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  1. Quite a few brackets round the base of this Turkey Oak.
  2. My guess is it’s a sycamore... not as old as one might think!
  3. Is there no info on species v dbh to give some rough guidance? I know it will very much depend on growing conditions but worth a try
  4. First is lawsons cypress, second Japanese cedar... that’s my vote.
  5. Was talking to Andy about it today - It’s definitely still on, just difficult with everything else that’s going on at the moment!
  6. Boo Who?


    ...and cut the stump down to ground level whilst you’re at it!
  7. Boo Who?


    I thought cherry initially, but on closer inspection I think it might be laurel
  8. My guess is the floor was cleaned regularly and it is just a build up of scunge that has gone through the faults in the varnish. If it was wet washed the dirt would automatically flow and fall into all the low points however small they are and with time that dirt has started to stain the wood slightly. I think if you sanded a little harder you could remove most of the marks entirely. Just a guess though...
  9. Was happy to find this little group of Green Elf Cups a week or so ago
  10. Is this to pollard, or re-pollard? ...Should make a difference as to who you choose to do the climbing... will also make a difference to what’s coming off too.
  11. From what I know of Dane it tends to be do a bit of work, talk a lot about fishing!
  12. Ideally you need to remove the fill down to the previous level and leave it as was. Bark that grows above ground should remain above ground and will only rot and become dysfunctional if you recover it with compost. I fear if you manage to do this with the idea of a drystone wall you will just create a bucket that collects water and still results in the same sad end or rotting bark and the tree sitting in a puddle. Follow JSN’s advice and get some cuttings growing. Take plenty as only one in a few usually take, grow on in a pot until it’s a reasonable size and then plant somewhere more suitable.
  13. This is laburnum. An obvious distinction between sap and heart wood, and smooth bark. I also think it’s Robinia.


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