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    girvan, southwest scotland
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    chainsaw carving, log cabins, wood cutting, countrylife
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  1. new trailer home

    agrimog, it was reeking abit that day, that was the first i had seen it on the road, any other times i seen it was sitting parked up, take it thats where you stay,
  2. new trailer home

    nice mog and trailer, i recognise that mog, i seen it a few years ago with a twin axle trailer on it
  3. Hydraulic guillotine style firewood processors

    hi, forestgough do you have any pics of your log shearer
  4. MB Trac injectors

    take all the nuts and pipes of, then crank it over, the compression will push the injector up abit, it might force them out of the engine block
  5. Tracked Barrow

    looks a handy barrow
  6. Unimogs rock thread

    you could of had a unimog like this
  7. Unimogs rock thread

    it does look kinda odd, alot of steel work in it
  8. Unimogs rock thread

    wasnt that bad was it
  9. Unimogs rock thread

    found this 1
  10. Hydraulic power pack

    you must work with heavy steel, that wont bend in a hurry
  11. Hydraulic power pack

    you got pics of your splitter
  12. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    what did you do with it
  13. <p>HI MATE thanks for that jon</p>

  14. Building my own log splitter

    not mine, just some pics i have,,
  15. Hydraulic power pack

    any pics of your splitters


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