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  1. stumpbuster

    Battery Pole saw?? Yay or Nay???

    We got one the head bit bulky other than that power was good
  2. stumpbuster

    Skeleton key for fords

    Had my van done twice in two months just un lock it roll it in the road forensics said there is about 6to8a night being done same way each night throughout Essex
  3. stumpbuster

    Treeshirtz clearance sale

    just placed order steve hope to recive soon
  4. stumpbuster

    Large amount of oak and cherry in little canfield essex

    hi greg im just going out can I give u a call tomorrow about the wood were only five mins away from there
  5. stumpbuster

    chippers on rail sites

    /-I work for nwr doing tree work I think its a rumore as we using tw and have a forst track machine delivered at the end of the month we normally get briefed on these sort of thing but haven't heared anything
  6. stumpbuster

    Railway boys

    qts been doing a lot of work with us last couple of months good bunch lads
  7. stumpbuster

    Cordwood for sale Cambridge Area

    have u still got any cord left were in harlow Essex please pm if u have or 01279 718555
  8. stumpbuster

    Having a clear out..

    hi Jordan intreasted in logs in box me with price ur looking for were only in harlow
  9. <p>hi Daniel if pooh sticks dosnt have the saw I might be intrestead</p>

  10. stumpbuster

    Canals & waterways

    csg ushers are doing a lot of waterways work I think they took over from fountains
  11. stumpbuster

    Essex Chip Sites

    if u need to get shot of logs well take them were in harlow 3min from jct 7 if any good
  12. stumpbuster

    LANTRA NPTC training/assessments Cambridge.

    give rob fletcher training a try realy helpful bloke
  13. stumpbuster

    Cordwood for sale Kent

    could u pm how much artic load to harlow Essex jct 7 please
  14. stumpbuster

    Firewood wanted in west essex

    looking for cord wood
  15. stumpbuster


    if u get stuck gives a call were in harlow might be able to help


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