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  1. Yorkshire Brummie

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    I run a 57 plate Mazda BG50, it certainly ain’t a looker but copes with everything it gets thrown at it![emoji106]
  2. Yorkshire Brummie

    Tax status of Discovery/Landcruiser Commercials?

    Sorry Big J don’t want to derail your thread but years ago I had a Daihatsu four track (think it was a “G” Reg prefix) unbelievable thing for pulling. Something like that maybe would have suited?... don’t know why they stopped making them really. I took the back seats and the fold down 6 & 7 seats in the boot out, it made a cracking commercial work horse. Cheers I
  3. Yorkshire Brummie

    Advice on woodland planting

    Field trial [emoji106][emoji106]
  4. Yorkshire Brummie

    Advice on woodland planting

    The numbers suggest that, agreed Spud dog, Big J has reservations of Sitka flourishing on such a dry site though. As I said I’m no expert, but do you think they would still produce a better yield than Douglas F. if not in ideal conditions? Cheers I
  5. Yorkshire Brummie

    Advice on woodland planting

    Big J, I’m no expert but from the bit of reading I’ve done and various stuff off the tinterweb I think your ideas are a pretty well informed choice. See the screen shot from an FT article a couple of years ago. Dougie firs seem to yield a good profit margin when comparing the growing cycle compared to other species. Cheers I
  6. Yorkshire Brummie

    New sthil reviews

    Hang on Fellas, I’m really no expert and equations like this one made my eyes bleed at school, but in a nutshell. Is it down to a combination of the 3? Engine power output x sprocket size x bar/chain length A bit like that balancing birds conundrum thing in the back of the in-laws newspaper? Then you have to add contributing factors sharpness of chain, operator fitness/skill, balance of saw/bar combo?
  7. Yorkshire Brummie

    Accompaniment to white and black pudding

    That sounds the winner[emoji122]Trip to the butchers tomorrow [emoji106]
  8. Yorkshire Brummie

    Topping Leylandii

    Bet that looks a cracking hedge now 🤭🤣🤣
  9. Yorkshire Brummie

    Alaskan miller for hire

    That’s still the dogs danglers Saul [emoji106]
  10. Yorkshire Brummie

    The BIG C .

    Horrible news... stay positive for your missus [emoji106] Best wishes to the both of you
  11. Yorkshire Brummie

    Habitat piles?

    This is the very reason I’ve begun to try and cherry pick nature loving clientele in the domestic garden work we do. An absurdly higher number of people (regardless of the size of their properties) seem to crave “sterile/clean” gardens bereft of any leaf/habitat piles, hardstanding areas glysophated till it perfumes the air and planting resembling telly tubby land. Do you think if we could monetise habitat creation, it would create a greater understanding of ecological balances in people’s/public properties thus addressing climate change and further to that highlighting the value to clientele of using bonafide/knowledgable Arborists? Cheers I
  12. Yorkshire Brummie

    Natural Screens...

    How wet is it Ben? Is establishing a reed bed as part of the overall landscaping a possibility? http://ww2.rspb.org.uk/Images/bringing_reedbeds_to_life_tcm9-385799.pdf Cheers I
  13. Yorkshire Brummie

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Nah you are spot on, they are great for B & B’s, have seen them so full of insects the whole plant seems alive! Just have a pet hate of remedial pruning overgrown Cotoneater horizontalis hanging off old stone walled properties, Killing my secateurs/silky on clumps of crumbly mortar and trying to avoid the inevitable “invisible” aerial/broadband cables!
  14. Yorkshire Brummie

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Poor Mrs Ratman, sounds like she gets the blame for everything [emoji85]🤣 Cotondisaster, the Devil’s work! (unless you are a [emoji219] ) Get the saw out ! [emoji33]
  15. Yorkshire Brummie

    Natural Screens...



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