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  1. Yep, I would've thought so, pretty underhand way to do things. I'll bet most folk just roll over and never question it. It was only a few quid but it all mounts up. Another recommendation for Turtle Covers, have them in the hilux and been really pleased with them. Got a BEDRUG installed this time in the back instead of a plastic liner and it's really good; brilliant for the dogs and when you have to climb in back you don't get the knee pain you get with the plastic. If i carry fuel or oil I put it in a plastic box to prevent spills although it's supposed to cope with that and be washable.
  2. thanks a lot for that; at the service a couple of weeks ago I told them it was frequently 'unavailable/clean windshield' especially in the morning. Service report said 'probably condensation', no fault codes so no case to answer!!! In the customer survey after the service I pointed out that if this was supposed to be safety feature then this wasn't satisfactory. Heard nothing. Obviously my dealer not in the loop or can't be arsed. They also tried to sting me for the washer fluid which I topped up the night before and a full 10l of adblue which was another crock of S*** because i put 10l in myself 1000 miles ago. Apparently these are "standard" items that go on the invoice; I can't believe that's even legal to do that? Thanks again D
  3. I have a set of Thule bars fitted to the pickup canopy and you can get a pair of Thule attachments which are designed for securing things like canoe paddles, they are the perfect thing for fitting a Stihl pole pruner into and very secure. If you google "Thule multipurpose rack" has a strong metal rope with a toggle to secure it and the pruner is protected by a rubberised clamp. looks like they're a lot dearer now than when i got them but if its a £700 pruner its worth doing it right
  4. I was just going to go for an Icon too but when I looked into it with the dealer I got a much better offer -pound for pound- by going for the Invincible. I believe that if you're doing it with one of the BASC/NFU type offers where the dealer is just acting as a middle man, they get a bigger £bonus/kickback for selling the higher spec model so its worth exploring. I'm really pleased I made that choice, it's my only vehicle so some of the 'comforts' make it nicer to live with as an all-time everyday machine. As someone mentioned above the reversing camera is a great thing to have and the wee tiny buttons on the door handle that let you unlock it with your nose or fingertip when your hands are full is a brilliant feature!! seriously! The radar seems to be a complete gimmick and the road sign reading camera is a bit meh..... Very good towing approx 2.5 tons of compact tractor around anyway, way way better than 15 plate L200. I didn't think the 'X' model was worth the extra money but it was beyond me anyway.
  5. The DPF explanation always seems to be "you do a lot of short journeys". I would assume the vast majority of pickup buyers fall into the short journey bracket. Seems to me that its new technology forced through on the back of 'saving the planet' but it's a technology that doesn't suit vehicles that exist in the real world....(nobody told me that the truck contained technology that was incompatible with my lifestyle before I bought it) For me it's just a nuisance, I'd be worried if, say it was drinking adblue and obviously doing it too much but my first fill of adblue lasted almost exactly what the manual said it would, about 9000 miles iirc? Have a friend with a new Discovery Sport and it is drinking adblue like it was Irn Bru. I've never timed the regen process, it probably doesn't last as long as I think it does because it annoys me and you're never sure how long it's being going before you go to stop. I think the longest I've ever waited on it must be about 3-4 minutes but I'm not sure to be honest. One thing I have discovered; if you let it run its course and then switch off right away it will start the process again if you re-start the vehicle relatively soon thereafter. I think it needs to run for a while to get it cooled down sufficiently for the computer to see the process as totally complete? If you stand near the exhaust when it's doing the regen it is flipping hot; service manager said something like 700'C in the filter?? I may be being over cautious but I reckon with those sort of temperatures involved it's better to let it do it's thing properly and not switch off mid-cycle despite what the garage said. Yes; if I had to rely on a radar for me driving safely it's time to give up! And amazingly I've never even seen a Moose run out in front of me yet as I was convinced that would happened as soon as I bought a Hilux. (Don't forget the 17.5% off deals if you're eligible; I wouldn't be driving one if it wasn't for that!!!)
  6. I can't compare to the 3l as i didn't have one but in comparison to my L200 (2015 last of the older shape) the new Toyota tows far better. It may 'only' be 2.4l but it is very torquey and it has never struggled at all with about 2.6T behind it. Very stable too and it's more 'relaxed' than the L200 was if you get my drift, it just feels like it's not having to work hard at all. Already this year done 2 separate long (business) trips to the Outer Hebrides and Orkney well over 1000 miles on each one and I'd say it's the most comfortable vehicle I've ever had. My L200 seats almost had me on an operating table with back trouble and the Hilux has sorted all of that. On the Orkney trip managed to get 38.8mpg on one of the longer runs too and that was Highland roads not motorway. MPG wasn't great up until 13-14000 and then it seemed to free up quite a bit. The Hilux is so quiet I really have to watch my speed in it. Overall in terms of practicality, comfort, towing ability etc etc I really like it, best motor Ive ever had (Guess whats going to happen now.....) Only negatives would be the regeneration cycle for the DPF. Wants to do it at the most inconvenient times and although the garage said just to switch it off I don't and I let it complete the cycle before I do so just in case. So ironically the 'planet-saver' means I burn more fuel letting it do its thing.... The radar thing on the front is a complete gimmick for me and only works in bright sunshine when it suits itself and I can't see how it will ever stop an accident. I have a wee bit of chassis corrosion but nothing like some of the pics above so not unduly worried yet. Anything specific just ask
  7. iPhones fine too so it is a bit odd.... the other wee thing that’s odd is that last year when I started the previous thread on this I uploaded the pics and they were pretty sharp. This time, even though the pics I uploaded were a few kB bigger they don’t come out well at all. Anyway i can manage with the iPad to respond to posts in the meantime. Thanks Steve. If it sorts itself out or I find a solution I’ll let you know. Cheers d
  8. Hello, I can see all the posts in the topic when I’m not logged in but when I do log in I can only see the original post and below it is just blank. Really weird. Didn’t happen before so not sure what’s changed? No apparent problems on other forums I subscribe to. Bit of a puzzler. Works fine on iPad.
  9. Nope no better and this file is actually bigger than the photos I uploaded on the thread I started last year....
  10. Sorry about the poor photos, I’ll try and put them on the iPad and re upload them. Simply can’t use the forum with safari on the Mac. It used to be so don’t know what’s happened.
  11. It’s on a big old silver fir, has a bit of decay at the very top. Quite close to building hence my concern. thanks
  12. Started a thread on this last year but didn't have photos of underneath. It has reappeared again and relevant photo attached. (Tried to update the old thread but site wouldn't let me) Any info much appreciated, thank you. <<EDIT: Apologies for poor quality and size of photos, don’t know what’s gone wrong, having problems viewing forum on safari for some reason hence why I started new thread. >> DB
  13. DBHabMan

    A/t tyre

    too late for your decision but I got the AT KO2's fitted by the dealer when I got the new Hilux; they are unbelievably quiet for such a treaded tyre, had a couple of people comment on it to so not just me. The only thing I have discovered; just be careful in the wet on a tight corner or roundabout especially rain after a dry spell when the road is greasy. A friend with a Navara also in KO2's warned me about this as he's experienced it too so not just vehicle specific.
  14. no, I don't think you would confuse this smell with 'newness' it was a real stink!! It sounded from an earlier post that you did relatively short journeys too?? so it's interesting that you haven't encountered this either..... Technician also says that yes, if I drove it harder it would be less likely to need regeneration but I have to say that the Hilux is going to provide me with he best chance i've ever had in a pickup of getting nicked for speeding. The L200 was like a tractor in comparison and I tootled about at 50-55 most of the time because that was 'enough'. Keep having to check myself in the hilux for going too fast. The road sign camera/warning system was ok but it became a bit annoying and I'm getting more used to it now and keeping speed accordingly. Its just that the level of refinement is so much better and I'm not sure whether it's the new version of BFG's themselves or the insulation from road noise but it's exceptionally quiet for a pickup too.


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