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  1. Thanks so much mate, I sold my road zx10 when I left the army to do the same as you so know how that feels [emoji85] get back on it soon! If you follow my Facebook page mate you'll find dates and will be running some competitions throughout year with Bear Valley for some cool stuff! Failing that it's always a good day out if you're ever local [emoji4]
  2. Hi Guys, Just thought I'd drop a quick word in for those of you interested in motorsport, and more so motorbikes. I've been lucky enough to have Sam and his company Bear Valley to come on board as a sponsor for my 2018 push toward Road Racing (Oliver's Mount, Southern 100 etc). I'll be on my trusty Sv650 stocktwin, which will be having a more powerful engine built early next year to compete in supertwins on the roads. I have a Facebook page and YouTube channel which will be linked to the Bear Valley website so you can keep up to date with race videos and results. It would be good to get some more arbs liking the page and helping spread the word! Or even better come along and have a beer on the weekends! https://www.facebook.com/jbracing101/
  3. A guy where I live blasted the roids and had a really **** Maori tattoo on his face. Surely that's a death sentence over there!
  4. What alarm bells? I'd be disappointed if I didn't get asked to work for someone based on image and not ability/personality in this industry just because my hands were tattooed. I guess it all just comes down to the people and how they get on. Although I do understand if someone came along with offensive tattoos on display it's a no go.
  5. Whilst getting my neck blasted today I was wondering how many people have tattooed guys working for them like hands etc. And whether people wouldn't employ someone because of it? It's becoming more and more socially acceptable now but where would the line be in having someone working for you? I personally have never had any issues with them and it's always a good source of conversation with the customers etc. I guess visible tattoos are a marmite type thing?
  6. Hi guys I'm a freelance climber around Sussex/Surrey and I have a week free in july starting the 11th, which I'd like to meet some new faces around the areas so if anyone has any days they need a hand on I'm about. Got transport, topping saw, plenty of climbing kit and plenty of references. Day rate £150. It's always nice to see how different people work! Experience with reductions, rigging, felling, crane work etc, and always keen to learn more! Jon 07739961378 Or drop me a message on here cheers
  7. Nice couple of copper beech reductions today, overall plan was to shape them into one. Came out lovely! For Jonny Burch
  8. He knows what he's doing with it!
  9. Pretty sure it was me using it as I was the one climbing JB. Such a glory whore.
  10. On paper it probably does but It's paint I used for plastic fairings etc and didn't effect those in any visible way. I'm happy wearing it ☺ plus my heads like a wrecking ball anyway 😂
  11. Saturday job to clear out some cans of spray paint!
  12. I flew a couple of missions around Bergen way with a young Paddy in tow. Small world when you're pilot trained!
  13. I call bulls**t I think I paid for it you goon haha


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