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  1. Jaarkeal

    Oak Butt

    Will this still be OK to mill even though there is a great big crack through the centre? I have the split horizontal with the ground but I didn't want to ruin this as its 150cm diameter.
  2. Where are you based? I'm sure someone on hear would be happy to take you out for a day or too to see how you like it and then go from there.
  3. I have some freshly cut Yew for sale if there is a market for it. Various sizes, welly in the picture for size comparison. Is it worth it or firewood only?
  4. Can anyone recommend a mobile saw milling company near Basingstoke. I have some Douglas Fir, Oak, Cherry and Ash to mill rather than turn to firewood.
  5. Jaarkeal

    Stihl MSA161

    Has anyone used this saw with 10"and 12" bar as a comparison? I am going to run the 300 battery and just wondered what size guide bar.
  6. Jaarkeal


    Rings no then. What about other items like bracelets and necklaces?
  7. Jaarkeal


    What are peoples general H and S statements for employees with reference to rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings? Both climbers and ground staff. Thanks
  8. Mark Please could you send me a copy of your CV if you are still looking. I am based in Hook, nr Basingstoke. TreeSceneArb@gmail.com Regards Adrian
  9. I am looking for a sub contractor climber to work a few days per week based near Basingstoke, Hampshire. No hedges, I promise! Also looking for a trainee if you know of any. Contact me at TreeSceneArb@gmail.com or ring 07766 256788.
  10. Tree Scene Arboriculture is an owner managed Tree Surgery company run from Hook in Hampshire that specialises in high quality tree work for a full range of domestic clients. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our customers and working with them too meet their needs and that of the local environment. We are currently looking for a Climbing Arborist to join our small team on a full time basis, however if you are looking for alternative hours this would be considered. The successful candidate will ideally (but not essential) hold the following chainsaw and climbing qualifications (CS30, 31, 38 & 39) plus a full UK driving licence. Based near Basingstoke, Hampshire. Please contact via TreeSceneArb@gmail.com or ring 07766 256788
  11. Maybe they thought they could do it quickly. Maybe they messed up the quote. Maybe they pay peanuts. There will always be somebody cheaper. Do you get most of the work you quote for? If so, don’t be concerned about winning every job.
  12. Hi Daniel Can you call me on 07766 256788 if you are still looking for work. I am based on the outskirts of Basingstoke. Regards Adrian
  13. Does anybody know of any tip sites to the West of Reading, Berks? Chip, timber and rakings.
  14. Excellent. Now just waiting for the new parts.....
  15. Can anybody tell me how to loosen the pulley spring tensioner. According to the manual it just says loosen nuts until belts are loose? This is a picture of the part (not mine, its not that new) I don't seem to be able to make it move. Thanks for any help.


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