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  1. Hi Guys & Girls, Moving to the North East (Hartlepool) in a month or so (Mrs has a new job), what is the work availability like, generally speaking? Are there regulars on here from the same area of County Durham at the moment? Any feedback would be helpful with regards to your own experiences from starting out in this area. (Have certs 30,31,32,33,38,39, PA1 spraying, cscs & will refresh my first aid before the move. Also had approx. 700 hrs geo and structures Rope access experience although IRATA has expired now). Cheers, Stuart
  2. I agree i think the work can be hard to get hold of but i need to stick with it. Barely been looking 5 mins really so not giving up yet. I'm going to get tickets for at least cs30 and 31 though as this can help a lot to get geotech work. I've currently got a friend at CAN uk though so fingers crossed there. Quite often venture down to the sandstone but prefer getting up to the peaks whenever possible. Always looking for people to climb with, sister is working abroad this summer and current partner is a bit flakey to be honest. Give me a shout if your interested in getting out there when home. I climb at the reach in woolwich and arethusa during weeknights after work
  3. No i went up to do mine at Mark Wright Training in Rotherham. Considered absen though. Have since applied to them for work as well
  4. Hi guys, I am new to the forum so be kind please! I am IRATA Level 1 qualified and looking to get into tree surgery. Obviously with my rope access qulification I am looking to become a climber, but i like all the groundwork too and realise you must start from the bottom. It was actually working in my own garden that got me into it all, including rock climbing, a couple of years ago now. I am an outdoorsy person and keen to work hard whatever the weather because i like seeing results at the end of a hard days graft and genuinely enjoy this type of work for some reason! 😄 I would therefore like to hear from people who may be looking to take someone on, even just on a casual basis to start, or advise on whos currently looking through word of mouth etc. I am 24 and live in the north Kent area near Dartford, with a full drivers licence. I would be available immediately and I am also happy to work weekends if needed or just at weekends to start out, possibly filling in for someone. Look forward to hearing back from you guys. P.s. any hints in the right direction would also be gratefully received


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