "slips trips and falls (tick!) We all know our industry is inherintley dangerous, but that is why we are trained proffesionals who control as many as possible. Yes things go wrong, but safe methods of work ensure as far as possible everones safety as far as possible. Being "under pressure" does not give you the excuse of being reckless. Ever. Now back to lala land with your bowsaw for you
  7. Lombardy Fell Incident

    Im sorry I cant agree, working at that proximity to public, cars live roads/footpaths, a brainfart is completley unexcuseable. Public safety, both personal and property as well as staff involved has to be paramount. Mistakes cannot be risked or taken. If working method is not 99.9% safe excusing acts of God freak events then get back in the van and walk away.
  8. Lombardy Fell Incident

    For me pulling like that is insane against an unfavourable lean on a tree that size. Tree at kerf level only has to open a few mill due to lean or winds leading to a shift at tip height multiplied massively shifting centre of gravity, added to a pull line that high for me means a slackening of pull-line. Slack pull line means no pull whatsoever. The rest is just plain old gravity. That truck would of had to be going a hell of a lot faster to keep tension if even possible.
  9. Is there a lack of groundman?

    Having anyone agree with anything on this site is like herding cats. However here I go.. I'm a well experienved sawman, ex climber, who works commercial side prodominatley, with a reasonable day rate that reflects my level of competence, skill set and ethic. I work mainly on long term projects (new motorways, bridges, civil clearances. Doing this leads to the inevitable gaps between one project ending and another begining. During which time do I sit on the couch or see what works out there. Swinny wanted a groundie, I wanted a days work, rate is the rate. Simples. I have worked with him a few times now, and have no problem with the rate for a number of reasons. 1, the domestic side pays less than commercial. 2, i dont use my saws, fuel, lines. 3, its bot as taxing mentally as my work usually is mentally, somebody else's pressure, he's messed up time, his problem. Simply put no pressure other than to see what needs done and do it. If I was an 18 year old I would of jumped at the regular work Swinny has available. P.s no I'm not his lover. P.p.s let the abuse flow..
  10. Courteous thief..

    Back late going to be out early.. laziness I know but im sure most of us have done it. Its not like anything could be seen from the outside as its all blocked off. But hey lesson learned. .
  11. Courteous thief..

    Ever so nice of the robbing t@#t who decided to break into my car, take my saws off the top, remove my jackets, waterproofs, helmet etc to get to my climbing and rigging bags then kindly put my jackets back in. Cheers mate!! .
  12. Cheap Deal On Rigging Gear

    Just seen this on ebay if anybody's interested.. Sorry if in wrong forum. DMM Pulley Block, Marlow Dead Eye Sling 4m, Marlow Whoopi Sling 4M | eBay
  13. Hi guy's Hard working arborist/landscaper with over 10 years experience looking for sub contract work up till Christmas due to contract delays. Qualified up to and including cs41 + medium tree, windblown, B+E driving Licence. PA1/6, IPAF card, CSCS card. References of work ability and commitment available on request. Available immediately for any climbing, grounding or landscaping/labouring (christmas is coming!! haha) Please PM with any questions, contact info. Many Thanks


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