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  1. Yeah a picus. NE Aberdeenshire.
  2. Unfortunately its only one tree needing done so I guess that’s not worth your while?
  3. Hi All, Looking for some assistance please. I'm looking for a Decay Detection Survey in NE Scotland. Is there anyone in the area that could help?
  4. Yeah I know a LOLER Inspector if you're still looking for one?
  5. Hello all. Wondering if there are any rope wizards out there could help rescue me whoopie extreme? Not having any joy sorting it and don’t have the appropriate tools to fix it either.
  6. Thats some interesting information to think about, thanks guys. I’m probably going to look into older machines and see whats available by checking out the various links on the website. Yes I am fairly mechanically minded and I don’t need to worry about towing weight restrictions.
  7. Hello everyone. I’m looking for advice on buying a chipper and I’m wondering if I should buy new (unfortunately on finance) or look at 2nd hand? I’ve used a number of chippers over the years and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If anyone knows of something decent for a reasonable price I could be interested to know about that. Tracked machines would be great but of course they are more expensive so it would depend on the price. If any dealers have something that could suit me I would be interested to hear from you.
  8. What about New England Braided Safety Blue? That’s what I’m currently climbing on. ZZ no good on that?
  9. Hi everyone. Looking for people’s opinions on whats the best rope to use on the new ZigZag Plus?
  10. Hello folks. Whats the going price for selling hardwood, freshly cut, per tonne?
  11. Could sell you a 550xpg and I've just sold a 346xp along with an extra crankcase. Could speak to the guy and see what his plans are for the 346
  12. Hello all. Has anyone used Polexim chippers before or does anyone own one? Would be interested to hear about people's opinions and experiences from those that have used them.
  13. Depending what I'm working on: 550xpg - 15" 362 C-M VW - 18" 660 - 30" 550 is so light, manoeuvrable, responsive but a bit of a screamer on the ears day in day out. Great for snedding. 362 tends to be the first choice nowadays. Light enough to to use all day, sweeter tone to it - easier on the ears. Bit grabby on full chisel and pushing chain. Goes through a bit more fuel. Often use it when rooting blown. 660 has plenty power but a bit of a guzzler on the Gogo juice! Tend to use it only on big big stuff as my arms can die a death using it all day. Difficult to bore in. Wouldn't mind a 22" on it, would be a weapon!! 😁
  14. I've been to both showrooms and the equipment and staff are equally as helpful
  15. Will see what's what tomorrow, got a few people to phone now. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk


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