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  1. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    iPhones fine too so it is a bit odd.... the other wee thing that’s odd is that last year when I started the previous thread on this I uploaded the pics and they were pretty sharp. This time, even though the pics I uploaded were a few kB bigger they don’t come out well at all. Anyway i can manage with the iPad to respond to posts in the meantime. Thanks Steve. If it sorts itself out or I find a solution I’ll let you know. Cheers d
  2. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    Hello, I can see all the posts in the topic when I’m not logged in but when I do log in I can only see the original post and below it is just blank. Really weird. Didn’t happen before so not sure what’s changed? No apparent problems on other forums I subscribe to. Bit of a puzzler. Works fine on iPad.
  3. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    Nope no better and this file is actually bigger than the photos I uploaded on the thread I started last year....
  4. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    Sorry about the poor photos, I’ll try and put them on the iPad and re upload them. Simply can’t use the forum with safari on the Mac. It used to be so don’t know what’s happened.
  5. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    It’s on a big old silver fir, has a bit of decay at the very top. Quite close to building hence my concern. thanks
  6. Fungi on Large Fir tree

    Started a thread on this last year but didn't have photos of underneath. It has reappeared again and relevant photo attached. (Tried to update the old thread but site wouldn't let me) Any info much appreciated, thank you. <<EDIT: Apologies for poor quality and size of photos, don’t know what’s gone wrong, having problems viewing forum on safari for some reason hence why I started new thread. >> DB
  7. A/t tyre

    too late for your decision but I got the AT KO2's fitted by the dealer when I got the new Hilux; they are unbelievably quiet for such a treaded tyre, had a couple of people comment on it to so not just me. The only thing I have discovered; just be careful in the wet on a tight corner or roundabout especially rain after a dry spell when the road is greasy. A friend with a Navara also in KO2's warned me about this as he's experienced it too so not just vehicle specific.
  8. New Hilux Review

    no, I don't think you would confuse this smell with 'newness' it was a real stink!! It sounded from an earlier post that you did relatively short journeys too?? so it's interesting that you haven't encountered this either..... Technician also says that yes, if I drove it harder it would be less likely to need regeneration but I have to say that the Hilux is going to provide me with he best chance i've ever had in a pickup of getting nicked for speeding. The L200 was like a tractor in comparison and I tootled about at 50-55 most of the time because that was 'enough'. Keep having to check myself in the hilux for going too fast. The road sign camera/warning system was ok but it became a bit annoying and I'm getting more used to it now and keeping speed accordingly. Its just that the level of refinement is so much better and I'm not sure whether it's the new version of BFG's themselves or the insulation from road noise but it's exceptionally quiet for a pickup too.
  9. New Hilux Review

    Ha ha yes I know the feeling, don't ask me what I did last week but I'll remember something from decades ago!! The manual says: DPF System Characteristics *idle speed increases during regeneration *the smell of the exhaust gas differs from a conventional diesel vehicle *white smoke may be emitted The technician has confirmed that the Toyota system is different and adblue is used in the dpf regen process. (The L200 used the extra diesel injection process and even had an extra mark on the dipstick (x) above MAX to allow for diesel getting into the sump and diluting the oil:confused1: When it got to the X you were supposed to get the now diluted oil changed. I was never comfortable with this. Apparently the Toyota system doesn't have anything like that and happens 100% within the exhaust system. (so it's not like the Isuzu one either!) It's just the nature of the beast that I do the journeys I do and I'm going to be more susceptible to the regeneration happening when I'm stopping. If i did switch off it would be logged in the computer as a failed regeneration and thats that. You're quite right that if I drove it harder it would probably happen less but I drive the way i drive and I can't imagine I'll be unique especially with a pickup. I'm also now booked in to get the radar fixed after which it will be virtually impossible to have an accident
  10. New Hilux Review

    that certainly makes sense (and a better explanation than I've had before) but the thing thats been happening to me definitely involves a very very hot smell/stink coming out from the front towards the end of this process/cycle whatever it is. (likened to someone taking a slash on a hot exhaust and i believe adblue has similar chemistry to urine?) I'm going to chase up the radar thing this afternoon (because it worked twice -sort of- during the stinking hot sunny days last week!!??) and speak to one of the technicians directly to ask them about it and see if i can get any more info.
  11. New Hilux Review

    Thanks for the info folks. Kevin, was the same thing happening to you? i.e when you came to a stop the revs went up and then the burny smell? Iv'e never noticed the smell other than in that scenario but I assume the regen is also occurring as I'm going along. Brett, if you've done 14000miles, how long did your first fill of Adblue last? the manual suggests 7-7500 miles I think per fill?? Are you doing a lot of long journeys? Be interesting to see how this manifests itself with other people's vehicles. I suppose these cycles just kick in a a certain time and the vehicle doesn't know you're just about to pull in to the yard and stop etc. It's just a bit inconvenient... D
  12. New Hilux Review

    Just wanted to add a bit of info which may be of help to anyone purchasing one of the 2017 models with the AdBlue system and this is the only aspect so far of the Hilux which I find annoying..... Soon after getting the Hilux I came to a stop in the yard and as soon as I did the revs jumped up from 800 to about 1200 so I sat there for a bit wondering what the hell was going on; then there came this horrendous smell from the front of the pickup; really stinking. First thought was clutch but it didn't smell clutchy. this happened about 3 times and I was a bit concerned to say the least so I raised it with the dealership, salesman didn't know what it was but after speaking to a technician we discovered it was the AdBlue system kicking in and regenerating/cleaning the diesel particulate filter. Most of the time this will be happening when you're on the go but it has happened to me several times as Ive come to stop; it is very annoying and happened yesterday when i stopped in a car park and had to sit there for over 5 minutes to let it complete it's cycle. I don't know what the risks might be of switching it off mid-cycle but this will be a real issue if stopping for diesel!! I have no doubt it will come back to the fact I do a lot of short journeys and thats why the dpf keeps needing cleaned but there's sweet f.a i can do about that; those are the journeys that I need to do. it will be interesting to see when I get the message to top-up the Adblue tank; it's supposed to last for about 7000 miles. Just thought it might be relevant information for anyone buying one and who gets a surprise when this happens. Even the salesman didn't know about it so I hadn't been warned. I'd also like to hear from anyone else with a new Hilux if this is happening to them?? (I think this is only on 2017 models, not on 2016 but could be wrong)
  13. New Hilux Review

    Thanks Kevin I'll need to look into that, the camera seems to have been working ok but I switched it off recently on the A9 which has loads of 50mph signs just for wagons and it was really getting on my wick! I'm currently waiting for the dealership to recalibrate my radar because it has never worked at all. They have to buy a new piece of kit to do this so I'll be popular down there! Arcto, no not at all you can finance it however you want. I had my trade in, some cash I could put towards it and 45 minutes online got me a 5 year loan from Tesco bank at a better interest rate than Toyota were offering. All,very straightforward. Just as Kevin says the 3rd party (basc) are mentioned but to all intents and purposes you're just buying it as normal from the dealer.
  14. New Hilux Review

    I ended up going for the Invincible which is the second top of the range; managed to get a better trade in for the L200 by doing this although obviously it was dearer to buy. Bit high spec for what I need but as I say I'm delighted with it. There are several organisations which apparently have an arrangement with Toyota for money-off offers on the Hilux. BASC obviously and the NFU and I'm sure there are others but I'm not familiar with them. Some do 15%, some were 17.5%. I'm sure the salesman told me BASC had been 15% and it was put up to 17.5% so they will vary with time; maybe it's back to 15??? For BASC you have to be an existing or previous member, you can't just join and then get the reduction. I would assume it's the same for the others. Best thing you can do is just ask your local garage and see what offers are in place at the time. The way the deal is done you are 'actually' buying the motor from BASC, not the dealership; they just act as an intermediary and get a ££ kickback for the sale. They get a better kickback on the more expensive models I believe. (When I was looking at the Nissan, they didn't have any tie-ups with organisations but the dealership was offering something like 15% off the list price themselves.) If you have any specific queries on the Hilux, just ask, happy to help. D


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