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  1. Hi. This one (actually three in total as I recall) was/were on large native old oak at base. I think I saw very similar on a Red Oak a couple of miles away a little earlier in the season. Photos taken about a month ago. From my notes: mustard green edge to brackets. Soft and leathery/rubbery consistency. Tough to break. Underside very dark (same colour as tubes). Dark tubes and slightly lighter flesh. I didn't taste them! What are they then David? Anyone else? Thank you.
  2. Thank you gents. Speedy as always
  3. Upside down and blurred....good luck guys and gals, hope you have good imaginations! I might have to go back to take another
  4. I shall try again...cheers Oakwithbracketsroots.pdf
  5. Hi. Sorry picture not better. I think I have seen this a few times. This is on mature oak. Your thoughts are welcome please! Mail – treeoakmatt_may23@hotmail.com.pdf
  6. Anyone able to shed any light please? these plantation trees are about five years old. Suddenly this year a small percentage have developed a few of these near their tops. thanks for your thoughts Matt GetFileAttachment 1,632×918 pixels.pdf GetFileAttachment 918×1,632 pixels.pdf
  7. Thanks to both of you. No milky liquid seen so looks like the latter! Some literature says it is uncommon - would that be your experience too chaps?
  8. I'll be honest...I actually looked that up on Google you swine! D'oh! Attachment issues...! Not sure why but may have to resubmit?
  9. Any help would be appreciated. This little number is also growing round a poplar root system. It's right up against the base of the stem by some big roots. It's very small (my colleague's hand is normal sized! ). There are four patches and the biggest is about 2" x 2". Thanks in advance.
  10. Any help would be appreciated. Spread fairly well (roughly) around crown edge/drip line of mature roadside poplar - BUT not immediately next to butt of tree! For all I know may be a general woodland floor fungus. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi. I work for a local authority in South Bucks and we manage Country Parks. We have the following timber stacks for sale (as firewood presumably): ALSO, read to the bottom if you are interested in potential felling jobs with timber sale as price). STACK 1...Mixed species but approx. 65% deciduous, all cut 8 ft long, diameter varies from 2"-2ft, average diameter 6/7", stack measures 5ft 9" high, 88ft long. This was cut Winter 2013/14. Good access - can take photos of road surface for interested parties. Warning: only 50 pieces are over one foot diameter. Small bits inc. birch but the big bits all all oak. STACK 2...Grand fir and pine, all cut 12ft, 4"-20" diameter, average 11" diameter, Approx 140 pieces, cut Feb 2014. Good access - same place as STACK 1. Storm damage clear up. STACK 3...Scots pines, all 12ft long. 4"-2.5ft dia, average dia 1 ft, stack size 5ft3" high, 42ft long, approx 300 pieces, felled and stacked spring 2014, 55 to 60 pieces are over one ft diameter. There are a few other bits of conifer and sweet chestnut dotted around on the ground, which we would be happy to listen to offers for if you visit. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions or request photos of the timber or the access points. We also have a sizable clearance job to undertake at one of our parks. Brash would need disposing of (fine to burn at certain times of year). It is under HLS so there are terms and conditions to adhere to. The ground conditions are potentially pretty wet in the winter, so we would be needing seasonal extraction and we want the brash disposed of (burning ok but seasonal - basically winter ok only!) The Felling Licence is in place and calculated as: 5.8 hectares, all Scots pine, approx. age of trees 35 yrs, the dbh is 31. The selective felling percentage is 70% to come out. The licence calculates the metre cubed volume at 600 m3. At this moment I'm just trying to ascertain interest in the felling and clearance job - I may have to put it out to tender depending on value. Certainly public liability insurance and tickets will be required and we would have to set you up as an official vendor etc. but this hasn't caused any problems in the past with official businesses etc. Enquiries are very welcome at this stage. Whether we clear it all in one go or stagger it over five years is also debatable at this stage. Cheers. Matt.
  12. Our system is really antiquated and we are looking for an excuse to play with our fancy phones and tablets while we are in the woods. Can anyone recommend anything to help with standard level hazard recording? Thanks in advance! Matt


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