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  1. Hi, Just thought I would share this in case these belong to any of you. https://www.surrey.police.uk/news/surrey/news/2020/01/recovered_property/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn Thanks
  2. Hello guys, Does anyone know the best/cheapest place to get ton bags? New or used
  3. Hello all, I have a Truck mounted HIAB crane was just wondering if anyone can reccomend me a decent thick heavy duty lubricant to apply to the moving sections of crane, not for grease points but for applying direct to interlocking extending sections Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the replys guys. Does anyone know if the strummer or pole saw attachment uses the same mechanism or cog piece?
  5. Hey all I just shattered the pinion gear in my stihl km hl combi hedge trimmer, can't find the part I need anywhere, dealer tells me I can only buy it in a set at £200+ I only need the smaller gear pinion, Does anyone have it in there spares box or could point me in the right direction? Cheers in advance
  6. This is not a forsale post but just wondered if these would be any good for woodturners/bowl makers? all hardwood, oak/spaulted beech/cherry/holly ect, 3-6" thick 4-20" diametre does this stuff have any use or should I log it up for firewood
  7. thanks ill try that anyone else confirm the above or provide a different approach?
  8. Have had this ms201 saw for a few months now but have encountered a problem. It starts ok, and runs ok, but after a few minutes use it will cut out,then impossible to start again, I have to leave it for 5-10 Mins and restart using cold start procedure. Any idea whats causing this? not air filter as I just put a new one on Thanks in advance
  9. looking into an alaskan mill, buying a larger chainsaw isnt feasable at the moment, just wondering whats the longest bar realistically possible to use on my current stihl ms441 chainsaw, currently using a 25" bar, how long can I realistically go for milling? thanks tom
  10. Pretty sure I need a new crankshaft system for my BG 85 stihl blower, trouble is There are next to nothing on ebay, does anyone know if other crankshafts from small chainsaws or similar would fit? or does it have to be the exact part for the exact blower model? size or code description? may just buy a complete spares/repairs unit and strip for parts, or if no luck sell what I have any help appreciated
  11. so my mechanic is still missing, up and left, left all his tools in my shed, been months now with no contact. so ive had to sell her on fleabay, gutted, oh well someone else can enjoy the challenge! gone back up north
  12. been using my stihl bg56 blower for ages then suddenly after starting it up it made a crunching rattle noise, took it apart and noticed where the crankshaft connects to the turny bit with needle roller bearings, its missing a narrow sacer so you can see the needle bearings, my guess is the spacer exploded into pieces can I just buy replacements or do I need to by a complete crank shaft kit? does anyone here have something I can use? no other damaged caused as far as I can see thanks in advance tom
  13. yes thanks for the replys. just bought a 4 8-8 tube from ebay, hope it fits!
  14. tried ebay with no luck, even no luck on google, anyone have a company website either dealer or sellers that deal in tree surgery machinary?


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