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  1. You're just envious you don't have one [emoji12]
  2. Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all!
  3. If you believe the daily mail you'll believe anything
  4. Good on ya first boy stick to you guns [emoji106][emoji106]
  5. Excellent well considered and written article agree with all the principles written.
  6. People you've made the effort and spent time and money for, to visit their house / site, meet them, discuss their requirements and figure out a quote for, then they don't even have the courtesy to get back to you and let you know whether they received your quote and if they would like to accept it or not [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji83][emoji83][emoji83] blood boils
  7. Wow - what a load of hassle - any point to doing this? I hate remembering 10million usernames and passwords ...
  8. Thanks mattyf - I don't actually know what works for me yet as I haven't got one yet, ignore my first post which didn't actually post what I'd written ! but I am looking to buy one to save my back at the yard and on jobs - so interested in opinions of who's used the different brands already: - Ochenskopf 1100 mm (= 43.3" )at Clark Forest is the longest one I could find online - but I have heard some reservations about the "sticking power" of the point. The Oregon one is nicely shaped and a nice point - but a bit short for a tall person at only 28" - I don't see the point of getting a log pick / hookaroon / pickaroon if you still have to bend to get it stuck in and pick stuff off the floor, even more so if the piece is not directly below you because then you need more length again - Then there's the logrite hookaroon - 36" long but the aluminum round handle won't orient the pick point in your hand by feel as you pick it up it - and maybe the point looks a bit fragile? The handle May be tougher than a wooden handle though ... Leaning towards the Ochsenkopf at the moment I think ... @NI Tree you sound happy with yours?
  9. That did not come out right - meant to say Ochsenkopf long wooden handled 1100mm looks good and long for a taller sided to save bending - MattyF would you mind telling what did you find was wrong about the Ochsenkopf one?


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