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  1. Yorkshire Brummie

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Molegrips to remove their fingers or just hacksaw all off at the wrists?..... Ridiculously Neanderthal but if caught they’d never do it again and could possibly deter others?! Lads and lasses of a certain age will remember Charlie Bronson in Deathwish [emoji848][emoji106] Cheers Ian
  2. Yorkshire Brummie

    Thank you Arbtalkers

    All the best Blake Hope you’re up and about soon Cheers Ian
  3. Yorkshire Brummie

    Making the news today....

    Inciteful post David, I don’t think anyone could sum it up better than that [emoji106] No one condones killing of any sort. You were sent to do an incredibly difficult/thankless job. Terrorism stinks end of, but people’s perception of what/who is a terrorist or in fact a “freedom fighter” will always differ Israel/Palestine, Serb/Croat, Hutu/Tutsi...... Cheers Ian
  4. Yorkshire Brummie

    Beech saw log wanted

    Cheers J, I guess it’s the general growth habit of hardwoods that make it difficult to extract? Hopefully it’s not a fashion for exotic imported hardwoods that has caused the decline in the use of beech. Although it sounds from a business point of view the softwoods are paying their way [emoji106]
  5. Yorkshire Brummie

    Beech saw log wanted

    Firewood... Biomass.... Criminal young man [emoji35] Think on your sins [emoji15]🤭🤣 You’d think hardwood would stand the test of time for furniture and the like?! Cheers I
  6. Yorkshire Brummie

    Beech saw log wanted

    Hi J, How come there is little demand for beech? Does it not mill well? Sorry if it’s a daft question. I know little about milling. Cheers I
  7. Yorkshire Brummie

    Live stream from bat roost

    Thank you for sharing Felix, I will enjoy watching [emoji106]
  8. Yorkshire Brummie

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    All makes sense Peds re- rope weight etc. [emoji106] Just struggling to get my head round loading an anchor that will fall away if tugged a few too many times! [emoji50] Cheers Ian
  9. Yorkshire Brummie

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    I’ve never rock climbed Mark, but saw Leo Holding giving a talk at Kendal mountain festival about 10 years ago - An inspirational young man he certainly is. Also literally bumped into Chris Bonnington walking into the Gents! Free solo is a great piece of film, these mountain climbers really are at the top of their game. Cheers I
  10. Yorkshire Brummie

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    Think AHPP has summed up my thoughts really [emoji50][emoji15]Maybe just get a longer rope.....
  11. Yorkshire Brummie

    Ripped off??

    Evening chaps, Only my opinion but I would say tradesmen could be comparable within a number of industries. Just because there will be a number of “plumbers” who rip people off with shoddy workmanship and overpricing there will be plenty who do high quality work for a fair price. I’m sure we all know of so called “tree surgeons” who are capable of just such malpractice.... I think the Op. is probably spot on, pay him for what he quoted minus the materials he himself paid for. Although if you feel it could drag on and on then possibly worth full payment to wash your hands of it.... then take it up with trustatrader. Hope you get it satisfactorily sorted Cheers I
  12. Yorkshire Brummie

    What to do when you want to sell kit onHP/finance

    Hello Matthew, Apologies if it already been said, but is it not worthwhile putting some”feelers” out for someone who also isn’t VAT registered in buying the machine off you? Worth a punt for 3 months or so whilst the machine is bringing you in some work, you never know someone may come along wanting a low hours owner operator machine and you may not lose out as much as you would chopping it in commercially. Best of luck Ian
  13. Yorkshire Brummie

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    I apologise Chessa for/if any offence taken by our chauvinistic giggles. Really no offence meant Best wishes Ian
  14. Yorkshire Brummie

    Calling all climbers past and present – Biomechanics Survey

    Done, looks like the knackers yard for you Steve [emoji850]🤣
  15. Yorkshire Brummie

    Climate change anyone?

    Thank you VI for explaining [emoji106] I feel like I may have used the word empathy a lot recently. To my wife, colleagues, anyone who’s listening or not [emoji850]..... or what I feel is that there seems to be a lack of it in general amongst many folk. So regardless of time in space etc. and regardless of who or what has caused planet warming, we owe our fellow man/woman kind albeit 500 years in the future to do what we really can now. A bit like leaving some milk in the fridge for everyone else if you are first down for breakfast.....(ish) Cheers I


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