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  1. I still think “Plumbing and Pruning” would be the ultimate combination!
  2. Nice idea, but genuine question, how do you plan to routinely inspect the condition of the entire sling before placing it in the tree and putting it under load? Is there enough slack to spin the sling, or do you just have to assume that the sling within the pipe is undamaged or fatigued in any way...
  3. But the two bridges are going to be adjacent to each other so if you hit one you are likely to hit both I’d have thought... however if you manage to cut through your bridge your work positioning needs to be reviewed!
  4. So my Treemotion is wearing out. It’s had five years of service and it needs to retire. Most likely going to replace like for like because I like! However I’d like it if someone can explain why the evo has two bridges. If the were to be used independently I could begin to understand using with two lines etc. but the demo pictures all show it with one ring around both bridges so I guess this isn’t their intention. Any ideas?
  5. ...if not I think an alpine butterfly is the way to go. Once the know is tight it won’t slip in either direction, so if you tie it and dress it towards the beads, then cinch by pulling the loop outwards it will sit snug at the top of the bead.
  6. Is it single or double strand down through the beads?
  7. How are you attaching it to the clip? Does it not make sense to start at the loop end, put in a figure of eight on a bite, tie knots between the beads as you go and then tie on the clip with a knot that cinches it all up, cut and melt the ends..?!
  8. They sucker and self set readily without chopping the mother tree down too, there just needs to be one and the right conditions and every garden in 100 yards will have a carpet of them coming up!
  9. Alianthus altissima : tree of heaven by the looks of it and the fact you say there are a ton of them!
  10. Here’s my tuppence-worth: Coppice the two stems you want gone down at ground level. Often we leave single upright stems on coppice stools in the wood. Yes it is leaving large wounds at the base of the other stems, but if it is an old coppice, which it does look like, there will already be an amount of dead wood in that region from previous cuts. Ideally you would have done it over winter when the tree was dormant, but to do it now the remaining canopy cover will help supply energy for the tree to compartmentalise and resist infection. When making the cuts go higher first, and then do a finishing cut in at the desired location to prevent tearing down the sides and try to leave the finishing cut as clean, smooth and square to the stem angle as possible. Ideally this will be level with the top of the root flair on each stem. ... and do your very best not to overcut into the stems you intend to retain as you do the finishing cuts!
  11. Back in the woods yesterday, thought I’d get a picture. These are pretty much all sycamore, and most fully in leaf, but this one holding out for some reason. Seemingly healthy tree, buds are green but only just starting to swell. There are several in the woods all the same..?!
  12. It looks like a sycamore to me - go for a wonder around the woodland and see if and how many others are still only just starting to flush, I am sure there will be a few. I’ve been working in a woods the last few weeks and have been watching - there is a wide gap between all the trees of each species within the woods from the first tree to burst to ones that are still waiting. I was wondering if perhaps these are single sex trees that are holding on, but haven’t got around looking into it at all yet
  13. Looks to me like it has been poorly planted, as the taper at the base of the trunk isn’t quite right. There isn’t any root flare, has the ground level been altered? Or perhaps it spent too long in a pot before it was planted and was buried deep to try and compensate for poor form. But also the lean looks to be due to suppression by the larger dense maple behind. It has grown with a lean chasing the sunlight, but it looks like the main leader is now correcting itself and taking a more vertical route. I’d keep an eye on the ground at the base of the tree and check for movement or a gap opening between the trunk and soil, but not worry, it seems to be sitting itself out.
  14. Down here in the tropical south! I had to put the ride on to bed for winter as it’s been way too wet for that, but you get a much better cut with the walk behind anyway and it takes more or less the same length of time. Can’t beat a good set of stripes either


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