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  1. MS362 head scratcher

    What is the best chainsaw on the market at the moment? Stihl?
  2. new saw stihl or husky

    I bought a stihl ms362 very nice chainsaw and plenty of power to do what I want, and I don't find it to heavy either, I went for the stihl because in my opinion and after reading about them and talking to people who have been using them, that was the one for me
  3. Ebay troubles - a Saw I sold recently

    I don't bother with eBay any more I find gumtree better, free to advertise
  4. dodgey saws

    The Irish are always doing this, some Irish t--t asked me if I wanted to buy a genuine stihl chainsaw from a shop that went bankrupt, what a load of crap he wanted £350 for 2 and I just laughed at him, so then he said how much will u pay so I said £100 for the 2 and walked off, and then he said ok, I never bought anything from the Irish, but I thought £100 for 2 chainsaws can't be bad, but I know one thing they are definitely not stihl because I've got the ms362 and they're nothing like it, Chinese copy no doubt
  5. Stihl chainsaw ms362

    Well I have bought the ms362, very happy so far, cut about 15 tones of wood so far and not a problem. cuts beautifully plenty of power for what I want
  6. Stihl chainsaw ms362

    I had a jonsred chainsaw for about 2 years and it had a lot of work and in the end it gived up, so I was looking for a good chainsaw and I was told that the stihl Ms362 are one of the best around I was just wondering if any one could help me out and suggest something that lasts long than 2 years
  7. Stolen Thor Farmer towable logsplitter

    Some people don't care if the see something they won't they will take it,


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