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  1. That's a good price.. Think I have paid nearly £3 a pair in past...
  2. Morning All! Normally I would say just chop it down and get rid of conifer (or at least that is what Ive been told.) But... In this instance, I renovating a property and got over 30 sizable conifers, I'm in process of stripping branches and have a nice bonfire. However are the stumps worth cutting down, splitting and seasoning or just get rid? Are the seasoning times the same as I always thought there was alot of sap in a conifer. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tying your own is certainly cheaper... That's a dead Cert. Oh well my E2E's will do for now. ha! **GEEK WARNING** P.S. My 100th Post, yay!!
  4. I would say Type C are best for climbing for all round protection. Or have I got them the wrong way round.
  5. That's the setup I have. It's just with knots it bulks it all out on the binner I feel.
  6. No joy yet... Still hunting for one. The joys of eBay.
  7. Got a pic? Just so I can confirm we're on the same wave...
  8. Yeah I have tried it with termination knots but its all a bit messy I feel... Most likely just OCD kicking in. Ha!
  9. Great Video, makes me want to learn how to splice even more...
  10. This will sound daft but I thought with the hitchclimber ideally you needed the rope either side i.e. with E2E you can have an eye either side.
  11. Are the 024/026/028 pretty much the same machines? Or based on the same model.
  12. Morning All, I understand I'm opening myself to a little abuse here but hey ho! I'm looking at getting a chainsaw to take apart and learn to basics behind them, unless I get a bargain which is in great condition But which machines are the most robust that people recommend still to date. I know my GFs father has a Stihl 024 and its been and still is fantastic. I do like the Stihl brand so think I will stick to that. Also a model which parts are still easily avalible at reasonable prices. Anyone got any recommendations?


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