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    Climbing,cutting add fixing and creative engineering….horses and landrovers...
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  1. Sandworks

    STIHL battery saw

    What is the charge time for the different battery's ? From run down?
  2. If you are referring to the wheel nut remover..... Excellent bit of kit.......... If not, haven't a clue😋
  3. Give me the model number, I may have a dead one with complete blades
  4. Everbuying.com I think, or else fleabay......
  5. To things to be mindful of.....1 they do not like coffee.... Bang....... Or reverse wiring...... Bang with smoke😂 Other than that very good...... Don't try lobbing one in in a rush in the dark🤔
  6. Nah! Sheer there's 4 days left!! Plenty of time...... He said!😝
  7. 16 degrees high winds and rain...... Water table at an all time high....... Work very limited..... Even walking in is doing damage, thankfully got some site clearance on..... Where's me water wings💦💨💨💨💦💨💦💨💦💨💦💨💦💦🐋🙈
  8. We had a fair few badger setts in a ring fort, despite our best efforts all have been dug out ..... So no badgers at all this season, . Farm is crawling with hedgehogs.... Great to see them around again.... But I love the Badgers tool.....
  9. No worries it's my personal toy! I'd lend my bird before if lend my saw😍
  10. Nearly lost front door off landy😝 tad breezy!
  11. All covered spud! But thank you for the in put. but if I funk it up I'll send it over😝in the mean time any interest in doing a one over on a ms 460 and porting? It's a great stalwart only driven r by one 14 tonner.... Needs tlc, only about 900 hrs on it😜
  12. Don't go there... Noisy heavy eats axels and gearboxes, not to mention powersteering ... Drove two...... Great ptorque but....


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