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  1. ok ok couse I about fell out when I saw this and couldn't find it. I did look first.
  2. This is my favorite. I have searched and cannot find it here. Has no one seen this really? Watch James The Narcoleptic Tree Cutter Video | Break.com Johan Greene Greene Tree Removal and Tree Service
  3. I'm no pro by any means but, two strokes are simple creatures. Does it have compression? You said it has spark. That only leaves fuel. Assuming it does have compression and, It does not need to have the amount of compression it had when it come from the factory but if when you pull on it there is little to no resistance... junk it. After that its just reed valves and carb. If it has the first two compression and spark I normally just drop some fuel in it. If it fires I know my carb is bad or clogged. If it don't its the reeds that simple...
  4. Really sorry I neglected to respond, I had read a few of the responses and intended to reply and totally lost track of this thread until just now. Was about to ask a new question and looking back at my other posts realized this. Grais: Thank you. you understand, Mistahbenn: tree buzz is a joke. the knowledge is there. Just hard to find it without a big hassle. I did learn a lot there but I'm always thinking outside the box and don't see that changing anytime soon and if I ask a stupid question I don't expect it to be followed by a rude answer. To all others: thanks for the insight. To the safety nuts... I understand this is not an accepted practice but not every job pays enough to hire on help. Just that simple. lastly. I got a lot more feedback then safety lessons. I appreciate that. that's what a man needs. sure chime in about safety. safety is important. I'm just glad to see this thread didn't become some holier then thou pissing match. Mistahbeen that's why I don't like treebuzz. Johan Greene Greene Tree Removal and Tree Service
  5. Sorry if this has already been discussed but, I'm exploring some techniques that I know little about. Was hoping for some advice. Is there a technique for the climber to decend a branch or block without a ground hand? If so how would that scenario differ for a man on gaffs vs. a man climbing a rope vs. a man in a bucket. If this is completely unconventional go easy on me im just trying to explore new possibilities. Thanks in advance! Johan Greene Bristol virginia Tree Removal bristol virginia tree service
  6. Agg221 your awsome. Was very nice of you to spend the time. You answered my questions very nicely. Everything I've been reading goes along the lines with what you said. Sounds like you really know your stuff. Only thing I'm not 100% clear on is how do you know when its dry? I heard you mention about 6 months per inch. Is there a way to tell its dry enough after the alotted time? Thanks again! Johan Greene Bristol virginia Tree Removal bristol virginia tree service
  7. I have a homebuilt mill that I'm planning to use to mill the lumber that I take down from my tree service business. My question is this. What would one recommend for a man to do to cure this lumber. None will be used for furniture all for carpentry and what not. I understand that there is a difference. I've done alot of reading on this matter but would really like to get an opinion from someone that understands my situation. I don't have a kiln, hope i dont need one. The best way to cure these boards without is the answer im hoping to get. Thanks in advance, Johan Greene Bristol virginia Tree Removal bristol virginia tree service


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