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  1. Just to add the crown looks in good health although it’s a good size and very close to a property.
  2. Not sure what it is exactly but doesn’t look too healthy. Need a Id as the tree is protected and Will diagnosis for report. All advice appreciated as always [emoji106]
  3. Poplar tree solutions ltd are looking for a Groundie on a full time basis. Based in Liverpool. Email [email protected] or message me on 07807349653
  4. Yeah mate where are you based would help
  5. I would buy nearly new but try finding one without silly mileage on for its age. And the warranty is a bonus. But I do agree with the depreciation I’m not vat registered either so it a loss straight away.
  6. I’ve been looking for a tidy arb truck for a while (3.5 ton Isuzu or similar) and can’t seem to find anything I’d go for. Which leads me to think should I buy new? For my business that’s a big outlay I’m not sure I could justify yet. My question is in your experience does a shiny new truck with sign writing tend to generate a significant amount of work rather than my old cabstar with no signage. Basically will it pay for its self. Thanks in advance [emoji106]
  7. I can only see places for Enfield are there any for Preston remaining. Cheers
  8. Council have said that we should know what information to give them. As we ( the structural engineer are the experts) we can see some cracks in the render but I think the report wants to be aimed towards the soil shrinkage. I know the soil really sandy so doesn’t hold water. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.
  9. I’ve recently had a tpo app rejected due to lack of evidence as the structural engineers report did not go into enough depth. My engineer seems to have given up so I was looking to submit myself. We have been asked to do a dig somewhere near the foundations and test the soil/water level. As the roots are clearly damaging the foundations of the property. I’m not expert in this field was wondering if anyone could give advice on what I need to do/say exactly. I have the impression permission won’t be a problem as long I send the right data. Here’s a photo of the tree next to the house.
  10. Well the whole rd is full of them (chestnut avenue) so they are all slowly dying anyway and compaction etc does not help. We have taken a few down but my concern is it being wind thrown. It’s a private committee that has to pay for them and they are also protected so I’d need to build a decent case in order to persuade someone to take any action.
  11. Yeah think your right is it something to be concerned about the tree is still alive but not in terrific health like allot of chestnuts.
  12. Can anyone Id this for me was thinking it may be honey fungus but seems to be higher up the trunk than where you’d usually see it.
  13. We need a several climbers with necessary tickets and pts for Saturday night shift must have your own ppe and climbing kit £150 for shift Call carl on 07807349653 thanks
  14. Looking for climber this week and next for work near Liverpool Contact carl on 07807349653 Poplar tree services
  15. Any freelance climbers wanting either a full weeks work or just a few days call me on 07807349653 Carl


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