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  1. Good morning all , im looking to make the long journey north to dismantle some trees for a friend a few miles west of Inverness. Ill be travelling by train so was hoping to rent a chipper and ground saw for a couple of says . Please contact me if you can help . Many thanks Scott. 07939555481
  2. Was that winch an optional extra ? (love that)
  3. Also note the time a tourniquet is applied as the toxins that build up could also kill the patient when it's taken off !! , best leave it to the paramedics .
  4. I think I'm right in saying tourniquets are only to be used on catastrophic arterial bleeds ! ? ( where a major artery has been cut or severed ).
  5. I really like them , but our groundies wrecked them in a few months!.
  6. I see a Chinese dude for massage and acupuncture for all my ailments ! , he's an absolute wizard.
  7. I've a small dmm swivel , had it for two years , recently had to swap it round due to wear from the bridge !!..... But yea it swivels 😉
  8. The arbor trolley is an absolute winner
  9. I'd say that's reasonable ! , I've got a 2005 which has done over 200'000m and I still tow a lot of timber around , all I do is top it up with oil !..........regularly 😉
  10. Id travel down and pitch a tent to climb that tree ! , I'd only want to reduce / thin by 15-20 % tho . £420 if you deal with waste !? 😉
  11. Isuzu rodeo for me , done nearly 200'000m
  12. Im sorry but if your asking for a price on a job ( by picture ) then you don't know how long it's going to take ! , if you don't know how long it's going to take , then you haven't climbed many trees ! , if you haven't climbed many trees then anyone trying to offer a price (by picture) would/could have the climbing done in a fraction of the time it might take you ! . It's not a dig pal , everyone has to start somewhere , my advice would be get an experienced climber to take a look and let him give you an idea on time scale ! ? , take into consideration his day rate and then yours ! . And then for the future just start taking on single small/medium trees at a time so you can start to gauge how long it will take YOU as jobs with multiple trees could end up with you massively out of pocket and stressed !!..... And that's not why we're in the game ! 😉
  13. I live on a narrowboat and wouldn't be without it ! , although a smaller volume of air to get around than your average house !.
  14. I ear them nissan s are no good for towing in the long run ! , gearbox issues .
  15. I brought a brand new 441 (insurance claim) with 20" bar for £590and a second hand 020 which I've used for a year with no problems for £290 from ebay . I'd have no problem in refusing to buy either of them if I felt there was major issues ! ...... Just be confident with what your looking at


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