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  1. Hi Sam I use the saw pod with the silky. Easy to reach on lower leg. When the saw is on your belt you will find its always out of reach. Only thing is watch out for saw dust getting trapped at the bottom of the saw cover. Saw will be loose and fall out, happened twice to me.
  2. aatimbers

    husqvarna 61

    Hi the 61 was sold with the white top, then went to the brown cover with the last model being orange. We still run one with a bark remover attached. We sold 100's when we were selling Husky saws.
  3. Allesun Norway, 56 years ago, go back every other year.
  4. I was born there too .....
  5. These boot have a plastic shoe frame between the sole and leather upper and wont shrink ( gray bit ) when broken in they are good all day long.
  6. winter months ware thick socks. Summer put thin soaks on that will help your feet sweating
  7. Boots work best with a half size bigger to allow your feet to move.
  8. if they are tight now they will make her feet sore very soon
  9. Send them back I have climbed in Arb pro Andrew's for 2 years now and have been well pleased, I used Haix gold for many years before they stopped making them. Andrew's are very good at keeping you feet dry all the time, with great grip. Good luck. Andrew
  10. We use it on all of our chippers. Planner jig had to have spacers for the clamp to work well, I changed the standard grinding wheel over to the black wheel, BUT I found catch the blades early for grinding or it takes a longer time grinding more off damaged blades.
  11. No he means the stub axle shaft will be bent at the weld to the box drop arm. It should be replaced. The wheel won't track well and in time the tyre will ware on the corner of tread.
  12. Hi we have them installed on our tipper trucks and our 3.5 ton trailers. The cells are all electric and are set between bottom of rams and springs under tipping body only not the fronts stearing on trucks. The empty weight is alway the default + /- 1Kg It was very exspensive to install. But keeps the plods etc off your back. BUT it can work against you if your pulled and you are over weight.
  13. The only problem with the AA club / group if one bad apple happens to mess up then all are tarred with same brush. Example is Corgi gas fitters, new club formed gas safe until it happens again. We have traded for 35 years on our own without being within a club / group ( but it is better than nothing for some ). Trust a trader is the perfect storm pays your money then your working. Man with a van / transit they will always be there. No training apart from youtube.
  14. Sorry to say we hear this happening every week, the one they use often is take the full money say they will be back tomorrow with a chipper to finish the job. Never to be seen again.......... This lot can't be shamed or brought to court. Police are scared to even stop them driving around. My mate is a cop was told only to stop if you have mob handed backup ( Police Scotland )
  15. Lets face it there's a good few pikies hang around this site. Claiming to be tree surgeons without insurance, over loading, fly tipping etc.


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