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    Moto GP

    He sure did and it was a sad day when Loris hung up his hat. I'll reckon Valencia's going to be superb though. I can't believe Rossi won't be off the line like a missile.
  2. tipmethewink

    Moto GP

    I like Rossi and I'd love for him to win another championship but he's always been pretty bolshy on track despite people's love for him due to his charm off the track. Some of the old Biagi and Stoner battles were pretty raw. I don't think he kicked Marquez until Marquez touched him after tipping in but at that point Marquez had run out of track and had little option. I'd love to know how they'd have ruled it if Rossi had pulled the same line and speed but just remained looking forward and without the kick.
  3. tipmethewink


    Saw this a little while ago. http://mosaicscience.com/story/how-bee-sting-saved-my-life-poison-medicine
  4. I'm not an arb either and I don't know the physics so I'm interested to understand how this is different to drt where the climber is on both "ends" of the rope? Is the force on each leg half the climbers weight in that case? Thanks.
  5. I'm pretty certain this is still the case. If you let a futures contract expire you'll be asked where you want the stuff delivered.
  6. I wasn't being dismissive, just wanted to voice some caution. If your friend's still made money (or not lost any) over the last 3 months then I'm certainly impressed. My personality is such that it's very difficult to trade with the detachment required to not lose money.
  7. Your right but... If you can make that work you're one of the few. Psychologically, it's an incredibly hard transition going from fake money to your own real money. Also, unless you actually have 100k to play with it's going to be an unpleasant shock to find how much larger a percentage of your account you're blowing in trading fees on your much smaller real life account.
  8. I believe they're the same thing and it's rebranded and sold with the different accessories. I think there's a thread on here talking about it by the chap who sells them.
  9. For me, that would probably have been better but at the time the extra storage space required would have made it awkward.
  10. I've got one though I don't use it commercially. It is pretty good though I think it's a bit dear for what it is. I've got the arb-trough bed as well as the skip with greedy boards. The skip is what I use most, even for poles, because the wheelbase is so short you can't stack the arb-trough with long poles without unbalancing the truck, even with the weight kit on. That said, I'm using it in 10 acres of woodland on the side of a hill and I've tipped it over a couple of times. It has 4 wheel drive but it's not independent so if a wheel looses traction it goes nowhere. This means over rough ground it's bloody hard work as you've got to lift and push to maintain motion. Still far easier and quicker than doing it by hand. If I remember correctly the log arch or trailer is attached to the front and the truck operated in reverse. I guess if it's large pieces of tree you're shifting this would be OK but reverse is very low geared and it would be slow going over long distances. Mine has the wide wheel kit on and it's definitely needed for where I'm using it, adding a lot of necessary sideways stability but also giving me good traction across very muddy ground though it's understandably a bit like a ratorvator then. The lads from a local tree firm said that they could do with one after witnessing me moving the bigger wood from a thinning/lifting job they were doing for me. On flat and stable ground it's pretty swift and far less effort.
  11. Are these a no no? I've seen people here splicing an eye on to each side of the pinto and wondered why it was done like this rather than doing an end for end splice right through. Treemagineers seem to do it this way for their sirius loop, though I've not see one in the flesh. I appreciate it needs a spacer. Thanks.
  12. I think you needed the "You are Reg Coates" thread rather than this one.
  13. I do it as a hobby. Just started and I'm 41. Certainly gets the heart going and that's not just from the climb!
  14. Quick Google search so not a recommendation 4m tall: http://www.paramountplants.co.uk/plant/CEDLIB/cedrus-libani-.html Edit: there's 6-7m trees on this page: http://www.deepdale-trees.co.uk/trees/2014/12-Cedrus-libani.html
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    Sorry, I meant after you'd taken them out.


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