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  1. Something at the National Memorial Arboretum maybe?
  2. Men's Organic T-shirt HOWIES.CO.UK Men's regular fit tee made from 100% organic cotton. Left blank to go with almost anything.Multi-buy offer Buy 3 and save £12 Buy 5 and save £20 Just add your selections to... Howies do some good stuff, no polos though
  3. My understanding is that winter coppicing is less stressful to the plant as you aren't removing the canopy mid growing season
  4. @kav from Buryhook might be able to help http://www.buryhook.co.uk/ , based in Wheatley
  5. As the Grey Squirrel is a non native invasive species, it is an offence to release a trapped squirrel! I am not sure if a feeder cage counts as a trap though... https://www.rsne.org.uk/squirrels-and-law
  6. A few thoughts: - Good idea to retain the existing hardwoods as seed trees. - Are there many Deer/Rabbits/Hare about? - You could maybe think about planting at a quarter of the final required stocking density, with the expectation that natural regen will fill in the gaps. This will allow you to introduce specific species and from more southerly provenance to protect against climate change variations.
  7. have a look on ESC (Ecological Site Classification), if you input location, soil moisture and a few other factors, it gives the suitability of various hard and softwood species. Its also possible to model how they would fare with climate change predictions. http://www.forestdss.org.uk/geoforestdss/
  8. I bet it still has battery 🤣
  9. Hi Big J, Sorry I don't think I made it clear in my previous post. The project area is 200 square miles (128000 acres), 25 years ago the woodland cover in the area was at 6% (7680 acres), since then we have increased that to 21% (26880 acres), so we have planted 19200 acres or 5180 hectares. Therefore the average planting density is 453 plants per acre or 1679 plants per hectare. Some areas are parkland, so there will be some a lot lower density and more commercially focused areas with a higher density.
  10. I'm 27, and the project has been running for 25 years, so i hope i last long enough to see some mature woodland! I have only planted a handful, my role is the Woodland Management Officer, so i am more interested in cutting them down in first thinnings!
  11. I work for the National Forest and we’ve transformed 200 square miles of the Midlands through the planting of 8.7 million trees, increasing Forest cover from 6% to more than 20%.
  12. Yeah i use this one https://www.sorbus-intl.co.uk/haglof-factor-gauge but it is the same concept
  13. No complaints at all?! or do you just mean about cold feet 😉


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