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  1. Around 27 fully mature standing poplar south cumbria Wanting felling/removing and brash clean up. Good access to main road. PM if interested.
  2. Fuelwood for me ! See one on my website.
  3. The multipla in the video is mounted in a Ifor williams p6 trailer. trailer has a solid galvenised side which is about 10" high and then has removable mesh sides which obvisiouly you take off when splitting.It meens you can split from both sides of the trailer just by swinging the splitter around,so you don't have to turn the whole trailer . On this you can tow with 4x4 and then onto Quad so you can get anywhere!
  4. I think I payed about £1550 with delivery.I can manage about 1 and bit cubes an hour if I can get every thing set up to work in the method I use. Its all about organising a methodical routine that works best for you. I did a lot of research on various splitters and glat I settled with the fuelwood multipla.
  5. Having just posted in a reply on splitters again a u tube video of my log splitter and then read this thread about advertising your self I may have done the wrong thing!! Not sure what a signiture is! Is it my bussiness name? web site address ?
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOTgg53sIrc]Fuelwood Multipla log splitter South Cumbria. www.beckbankwoodsplitter.co.uk - YouTube[/ame] This is my set up .Fully mobile in the trailer and in my opinion a great machine. Fuelwood multipla 10 ton.


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