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  1. The only problem with the AA club / group if one bad apple happens to mess up then all are tarred with same brush. Example is Corgi gas fitters, new club formed gas safe until it happens again. We have traded for 35 years on our own without being within a club / group ( but it is better than nothing for some ). Trust a trader is the perfect storm pays your money then your working. Man with a van / transit they will always be there. No training apart from youtube.
  2. Sorry to say we hear this happening every week, the one they use often is take the full money say they will be back tomorrow with a chipper to finish the job. Never to be seen again.......... This lot can't be shamed or brought to court. Police are scared to even stop them driving around. My mate is a cop was told only to stop if you have mob handed backup ( Police Scotland )
  3. Lets face it there's a good few pikies hang around this site. Claiming to be tree surgeons without insurance, over loading, fly tipping etc.
  4. You have been had pikies, do this trick all over the country. The arb trade is open to this all the time, They take you company name from your vans etc even claim jobs you have just finished. We have a man come and tell us they knock his door, 3 doors along from where we were working. Local trading standards and police showed up at our yard demanding we finish a jobs the pikies left a week before. I went with them to see the old folks. They said its was not us and showed the police photos off them and their pickup. SO LOOK OUT
  5. We had the same problem replaced rely etc. Then replaced fuel filters and found the revs on the engine were down, caused due to the handle on the throttle cable would not lock in fully open. The metal indent in the handle was worn out.
  6. The brace goes from bottom hinge to latch at top of gate. This is to prop and to stop the gate from dropping / sagging causing gate to stick in time.
  7. You have to watch the green Bearing if its loose on spline drive replace it both sides. When your that far into it. Turn the 2 anvils too. They are double sided.
  8. Hi the drive side motor has to be removed the remove allens you there have to remove spline 6B retro, this can be rusted in. Pull this round drive plug out. Once you have done this it does come out with a fight. If your bolts have not broken flush it wont roll out. Then its a hopper off and take the box side off job.
  9. Yew and cones come from a larch.
  10. Morning all £9 is a wee bit low £10.50 per hour we pay for ground workers, along with their pension too. Climbers are £5 to £8 more. Supplying all their kit.
  11. You have just answered your own ? Bussiness for carrying goods its plant / Machines for hire reward. Farmers have to have a tacho fitted if they take animals to the mart for sale too.... Lots off people take the chance and get away with it for a while then its a fine for not having right insurance (hire and reward) carrying to mach fuel too the list goes on............... good luck.
  12. Not wanting to piss in your pool John, if your contracting for others selling fire wood and not cutting timber for yourself on your own land, you have to have a tacho fitted. We were taken to court and fined all our trucks have tacho's fitted. Its no big beal to have them and use them.
  13. Matty I have used one on my bridge for years, no problem new england high Vee 12mm rope Art rope guide and spiderjack 3. I damaged my rope and replaced it with same rope / size. Second day climbing the spiderjack was hard work. It just seemed to jerk its way down and wouldn't self tend. The rope above seemed to be twisted only on the return to spiderjack. I checked out the cams & pins all ok. Its has to be the rope any thoughts.................... all on drt.
  14. Looks like Agba to me it smells too like onions, takes polish well too.
  15. I would weigh it first and then find how much it should carry. Get it over the weigh bridge.


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