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    Northern Ireland
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    I love my job! I do some mountaineering, rock climbing and offroad driving.
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    Yardie and groundsman at M. Large Tree Services
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  1. Thomc

    Oregon Tool Belt, Harness and Holster Pouches

    Can you wait until after Christmas?
  2. Thanks guys. I work in utilities so I need something robust. We’re given Harkie harnesses which are fine, just nowhere near as nice as my old Treeaustria.
  3. Anyone got any experience with the skylotec?
  4. Great, thanks! Let me know how you get on.
  5. Thomc

    Courant harness bridge fail

    Thanks man, I'll learn from your experience! Thank you.
  6. Thomc

    Courant harness bridge fail

    Hi Andy, how are you getting on with your harness?
  7. Looked online, yes. Same thing as with the Courant I guess. What body shape does it fit best, what is it best to use it for (pruning, spiking, takedowns etc).
  8. Sorry, this has probably been done a few times! There's a ton of info/opinion going around about the Treemotion and a wee bit about the Kolibri but I wonder if anyone has much experience with the Courant? I need a new harness! My Treeaustria 3.1 is dead. I live in Northern Ireland so it's unlikely that I'll get a chance to try before I buy so any info is welcome! Thanks all.
  9. Thomc

    A bit of Jensen research

    1, 2 & 9. Brilliant.
  10. Thomc


    About twenty minutes.
  11. Thomc

    Main saws!

    201, 346/550, 390.
  12. Thomc

    Humboldt Cut Spruce Trunk

    Looks sweet!
  13. Thomc

    Bad Neighbours

    Good giggle that.
  14. Thomc

    Been silly...

    Just a wee update, I did what you said spud and it seems to have worked just fine! £6 mend, I'm very pleased! Cheers guys, very good of you to share your knowledge. I appreciate it.


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