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  1. youcallthatbig

    New toy in Amateur Corner

    or you could try this... https://www.preservation-solutions.com/product/end-grain-sealer/
  2. youcallthatbig

    Today's milling

    been in yard for several years before I thought it would be just firewood..... sound in middle of 8'lengths , so happy days ... cut with bowl blanks in mind by chainsaw, that way the end user can determine what and how he uses the material, automatically cutting everything as thick boards limits usage and creates more work!
  3. youcallthatbig

    Chainsaw mill

    if it is the Tim Perkins I think it is John, he's in Halesworth if it is.....I don't know, all these locals buying there own mills....no wonder I will never be rich....
  4. youcallthatbig

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    No not many, but even if you catch the head on something in the hedge and bend it out of alignment you will wish you would have had it inboard..... The Autotrek ,Wimmer, not sure about the bigger Serra(I know you can reduce the width of the heads on some of the Bavaria models), certainly turn through 90*,but these will be wider then your mill, and these are generally built like brick out houses, not decrying the build quality of your mill but I bet it is not using the same gauge steel as those.....I would certainly have it inboard, on twin axles and only 7mts long, towing anything much longer and turning into gateways could be a PITA unless its double gated.
  5. youcallthatbig

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    and even at 7metres long with a single axle you will need to be getting the weight distribution spot on....
  6. youcallthatbig

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    so will running wheels be the width of the cutting head assembly, or are you planning to turn it 90* and fix it in place, otherwise your head will most likely be the widest part of the mill/trailer combination, meet a lorry coming in the opposite direction and you might need some clean underwear.... just a thought from towing mills around country lanes for the past 20 odd years....
  7. yes, to the outside bit, but not a tarp, just a roof with good overhang ,with sticks within 2" of the board ends then every 15-18" all cut equal thickness, and placed accurately above preceding stick...... nice bit of "lacewood" btw....
  8. Afternoon folks, I have had an enquiry for milling from the Stevenage area, it is too far away from me in Norfolk to consider. 10 pcs of Oak, up to 750mm Dia @ 3mt lengths, Please pm me for contact details, (bandsaw users only please) Tim
  9. youcallthatbig

    milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    gary, lol..thanks for that....and your right about the multi stem..
  10. youcallthatbig

    milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    Andy, I agree with you, I have just been asked to find someone who would be prepared to convert these logs, I have advised owner it would be questionable as to economic viability....but as we all know.. the customer is always right! Btw..they are(were) apparently 6' in dia.
  11. youcallthatbig

    milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    afternoon all, I have been contacted by a prospective client who has had two beech trees felled in his front garden, they have been "worked on" already by somebody as the pictures show, access is good for mobile mill or Alaskan. The only negative is the proximity of a public footpath near the logs, and the quality of the remaining timber that you will have to work with....... I do not want the job for a variety of reasons, but if anybody seriously wants to help this bloke out, please pm me and I will give you his contact details. Tim
  12. youcallthatbig

    what are these larvea likely to be?

    morning folks, found these emerging / crawling about on the ends of recently felled oaks, only in sap wood area, they were live yesterday ,but it was lashing it down with rain so did not take photos, they were actually springing off the logs onto the ground believe it or not, now, 24hrs later all appear dead and much fewer in number ,and having been sprayed with insecticide this am even fewer alive I hope..... curious to know what they might be larvae of.. looked like a small maggot, so assume from a flying insect, I am not into entomology so am at a loss, presume not the processional oak moth as these appear to form nests on surface of bark.... but there were thousands of the things yesterday.. hope somebody with more knowledge can enlighten me. cheers in advance Tim
  13. Afternoon all. having taken delivery of about 4500hft3 of planking/beam oak and ash in the last few weeks, I am endeavouring to find a solution /prevention of the attack from the little black beasties for obvious reasons. Has anyone got any recommendations, I have looked at the "forest research" guide leaflet , and have got some "forester" insecticide coming, active ingredient being cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, this apparently is probably going to be the only chemical available in the short term for this useage, all other brands of insecticide on the leaflet seem to use an active ingredient that is now considered banned for knap sack spraying (chlorpyriphos,an organophosphate) but is suitable for mechanical spraying of brassicas..... My concern is that forester is primarily used in the treatment of weevil on pines, and does not mention the pin hole/ambrosia beetle when listing insects that bore etc etc.....here's hoping that time and money will not be wasted. any body got an alternative known preventative measure? Tim
  14. youcallthatbig

    woodmizer wm3500/4000?

    Speak to Loglogic about the Autotrek, get it made as a static mill, 6.5m cut length as standard, boards up to 1m wide, fully hydraulic, My 64hp turbo diesel engine uses about 16lts of fuel /day, 4" wide blade, costs £85 for swaged, £135 for stellite tipped, sharpening costs me approx. £12 ea time. 1x blade to cut 100ft3 timber not cheap but does the job, great back up from supplier, been around long enough to have ironed out issues, you will struggle to find one 2nd hand, as most owners are happy with the product as opposed to some other manufacturers products which seem to crop up all the time........ And if it goes "T*t* Up" plenty of residual value because of rarity value. Tim There is at least 1 machine running in Scotland doing just what you want to do.... Autotrek (Wide-band saw) Graham Mitchell graham@loglogic.co.uk
  15. youcallthatbig

    Calculating flooring

    As above,when square edge oak is concerned I allow about 65% recovery, but that is dependant upon size/quality of log.My guestimations would say about 210 min hft3. Gladly supply as specified.


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