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  1. Ms441 MS 441-MS 441C Planche éclatée, IPL
  2. And that's whats good about this site with most ppl. Well done aspenarb.
  3. As forest tink says if its an x torque there was an issue with a cast mould. Im sure I posted the solution some time ago if you do a search. Ive forgotten what it was now but involved a minor bit of sanding with wet and dry, possibly the rear of the worm gear.
  4. 2.5 seems a bit gutless to me with a loaded ifor on the rear but personally but never driven a 3ltr so that would be my option, the bigger the better.
  5. £13.63 ex vat part number 1135 120 2700 Available from L s engineers online as radmores is a bit of a drive for you mate. If your in no rush and want to get it thru radmores you most likely will still need to order it but I could prob pick it up as 5 mins down the road from me and i could post it or possibly get it on a works van to drop off to you.
  6. wisecobandit

    stihl help

    I would say tank breather would be first thing to check to.
  7. By changing gearing it would effectively change torque. Think of a 4x4 it produces more torque to the wheels in low ratio box compared to high ratio. Doesn't mean I think its a good idea when it comes to pto tho. As said, said machines have an rpm rating which should be stuck to for obvious reasons. Also tho as mentioned you don't want to make it the easiest on the tractor as they will glaze up the bores and lose engine power and compression making harder starting etc.
  8. Seems pointless to me. We all know a splitter splits easier from the end grain rather than cross cut/split. Why waste the extra energy/fuel and then end up with a sandwiched log to show for it? Would need to be heavier duty, less efficient and need more power to produce the hydraulic forces involved. May be fine on a tractor etc but no use if you used something like a Honda 13hp motor or whatever. Then on top we only see softwood being used to cap it off. Lets see a bit of knotty hardwood or bit of eucaliptis in there and see the look on the operators faces when they realise it could shoot off at any angle when its under serious pressure and not splitting. Im not sure customers would be to happy either as looking at the finished log delaminating etc they would burn much quicker and prob give off more splinters etc to.
  9. Im more Clarkson than May put it that way. Ive had a few accidents in tractors being a farmers son. First thing I drove being left alone at about the age of 9, I had to stand up to push the clutch or brakes down etc Weirdly back then there was hardly any 4wd tractor apart from the roadless and most farms would only have 1 4wd. Times have moved on and things have got bigger tho in all respects. As swinny says tho a 4wd 100hp is a nice size for woodland/forestry work etc. Many are surprised what can be done with one yet small enough to be nimble thru woods etc.
  10. I couldn't agree more with Stubby. Not sure on the dolmar but the echo has a good warranty with it to. Ive always been a stihl/Husqvarna man but currently the small-midrange saws available by them don't cut the mustard or one reason or another and im tempted to jump ship to give both the above a try. :thumbup1:
  11. Yup be interesting to hear. I would've checked the thermosat first and flushed the radiator before taking the head off. The injector sleeves will only leak water really if they aren't fitted. They are pressed in situ with a special tool and loctited and cant go anywhere if the injector is in place anyway. O rings on the sleeves wouldn't pressurise just weep water into the sump.
  12. Well rather he than me Im nearing the end of a fair restoration on mine.. I certainly wouldn't stick a trailer like that on one! I would think hes over estimating given the size of a 10 ton trailer as thats a fair twin axled beast plus the ability to stop. Ive had a few pucker moments dreying a 10 t trailer with a tw120 4wd let alone a 67hp 2wd.
  13. There you go Long Universal UTB 3 Cyl Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit 2360 2460 350 360 460 445 | eBay
  14. Weve got exactly the same tractor in 4x4 was orange but now green. They built the same unit tracked to. As you say its based on fiat. I think on the vin it says utb? or something like that. Do a search for long 445 tractor and they still make them today I believe and bits are available in that demise. Its only a 3 cylinder so personally I would stick new bearings and shells in it.
  15. I would quite happily stick a 5 ton trailer preferably braked on my 684 if its on hard ground. (684 is just newer version of the 674) I wouldn't want to go anymore than 6 ton. Just make sure your brakes are tip top and not got the usual ih issues of leaky o rings etc. Will quite merrily pull an unbraked 3-4 ton trailer around all day long.
  16. I think its as bilke mentioned. Fair ground conditions and flattish ground wont be an issue. Slopes and the sticky stuff will be your pitfall. Going down a leafy/slippery slope with a load up will have you running away and the trailer pushing you. Its more common sense which I/we know you have, if your having to think twice about the situation then err on caution and find another way around it. The tractor no doubt will pull it in dry conditions its the stopping which causes more issues and accidents.
  17. Could you not pot the socket on an extension bar and clout that? Ive never had much joy with any of the nut/screw extractors tbh. I usually do the weld a nut on method as the heat also help but unfortunately you have no welder. You cant grind down 2 sides to get a smaller open mouth spanner on I take it (with a dremel or grinder or even a file I guess)
  18. Stick them in an old tyre and a few wedges down the side if needed. Or just knock a few pegs in the ground around it and sit the log inside them?
  19. Irwin Bolt Grip Nut Remover Set 5 Piece - Toolstation
  20. Ive been trying to avoid this thread to stop me having to dig thru the cobwebs and pull out a few old stihls...
  21. On the ms261 the earlier issues with clutch side bearings where due to a bad batch of clutch drums supposedly whereby the central bearing hole wasn't bored square (or round as the case may be) causing premature wear of the bearing and crank itself. Later ones sorted but I would advise anyone with an earlier 261 who hasn't change the clutch drum to do so along with a new bearing.
  22. Haha yeah was getting up for work as start at 4am.. You got it all ordered now? Ive used them before and normally stuff arrives about 3 days after ordering
  23. Similar to what adw and spud said why not bolt on the 372xp top end? Be easier to come by and depending what inlet manifold you have you may have to change that but the rest is the same as far as I know. Early ones where oval where it fits the cylinder later where round. If you want the 365 tho Husqvarna 362,365 cylinder kit,48 mm,Made in Italy by METEOR,OEM quality | eBay Or 372 Husqvarna 371,372 cylinder kit,50 mm,Made in Italy by METEOR,OEM quality | eBay
  24. Yeah I shared it on arbtalk and the local farmers freeads. As you say the wide spread of the net certainly helps in these sort of occasions and ended up a bit like crimewatch and names given more than once so now in the hands of the old bill. Nowadays Its like you have to do there job for them and hand it to them on a plate


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